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Diet By Blood Type O

Should You Match Your Diet To Your Blood Type

The Blood Type Diet || Blood Type “O” ( O & O- )

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I got an email this week from a listener who wanted to know if Id ever done an episode on the blood type diet.

I recently ran across a quick mention of the blood type diet and wanted to hear your take on the legitimacy of it. If youve previously talked about it, I would greatly appreciate it if you could point me to that episode.

In fact, I talked about the blood type diet way back in 2009, toward the end of my very first year doing the podcast. You can listen to that here.

After I sent this listener a link to that episode, though, I started to wonder whether any new research had been published since then. And, sure enough, there was a study published in 2014 that shed some new light on this old idea. So, I thought an update was in order.

The blood type diet was proposed by naturopathic physician Peter DAdamo way back in the 1990s. His book Eat Right For Your Blood Type was a best-seller. The basic idea is that your blood type may be the key to what type of diet is best for you, and that you wont feel as well or be as healthy if your diet is inappropriate for your blood type.

The other blood types emerged even later, when humans were not only farming but also keeping livestock and consuming dairy products. Theyd also begun to travel the globe, interbreed, and encounter a much wider variety of food species.

Its a very interesting hypothesis.

Blood Type Diet Chart Blood Type Ocharacteristics Of Type O: Best On High Protein Diet

  • Thrive on intense physical exercise and animal proteins
  • Do not do well with dairy and grain products
  • Hardy digestive tract
  • The leading factor in weight gain for Type Os is the gluten found in wheat germ and whole wheatproducts.
  • Type O have a tendency to have low levels of thyroid hormone and unstable thyroid functions,which cause metabolic problems and weight gain.
  • Type O have high stomach-acid content, can digest meat easily.
  • Going On A Blood Type O Diet

    The main point of such a diet is to help you lose weight. However, this is not the only benefit it has. According to its founder Dr. Peter DAdamo, the extra health benefits include things such as improved digestion, increased energy levels, as well as helping to fight some diseases and health issues such as cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

    Dr. DAdamos basis for the diet is that each of our blood types is related to our genetic ancestral heritage. Therefore, in order for us to be healthy and lose weight effectively, he claims that we should eat food similar to what the ancestors associated with our blood type did.

    This makes it very important to stick to Dr. DAdamos specific diet for your specific blood type. If youre not blood type O, then you might find this diet isnt as effective as it can be compared to the diet designed for your blood type. For instance, any person with blood type O should eat a lot of high-protein food, while another person with different blood type may have to add low-protein food into their diet.

    The blood type O diet contains a plethora of food which is designed to stimulate high levels of stomach acid in the human body. Stomach acid, in turn, activates enzymes and plays a vital role in the digestion of protein. There is a close link between this diet and better digestive health.

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    As We Discovered Throughout This Series There Is Research Available To Support The Tendency Of Some Blood Types To Be At Risk For Specific Diseases More Than Others: 1

    • Those with blood type O, for example, may have a lower risk for heart disease but a higher risk for developing stomach ulcers.3,8
    • Type Os are also at higher risk for thyroid disorders, such as Hashimotos thyroiditis.9
    • Seventy years ago, it was discovered that Type Os had about twice the incidence of ulcers of all kinds than the other blood types.10

    People with type O blood may have a more intense reaction to stress which takes the form of an overproduction of the hormone adrenaline.1 This may make it more difficult for Type Os to return to homeostasis following a bout of intense stress and may be why they prefer high-intensity exercise to manage this.

    Taking blood type into consideration, Dr. DAdamo declared individuals will react differently to specific foods due to the presence of lectins in those foods and how lectins can affect the blood.*

    Lectins are sticky, carbohydrate-binding proteins in nearly all foods, but especially plant foods. Many are cooked out of food, but many are not. Lectins are so specific in their biochemical characteristics that they can even be distinguished among blood subgroups. They can impact body systems, such as digestion, joint health, immune function, and even metabolism.

    Eat Vegetables Raw Or Steamed For The Best Nutrients

    Blood Type O Food Chart Blood Type Type Diet Blood Group

    Vegetables, sprouts, organic soy products , and fresh herbs are best for you if they are fresh. For maximum health benefits, use organic, non-GMO vegetables, whenever possible. Vegetables are low in fat but contain good amounts of vitamins and minerals. All green-yellow-orange vegetables are rich sources of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, beta-carotene, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

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    Choosing A Diet According To Your Gene Type To Achieve All Nutritional Goals

    Did you know that what you eat affects your gene expression and the gene variants you have to affect how you process the nutrients in your diet? These genetic variants also answer questions like why some people eat a lot and not put on weight, why certain people cant consume dairy without experiencing gastrointestinal troubles, and why some people experience caffeine jitters after just one cup of coffee. Learn more:

    What Is The Blood Type O Diet

    According to Dr. DAdamo, people with blood type O have more stomach acid which makes it easier to digest meals that contain protein and fat. Therefore, a blood type O diet contains more protein sources like red meat, poultry and fish.

