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Bland Diet Recipes For Gastritis

Health Benefits Of Eggs

Gastritis Diet – The Complete Healing Protocol

Eggs contain a moderate amount of five, or about 5 grams per egg. Most of this fat is of the healthy, unsaturated variety. Eggs also provide good amounts of B-vitamins like riboflavin and vitamin B12, zinc, vitamin D and protein. The egg whites are particularly bland, and also low in fat and high in protein. While eggs aren’t vilified as they once were due to their high cholesterol content, the Harvard School of Public Health recommends sticking to moderate intake and choosing plant-based protein more often.

Are Scrambled Eggs Allowed On A Bland Diet

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You may be placed on a bland diet if you suffer from ulcers, gastritis, heartburn, diarrhea, vomiting or have recently had surgery on your digestive tract. While on the diet, you’ll need to avoid spicy, high-fiber and raw foods in favor of soft, mild items that are easy to digest. Eggs are permitted on a bland diet, though they are only allowed when prepared in certain ways. Ask your doctor if you need help developing a healthy bland diet plan.

When Should You Be On A Bland Diet

The premise of a bland diet is avoiding or at least limiting your intake of foods that can irritate the digestive system. A bland diet is therefore recommended for individuals dealing with certain health conditions or recovering from surgery.

Some of these conditions include acid reflux or frequent heartburn, diarrhea, eosinophilic esophagitis, ulcers, frequent gallstones, and hiatal hernia. People who are looking to lose weight and breastfeeding women who have a sensitive stomach can benefit from a bland diet, too.

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Bland Diet For Gastritis

Bland Diet for Gastritis can be used to treat ulcers, heartbum, nausea, vomiting and gas. You may also need to eat bland foods after stomach or intestinal surgery.

A bland diet is made up of foods that are soft, not very spicy, and low in fiber. If youre on a bland diet, you shouldnt eat spicy, fried, or raw foods. Avoid alcohol or caffeinated drinks.

Your doctor or nurse will tell you when you can start eating other foods again. It is still important to eat healthy foods when you add foods back in. Your doctor can refer you to a dietitian or nutritionist to help you plan a healthy diet.

Bland foods you can eat

  • Here some foods you can eat on a bland diet.
  • Milk and other dairy products, low-fat only
  • Cooked, canned, or frozen vegetables
  • Fruit and vegetable juices
  • Cooked or canned fruit with the skin and seeds removed, such as applesauce or canned peaches
  • Breads, crackers and pasta made with refined white flour
  • Refined hot cereals, such as oatmeal and cream of wheat
  • Lean, tender meats, such as poultry, whitefish, and shellfish that are steamed, baked, or grilled with no added fat
  • Creamy peanut butter

Gastritis Diet Treatment Plan

Foods that prevent or heal ulcers

By Jillian Levy, CHHC

May 16, 2016

While indigestion is common for many Americans, particularly given the standard American diet, if youre having burning sensations in or above your stomach, stomachaches or pains, feeling nauseous or vomiting, or constantly burping, you may be suffering from gastritis symptoms and that means you may want to begin the gastritis diet treatment plan.

What is gastritis? Its a digestive condition caused by damage and inflammation to gastric mucosa, the lining of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Erosion of the stomach lining leads to acid causing burning sensations and pain in the digestive system and sometimes malabsorption of nutrients. Many of the symptoms of gastritis are similar to symptoms caused by stomach ulcers, although gastritis tends to only affect the stomach . Chronic gastritis can also be more serious than ulcers and sometimes lead to complications like anemia or even stomach cancer.

The good news is gastritis often can be treated and even reversed through healthy lifestyle changes, beginning with your diet. Lets take a look at how your diet influences gastritis along with how the gastritis diet treatment plan can help treat this uncomfortable, potentially dangerous condition.

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What Are Some Common Complaints From People On The Bland Diet And How Do You Solve Them

The lack of variety in foods and flavors can be difficult for some people on the bland diet. Planning meals in advance can help you avoid repeating foods.

