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7 Day Diet Cabbage Soup Recipe

What You Can Eat

Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe/7 day diet plan.

Just like the name says, the bulk of this diet is fat-free cabbage soup, eaten two to three times a day with other allowed foods assigned each day. Heres what you can add:

  • Day 1: Fruit, except bananas
  • Day 2: Vegetables like leafy greens , but no fruit
  • Day 3: Fruits and vegetables
  • Day 4: Bananas and skim milk
  • Day 5: Beef and tomatoes
  • Day 6: Beef and vegetables
  • Day 7: Brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices, and vegetables

There are different recipes for the soup, which is recommended every day of the diet. They all have similar ingredients, such as tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, and bouillon.

Your Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

Now it is your turn to do the cabbage soup diet plan. I recommend you start by printing off the cabbage soup diet recipe that you plan to follow:

And then plan when you are going to do the cabbage soup diet. I ran the cabbage soup diet from Monday to Sunday because it was easiest. But for you it might be easier to change the days around to fit in with a meal out, when you could do the chicken or protein day.

And best of luck and do tell us how much weight you lose on your cabbage soup diet.

What Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Exactly And How Does The Plan Work

The cabbage soup diet is a seven-day diet is low in fat and high in fiber, says Rothenberg, explaining that the approach calls for followers to eat cabbage soup several times per day for one week.

According to the Mayo Clinic, fad diets are those that dont include flexibility, balance, or physical activity. Regular physical activity is essential to help you maintain a lower weight. Plus, exercise is good for your heart and brain, decreasing your risk for chronic illnesses. Registered dietitian nutritionists agree that the cabbage soup diet is a fad diet because of its promise of losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time by focusing on one food, rather than including a balanced diet with exercise.

The purpose of the cabbage soup diet is to restrict calories by restricting your food intake severely. The low-calorie diet combined with the high fiber content of the filling vegetables, fruit, and cabbage help a person to go to the bathroom more than usual, Rothenberg says. At the end of the week, there is weight loss from water weight primarily, and largely due to calorie restriction.

One study that involved mice also suggested possible anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular health benefits after ingesting red cabbage. Any effects on lower body mass were not clear, however. More human studies are needed to confirm such benefits, and targeted studies on the cabbage soup diet are lacking.

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Cabbage Soup Diet Day 3

Its Wednesday, also known as the day, when you can combine both fruits and vegetables into your meal plan.

  • 8am 1 ladles of cabbage soup
  • 1pm 2 ladles cabbage soup
  • 6pm 2 ladles cabbage soup

As well as my soup I also enjoyed air fryer peppers that I cooked without oil. I also had frozen mango, strawberries, and blueberries. As well as this the hubby bought me a small fruit salad from the supermarket.

Then would you believe it, but my soup maker died on me. Right in the middle of making a batch of soup maker soup and it just went up to kitchen gadget heaven. Though, every cloud has a silver lining and Dominic ordered me the Ninja Foodi Soup Maker that I have wanted for ages.

But while I was waiting for an emergency pot of soup, I find myself bingeing on an air fryer full of fried onions. So, so hungry, but better than a carb binge I suppose.

Other Low Calorie Soup Recipes For Weight Loss

Best Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe for Weight Loss

If you dig soups, check out my other low-calorie soup recipes, such as the Fat Flush soup recipe. Mixing things up can help you keep your healthy diet from feeling boring! Here are a few more ideas:

Broth-based soups can be a fantastic option for fat burning, but many other foods are great as well. I have a whole section of low-calorie, tasty, and satisfying recipes over in my Recipe Finder that may interest you. If you prefer to focus on reducing carbs rather than calories, I have a low-carb section as well.

Join our community! to be kept up-to-date on all of the latest and greatest recipes! You can also follow me on , , , and !

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How Can I Reduce My Tummy In 7 Days

Additionally, have a look at these suggestions on how to lose belly fat in less than one week.

  • Include cardiovascular workouts in your everyday routine.
  • Reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates.
  • Increase your intake of fatty fish. A high-protein meal should be consumed first thing in the morning. Consume soluble fiber and drink plenty of water. Reduce your salt consumption and exercise often.
  • What Can I Eat On The Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

    This diet consists of cabbage soup, eaten 2 to 3 times a day with other allowed foods as follows:

    • Day 1: Fruit , except bananas
    • Day 2: Vegetables, especially leafy greens and low carb veggies , and no fruit
    • On Day 3: Fruits and vegetables
    • Day 4: Bananas and skim milk
    • Day 5: Beef and tomatoes
    • On Day 6: Beef and vegetables
    • Day 7: Brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices, and vegetables

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    Is A Juice Cleanse A Healthy Choice For You

    It can provide a short-term boost for starting a new healthy eating program, but it is not recommended as a long-term weight loss program.

    Moreover, following a juice diet for three days may provide short-term weight loss, but it doesnt fulfill all your nutritional needs.

    Also, it doesnt teach you how to plan, prep, and eat healthy meals for more sustained, longer term weight loss.