    However, a person with blood type O should limit their intake of grains, beans, and legumes and definitely avoid wheat and certain leafy vegetables. The reason for this is due to a compound called lectins.5

    Lectins help your immune system to fight disease. However, according to Dr. DAdamo, if you eat food containing lectins that are incompatible with your blood type, this can cause inflammation in the body and make the immune system become overactive, which can lead to autoimmune diseases.4

    It has to be said that the blood type diet is not without its critics, and not all doctors agree with the health benefits of the Blood Type Diet. At the end of this article, I will discuss what some of the critics have had to say, and look at the evidence that Dr. DAdamo has presented to refute their claims.

    Lets look at the best and worst foods for people with blood type O .

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    Who Is The Author Of Eat Right For Your Blood Type

    Dr. Peter DAdamo, a naturopathic physician, developed a diet based on blood types, which he describes in his book Eat Right for Your Type..

    How does your blood type affect your diet?

    DAdamo theorizes that your blood type provides a distinctive marker for which foods are best for you, based on the diet of your ancestors with the same blood type. This means a nutritious diet for one blood type may include different foods than a nutritious diet for another blood type.

    Is The Blood Type O Diet Good For You

    Blood type O Diet in a NutShell

    According to DAdamo, the blood type O diet is beneficial for people with O positive blood type as well as people with O negative blood type. Because blood type O is the most common blood type, I am going to look at the Blood Type O Diet and discuss what foods you should eat and what you should definitely avoid.

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    Other Things To Know About Blood Type O

    Aside from the particular foods suggested for O-positive blood types, this diet also recommends followers avoid the use of caffeine and most alcoholic beverages, while enjoying wine, teas, and water.

    The diet is aimed to balance brain chemicals such as dopamine, further suggesting that individuals using the diet can prevent substance abuse and reduce stress and anxiety.

    Exercise is suggested to comprise of 150 minutes of aerobic exercises each week and two days dedicated to strength training.

    The O-Positive Blood Type Diet is similar to other diets on the market in that there are concerns among the medical community and many experts call for more scientific research to be done. Following this diet may strengthen vulnerable health issues and weaken others where required nutrients are needed.

    Dr. DâAdamo created the diet to target the impact blood type has on the digestion of certain foods in our body. Any new dietary regimen should be discussed with a health professional, especially if you have an existing health condition.

    Is The Blood Type Diet A Healthy Choice For You

    The blood type diet is based on theory it isnt rooted in scientific fact and its effectiveness has not been proven in clinical settings. The overall plan does emphasize whole, natural, and unprocessed foods, however, which makes it healthier than some pre-packaged meal plans or meal-replacement plans.

    The U.S. Department of Agricultures 20202025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans provide recommendations for a balanced diet. The following nutrient-dense foods are considered part of a healthy diet:

    • Oils, including oils found in foods

    Depending on your blood type, this plan may or may not meet the USDAs definition of a healthy meal plan.

    • The Type AB diet is the least restrictive and allows for the widest variety of foods to ensure adequate nutrition.
    • The Type A dietprohibits meat and dairy, which have nutrients, namely protein, that can be found in other foods with careful planning.
    • The Type B diet also offers a varied diet, with the exception of nuts and seeds, and meets most of the requirements of the USDA healthy eating plan.
    • The Type O diet avoids dairy and grains, which are considered important parts of a healthy diet, according to the USDA. With careful planning, however, the nutrients found in grains and dairy can be made up by eating a variety of vegetables.

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    Is The Blood Type Diet Healthy A Registered Dietitian Weighs In

    I really loved finding out my blood type when I donated blood . The science around blood types is pretty interesting and fairly new. Theres A, AB, B and O and all types can be positive or negative. It wasnt until the early 1900s that we learned about different blood types, since some people were dying from blood transfusions. Then in the 1960s scientists developed RhoGAM, a key drug that helps protect babies born to moms with Rh-negative blood . Research has even found that certain blood types are correlated with certain diseases, like some types of cancer and heart disease. But when it comes to impacting what you eat, does your blood type make a difference? Heres the scoop on the Blood Type Diet, what youre supposed to eat depending on your blood type and if it actually works.

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    What Is The Blood Type O


    Based on this diet, blood type O-positive individuals should consume organic lean meat and poultry, fruits, and vegetables. This high protein and low carbohydrate diet recommends limiting or avoiding wheat products, dairy, caffeine and alcohol.