Foods on the bland diet tend to be binding, meaning that they can cause constipation. Its important to drink plenty of fluid throughout the day to help ease constipation.

Bland Diet: Easy To Make & Easy On You

Doctors often recommend following a bland diet during chemo or after certain surgeries. A bland diet, consisting of plainly cooked, low-fat, low-fiber white foods, is also a great idea if you suffer from… gastrointestinal problems such as nausea or acid reflux, or if youre simply feeling under the weather. While we normally recommend whole, high-fiber foods for cancer prevention and healthy survivorship, on occasion your body needs foods that dont have too much fiber and are easy to digest. Our founder Ann Ogden Gaffney ate these dishes for a month after the doctors removed her cancerous kidney, leaving everything inside sore. Being prescribed a bland diet may seem like being assigned to a life of dull, tasteless meals, but as you can see from our recipe roundup below, there are still a lot of delicious dishes you can enjoy while being kind to your body when it needs it.

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Food Items You Can Easily Consume

  • Cereals & Pulses: Cereals and pulses .
  • Fruits & vegetables: Fruits and vegetables .
  • Meat, Fish & Poultry: Lean meat, skin less chicken, fish .
  • Milk & Milk products: Yoghurt, other fermented milk products. Nuts & Oils: Almonds, walnuts, pista, olive oil, Sunflower oil, Saff flower oil, rice bran oil.
  • Miso & Butternut Soup

    Gastritis: What To Eat

    Make lunch more exciting with this silky and deeply savoury miso and butternut soup. Delivering all of your five-a-day, it’s also bursting with goodness

  • A star rating of 4.2 out of 5.5 ratings

    Makes a great starter, accompaniment to grilled meats, or ciabatta filling

  • A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.8 ratings

    Make the most of the contents of your storecupboard with this easy, throw-together rice dish

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    Currently Suffering From Bland Diet Gastritis Does Anyone Have Recipes That Will Let Me Enjoy Eating Again

    For breakfast, oatmeal with blueberries and honey or canned pumpkin mixed in! Lunch or dinners- roast some veggies and make a stir fry with a rice/quinoa and chicken/tofu! Soups are also very easy on the stomach- lentil, butternut squash and add some chicken or veggie broth!

    Can’t eat either, both are too acidic

    In terms of fruit ..I was able to eat watermelon, banana, honey dew, cantelope

    Also when you start eating “real” food. Eat smaller portions. I didn’t have the courage to eat pizza or a hamburger or fried food for like 7-8 months later. I ate one slice of pizza the first time and like half a burger.

    In my case… I’m more fat intolerant than others. However, I avoided any food with pH below 4.

    How A Gastritis Diet Works

    A gastritis diet works because you avoid eating foods or drinking beverages that commonly cause stomach irritation. This includes spicy food, coffee, alcohol, and acidic fruits.

    The foods you can eat on the gastric diet are rather flexible. People may react differently to specific foods. As long as a particular food doesn’t cause you a problem, you can enjoy it.

    You may find that some foods on the “avoid” list may not cause symptoms for you in small portions or occasional splurges. Alternately, some people may have trouble with a food that is on the “approved” list.

    In short: If a food makes your symptoms worse, don’t eat it.

    Work with your healthcare provider or a registered dietitian to develop a gastritis diet plan that meets your needs.

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    The Causes & Symptoms Of Gastritis

    The most common symptoms of gastritis include:

    • burning sensations in or above the stomach/abdomen, especially around the time of eating
    • stomachaches or pains
    • loss of appetite, feeling very full quickly and possibly experiencing changes in weight
    • hiccups and burping
    • changes in bowel movements and the appearance of stools

    What causes gastritis to develop?

    Gastritis is triggered by inflammation of the stomach and erosion of the stomachs protective lining. Digestion of the foods you eat first begins in your mouth, before partially digested foods makes their way to your stomach, where theyre coated with acids and enzymes. Every time you eat something your stomach pumps out acids that are actually strong enough to cause damage to the lining of your GI tract however, normally these acids are buffered by a special type of mucous that blocks the acids effects.