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture 20202025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends consuming a variety of vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, grains, lean meats, beans and legumes, nuts, seeds, dairy, and oil each day for a healthy, balanced diet.

    Some have experienced various side effects on other juice cleanse diets, like brain fog , digestive problems, and low energy levels.

    Why Youll Love These Cabbage Soups:

    The Best Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe for the 7 Day Diet
    • 5 Recipes To Choose from with 5 to choose from youll never be bored with cabbage soup again!
    • Low Calorie just 61 calories for 2 heaping cups!
    • Fat Burning packed with fat burning ingredients, these soups will help you lose weight fast!
    • 3 Ways to Cook Instant Pot, Slow Cooker and Stove Top directions included.
    • Yummy Add-Ins 5 additional add-ins make your options limitless!

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    How Much Weight Can You Lose On The Cabbage Soup Diet

    You can lose up to 10 pounds in one week on the cabbage soup diet. Although you’re likely to see this weight loss quickly, most of it will likely return as soon as you go back to eating normal food.

    Unfortunately as well, going on a severely restrictive diet like this one could have a negative impact on weight loss in the future. As multiple studies from the University of Kiel and Northeastern Illinois University show, when you reduce your calorie intake to such a detrimental level, your body responds by lowering your metabolic rate. This means that the number of calories you burn in a day will reduce, meaning that you won’t have the advantage of burning calories through simple daily functions like sleeping and sitting.

    When you lower your metabolism, you also enter what is commonly known as a weight-loss plateau. So even if you kept up this diet for a prolonged period of time, you would eventually stop seeing results. One study from 2016 even suggests that you’d stop seeing results as soon as three days into the diet.

    If you are looking to go on a reduced-calorie diet, there are significantly better ones to choose from. For example, intermittent fasting reduces the period of time that you have to eat during the day, meaning that you’re less likely to consume more calories. The sirtfood diet is another popular option for those looking to reduce their calories as it cuts participants’ intake down to 1000 calories per day for the first week.

    Tips For Making Weight Watchers Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe:

    • You may take a shortcut with this easy chicken tortilla soup and use pre-cooked shredded chicken breast, which you can add at the very end to heat up just enough to serve.
    • If you dont have either onion or garlic at home, use about 1 teaspoon of garlic powder and 1 tablespoon of onion powder instead to mix with the broth.
    • You can use your stand mixer to shred the cooked chicken for this recipe. Just put the cooked chicken in the bowl of your mixer and mix on low using the paddle attachment until the chicken is shredded. This usually takes less than a minute!
    • To make this soup vegetarian or vegan, leave the chicken out of the recipe and use a vegetable broth. If you want, add a plant-based protein such as stir-fried tofu or drained, canned black beans to the soup.
    • To make a weight watchers zero-point chicken tortilla soup, omit the bell pepper, tortilla chips, and avocado, use only a touch of olive oil and a fat-free broth, and also replace the sour cream with fat-free Greek yogurt.

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    Heres What To Do Instead Of Drinking Unlimited Cabbage Soup For Quick Weight Loss

    Its obvious that the cabbage soup diet isnt sustainable or even all that healthy. So what should you do instead if youre looking to lose weight?

    There are many different ways to lose weight, and there is no one perfect diet for everyone. However, some general tips can help most people slim down.

    First, focus on eating more whole, unprocessed foods. These are often more filling and nutritious than processed foods, and can help you avoid unhealthy additives and excessive calories.

    Second, while eating a balanced diet with necessary vitamins and minerals, prioritize protein. Protein provides essential nutrients and helps keep you feeling full, both of which are crucial when trying to lose weight.

    Third, consider your overall calorie intake. Weight loss requires you to burn more calories than you consume, so its important to be aware of how many calories youre eating each day. Reducing your portion sizes and choosing lower-calorie foods can help you cut down on excess calories.

    Finally, make sure youre getting enough exercise. Exercise not only helps you burn more calories but can also help reduce your risk of weight-related health problems.

    There are no hard-fast rules when it comes to which exercise you should do, but aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity most days of the week.

    Dos And Donts Of The Cabbage Soup Diet

    diet cabbage soup
    • Include low glycemic index fruits and nutrient-dense vegetables when you are on this diet.
    • Include a good protein source in the soup, such as mushrooms and lentils.
    • Sleep well and let your brain relax.
    • Drink fresh fruit juices without adding sugar.
    • Stick to the workout routine. Relax, breathe, and rest in between the exercises.
    • Do not skip the beef. It will provide your body with the protein it needs for better muscle function. You may feel weak if you dont include beef. If not beef, eat fish or chicken.
    • This diet is only for 7 days. Do not extend it. It will weaken your body and the immune system.
    • Do not drink any carbonated or artificially sweetened beverages.
    • Avoid adding any artificial sweeteners for these seven days.
    • Do not use too much salt or too many spices to prepare the soup.
    • Avoid avocado, dry fruits, pineapple, and mango.