    This diet group is referred to as âThe Hunterâ and closely follows the lines of the Paleo diet, theorizing that ancestors of O-positive people only ate what they could hunt or gather at the time. Regular exercise of high-functioning workouts is linked to this diet.

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    What Can You Eat On The Blood Type Diet

    The Blood Type Diet says there are different rules for eating based on your blood type. Here’s the gist of how each blood type shakes out, according to the book.

    Blood type O: Eat a high-protein, low-carb diet with meat. Cut out most grains and wheat. Do vigorous exercise. Type O should choose lots of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit but limit grains and legumes. Avoid dairy and wheat.

    Blood type A: Eat a vegetarian high-carb, low-fat diet. Do gentle exercise. Type A should consume lots of fruit and vegetables as well as seafood and plant-based proteins, like tofu, but should avoid red meat.

    Blood type B: The only blood type that should eat dairy. Consume a variety of foods, including meat. Do moderate exercise. This diverse diet should include meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables and grains.

    Blood type AB: A mix of A and B diets. Should do calming exercises. Consume fruits, vegetables, tofu, lamb and fish.

    Type Os Unique Traits

    • Hardiest digestive system
    • Cannot properly digest products containing gluten
    • High production of stomach acid
    • Intolerant to dietary, environmental adaptations
    • Require an efficient metabolism to stay lean and energetic
    • Respond best to stress with intense physical activity
    • Feel good after vigorous workouts

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    What Is The Difference Between O Positive And O Negative Blood Type

    Red blood cells sometimes have another antigen, a protein known as the RhD antigen. If this is present, your blood group is RhD positive. If its absent, your blood group is RhD negative.

    A person with blood type O can have either O positive blood type or O negative blood type.2 The blood type O positive contains the RhD antigen but the blood type O negative doesnt contain the Rhd antigen.3 The majority of people have O positive blood type.

    Use Herbs And Spices To Enhance And Balance The Flavor Of Your Dishes As Well As Improve Your Digestive And Immune Systems

    Blood Type O Food List | Eat | Avoid | Eat in Moderation

    Kelp-based seasonings are rich sources of iodine, a key to regulating the thyroid and metabolism. Kelp bladderwrack counters the hyperacidity of type Os digestive tract, reducing the potential for ulcers. The abundant fucose in kelp protects the intestinal lining of the type Os stomach from adherence of ulcer-causing bacteria.

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    Best Foods For Type O

    As someone with type O blood, you’re an inherent meat eater, according to D’Adamo. You thrive best on animal protein from meat, poultry and fish. He recommends that type Os of African descent emphasize lean red meat and game meat over fattier meats. D’Adamo recommends healthy oils such as olive oil for all individuals with type O blood. Other beneficial foods for type O include nuts and seeds and fresh fruits and vegetables. He states that those with type O should avoid dairy, cereal grains and legumes.

    Make Seafood A Major Component Of The Type O Diet

    Seafood, the second most concentrated animal protein, is best suited for type Os. Fish is packed with protein, vitamins, and nutrients that can lower blood pressure and help reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Many sea foods are excellent sources of iodine, which regulates thyroid function. Unstable thyroid function causes metabolic problems and weight gain.

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    What Can Blood Type O People Eat For Breakfast

    O-types are advised to have stewed prunes, or fresh or dried figs. Oats with soya milk and green tea are also recommended as alternatives to wheat, dairy milk, and black tea: all of which you should be avoiding.

    Muffins made with rye flour with stewed apples, accompanied by a glass of juice or soy milk, is also a great option for a quick breakfast for type-O individuals.

    For breakfast toast, avoid peanut butter and swap it for almond or sunflower butter.

    Is The Blood Type O Diet For Everyone What The Critics Say


    If you conduct an online search for the Blood Type Diet, you will find that there is much controversy about the effectiveness of following a diet purely based on your blood type. Some people say that it only helps a person because it cuts out processed food and increases the consumption of vegetables. Very often the words debunked, skeptical, and quack are used. However, is criticism of the blood type diet warranted?

    In every case Dr. DAdamo has refuted his critics claims with his own scientific proof. For example, he points out that one criticism is about the way lectins affect the blood. An article on the Weston Price Website dismisses the role that lectins have on the blood stream. However, as Dr. DAdamo points out, on the very website that dismisses lectins, the author claims that you should avoid soy because of dangerous hemagglutinating lectins. So, it seems that there is some hypocrisy in the claims against the Blood Type Diet.

    Dr. DAdamo also points out that he is accused of offering very little scientific evidence for the Blood Type Diet. However, in his responses he always points to scientific research to back up his claims on the benefit of the Blood Type Diet.

    Is the Blood Type O Diet suitable for you? It may not be for everyone, however, many people have benefited from following a diet according to their blood group.

    Read my other article to learn what to eat for A, B, and AB blood types: How to Eat Right for Your Blood Type

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