    Sponge-like mucous coats and protects the lining of the stomach and builds a defense against the painful effects of acids, so when mucous production is decreased for some reason, burning sensations and stomach ulcers in the digestive system are usually experienced. There are a number of different underlying reasons that inflammation develops in the stomach and mucous production is altered.

    Risk factors for gastritis include:

    Final Thoughts on the Gastritis Diet

    Diet And Menu For Gastritis For A Week The Best Recipes

    Food and recipes for gastritis and nervous ulcer

    Man, being in the modern rhythm of life, rarely thinks about proper nutrition. He takes food only when it is possible to find a minute, or if the stomach starts to ache and growl, demanding a dose of food. This disparaging attitude leads to a very common disease gastritis. And when discomfort becomes unbearable, people turn to the doctor. The doctor recommends compliance with the diet. Here, and the question arises about what should be the menu for gastritis for a week.

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    Go For Cooked Vegetables At Dinner

    Prepare baked fish, regular noodles, cooked vegetables like zucchini, green beans, asparagus, spinach or summer or winter squash and milk for dinner on a typical bland diet plan. All the vegetables you consume while on a bland diet need to be baked, boiled, mashed or steamed, not raw. In addition, avoid dried beans and legumes, corn and vegetables that are more likely to cause gas, including brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, onions and green peppers.

    What Are The Foods You Can Eat On The Bland Diet

    Focus on low-fiber, starchy grains. Raw fruits and vegetables tend to have too much fiber to digest easily. Canned or bottled fruits and vegetables may work for some people. You can also eat cooked vegetables, but they should be soft. Avoid vegetables that have been steamed or blanched.

    Good sources of protein on the bland diet include skinless roasted or baked chicken, eggs, low-fat milk and yogurt, and smooth peanut butter and other nut butters.


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    How To Balance Foods

    Gastritis doesnt respond well to a full stomach, whether its food or fluids. So just as you eat small meals often, remember to not fill up on fluids.

    Feeling your stomach bloated with water or chicken soup is a sure way to experience worse symptoms.

    For me, the best solution was to drink water at least half an hour before a meal and at least half an hour after eating to not feel too full. And, of course, remain hydrated for the rest of the day too.

    As for the chicken soup, I would always have less soup and more absorbent ingredients like rice, risoni, plain noodles as well as plain boiled chicken. And always make your soup at home yourself so ensure you are not eating foods, spices or additives that worsen gastritis.

    Scrambled Eggs On The Diet

    Diet For GERD

    According to the Westchester Gastroenterology Associates in New York, you are allowed to eat scrambled eggs on a bland diet, as well as any other type of fully cooked egg, with the exception of fried eggs. A bland diet breakfast menu might consist of 1/2 cup of scrambled eggs paired with a slice of toast made from enriched bread, a 3/4-cup serving of cream of wheat, orange juice and low-fat milk.

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    Gastritis Diet How It Helps

    The main aim of a gastritis diet is to control H.pylori infection and alleviate gastritis symptoms.

    A gastritis diet should be:

    • High in fiber: A high-fiber food is beneficial for your gut. The undigested portions of dietary fiber produce short-chain fatty acids that have a beneficial effect on gut bacteria .
    • Enriched with healthy fats: Fatty foods are not the best choice for treating gastritis, but healthy fats definitely work wonders for it. Include nuts, seeds, and oily fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids to reduce stomach inflammation .
    • High in lean protein: Lean proteins may help repair the damaged stomach lining and build stamina.
    • High in probiotics: Include foods and drinks rich in probiotics or live organisms. Studies have found that probiotics help eradicate H.pylori and reduce stomach inflammation .
    • Rich in flavonoids: Include spices, herbs, and condiments in your diet. Flavonoid-rich foods exhibit antibacterial properties that can eradicate H.pylori .

    Cutting down on highly acidic foods, processed foods, and dairy can help minimize acid secretion in the stomach and provide relief from the symptoms of gastritis.