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    Watch Me Make This Cabbage Soup From Start To Finish

    2020 update: Yes! I am still using this cabbage soup to give me a jump-start to weight loss. I HATE it! But I LOVE IT! Its helps that the soup is delicious though!

    Im going to Disneyland next week and decided that I didnt want to take my muffin top with me, especially since I have this cute form-fitting shirt that I want to wear so bad. WITHOUT SPANX!!

    When I need to lose my gut or 10 pounds quickly I turn to three diets that never let me down my green monster smoothie diet, The 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse and my newest love, the 7-day cabbage soup diet!!

    What Dr Melinda Ratini Says:

    Does It Work?

    Youll lose weight, but only in the short run. This is strictly a lose-weight quick scheme.

    Youll likely get less than 1,000 calories a day on the limited menu. Thats far fewer than the 2,000 daily calories recommended for most adults.

    Since youre getting so few calories, the pounds come off quickly, but mostly youll lose water weight. And chances are, youll gain it all back as soon as you start eating a normal diet again.

    Health experts dont recommend following very low-calorie diets unless youre under a doctors care. A better bet is to aim to lose 1 to 2 pounds each week on a healthy, well-balanced diet.

    Is It Good for Certain Conditions?

    Because it includes so few carbs, this diet could wreak havoc with any diabetes treatment plan.

    Salt is not addressed on the plan, so if youve been told to cut back on the sodium, youll have to hold back on using the salt shaker and bouillon when making the soup or cooking your food.

    Since youll likely regain any weight that you lose, the diet wont have a lasting positive impact on heart disease, cholesterol, or high blood pressure.

    The Final Word

    Though this diet is fast, cheap, and simple, its not easy to stick with. It will likely leave you feeling hungry, weak, and bored. You might even feel sick. And if you follow the Cabbage Soup Diet for more than a week, you could run short on key nutrients.

    Show Sources

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    Can I Exercise On The Cabbage Diet Soup

    Exercise is not recommended while on the diet, especially moderate to high-level. Why? Because this is a low-calorie diet– one that can leave you weak even without exercising. You’ll likely get around 1,000 calories or less a day which is about half of the 2,000 daily calories that most adults should get.

    What To Eat During Cabbage Soup Diet

    Does The 7 day Cabbage Soup Diet Really Work?

    The cabbage soup diet has a seven-day meal plan that allows specific foods only on certain days, plus at least one serving of the soup. While there are many different versions of the diet, here is one example:

    Day 1: Unlimited fruit

    Day 2: Unlimited fresh, raw, or cooked vegetables, except for dry beans, peas, and corn. Large baked potato with butter for dinner.

    Day 3: Unlimited fruit and vegetables.

    Day 4: Up to eight bananas and unlimited skim milk.

    Day 5: Between 10 ounces and 20 ounces of beef or poultry and up to six fresh tomatoes.

    Day 6: Unlimited beef and vegetables.

    Day 7: Unlimited brown rice, unsweetened fruit juice, and vegetables.

    Aim for several bowls of soup and at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. Avoid real and artificial sugar and alcohol for the weeklong plan.

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    Best Diet Cabbage Soup Recipes

    These 5 Diet Cabbage Soup Recipes can help you trim down fast, and stay on plan! With 5 yummy recipes youll never be bored with cabbage soup again!

    I made these recipes because I was sick of the same-old cabbage soup recipes. And what I came up with included hearty vegan soups, protein packed soups, and more.

    I like adding lots of ingredients to my cabbage soups, and so I also supplied you with 5 additional add-ins. So you can get creative in the kitchen and have some fun with these healthy recipes.

    And because we all have our favorite ways to cook, I also included directions on making these soups in the slow cooker, Instant Pot, and on the stove top.

    This recipe for cabbage soup is just 61 calories and comes with 5 yummy versions of the traditional cabbage soup

    Day Cabbage Soup Diet Meal Plan

    Sharing is caring!

    The cabbage soup diet is an extreme low-calorie diet where fat-free cabbage soup is eaten two to three times a day. Proponents of the diet claim that you can lose up to 10 lbs within a week.

    Because its considered a crash diet, it is unlikely you will be able to follow this type of diet long-term and therefore, any weight loss will probably only be temporary.

    Because of its issues, it is essential you only follow the diet under a doctors supervision. As the diet is so rigid and there is a limited intake of different foods, it can can leave you short on key vitamins.

    However, this article will give you an overview of what to expect when following a cabbage diet plan, recipes you can use and offer alternative meal plans you can use.

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    How Does This Diet Work

    The idea behind it is relatively straightforward: you produce and consume an unlimited amount of cabbage soup. However, the average person consumes anywhere between two and three bowls in a single day.

    Since cabbage soup has almost no calories, this diet aims to make you feel full while you can still shed pounds owing to the significant calorie deficit you will experience.

    You are allowed to consume additional low-fat meals while following this plan, even though the diet’s cabbage component is naturally required.

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