    Now, you are quite aware of what kind of foods to be included in the diet for relief from stomach irritation and discomfort. Heres is a sample gastritis diet plan that gives an idea of what to include in your daily meals.

    Final Takeaway Healthy Food Recipes For Gastritis Patients

    Almost everyone suffers from an episode of gastritis, but for some, its chronic and happens more frequently. Rather than popping a pill, try these simple recipes for gastritis. Having these foods regularly can help in reversing the damage.

    Apart from these healthy foods, follow a healthy lifestyle and stick to your healthy eating routine. But if you are still struggling with gastritis, then do visit a doctor and get treated. Untreated gastritis can lead to severe medical complications!

    In case you are suffering from gastritis or know someone who is suffering from gastritis, then save this blog. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any queries related to gastritis!

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    Does Fasting Help Gastritis

    It’s likely better to maintain your diet with “safe,” acid-free foods eaten in smaller meals than it is to try fasting. Some studies suggest that people who fast show a rise in gastric acid, which presents a bleeding risk in those with an existing condition like peptic ulcer disease. Check with your healthcare provider before you try fasting to treat gastritis.

    Stick With Plain Treats For Snacks And Dessert

    Recipe for an Antioxidant Rich Side Dish

    When you have time, bake plain, low-sugar cookies, cakes or muffins so that you’ll have them on hand when you crave a snack or a dessert after dinner. Don’t add nuts, fresh or dried fruit or shredded coconut to the batter to keep the fiber content as low as possible, and always use enriched white flour, not any form of whole-wheat flour. Sugar-free pudding made with low-fat milk is another option. For fewer calories, choose canned or cooked fruit. While you can eat ripe bananas and avocados raw, all other raw fruits should be avoided.

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    Other Tips For Eating With Gastritis

    Remove the skin on the chicken because it is a source of fat that can upset the stomach. On the same note, you can eat whole eggs some days and only egg whites on other days, depending on your individual nutritional requirements.

    The egg yolks do carry most of the fat content of eggs and if its too much for you, you can always have egg white and still get generous amounts of protein. Similarly, avoid avocado if its causing you stomach upset. While it didnt bother me personally, a lot of people find it is bad to eat avocado if you have a sensitive stomach.

    Gastritis Diagnosis And Treatments

    There are a number of methods to diagnose gastritis and if you think you have it you should speak to your doctor. As well as adapting your diet, a range of medical treatments are also available.

    Registered dietician Sophie Medlin explains: “Most people will get diagnosed by their GP and given a medication called a PPI which reduces the acid in the stomach, allowing the lining to heal. If that doesnt work, you may be referred for an endoscopy. Patients with ‘red flag’ symptoms like blood in their vomit or stools or weight loss should be referred straight for a camera test.”

    In order to diagnose gastritis, a doctor may recommend one or more of the following:

    • a stool test to check for infection or bleeding from the stomach
    • a breath test for Helicobacter pylori infection this involves drinking a glass of clear, tasteless liquid that contains radioactive carbon and blowing into a bag
    • an endoscopy a flexible tube is passed down your throat and into your oesophagus and stomach to look for signs of inflammation
    • a barium swallow barium solution, which shows up on X-rays as it passes through the digestive system, will be given

    If a doctor confirms you have gastritis, treatment may include:

    Other things which may help include:

    • Eating smaller, more frequent meals
    • Giving up smoking
    • Finding ways to manage your stress

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    Foods To Eat For Gastritis

    Certain foods aid in reducing gastritis symptoms and provide relief to stomach irritation and bloating.

    • Eat a handful of raisins every day. It helps absorb excess acid and reduces gastritis naturally.
    • Drinking Aloe vera juice can aid in soothing gastritis.
    • Cucumber is a cooling vegetable that soothes your stomach and reduces gastritis.
    • The juicy delicious Musk melon is effective in reducing gastritis.
    • Drink warm water on an empty stomach early in the morning. Stay hydrated.

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