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Diet Dr Pepper Vs Dr Pepper Zero

How Many Are Diet Sodas Too Much

Dr Pepper Zero Sugar vs Diet Dr Pepper

It depends on your weight and how much caffeine youre used to drinking. If you drink a lot of caffeine, you may be more tolerant of its effects and can drink more without experiencing side effects.

If youre not used to drinking caffeine, even a tiny amount can cause side effects like anxiety, jitteriness, and trouble sleeping.

For most people, drinking one or two cans of diet soda a day will probably not cause any harm. But if youre concerned about your caffeine intake, you may want to limit yourself to one can a day or less.

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Dr Pepper Capital Of The World

The company sells more Dr Pepper in the Roanoke Valley area of Virginia than any other metropolitan area east of the Mississippi River. Roanoke is approximately 90 miles east of the hometown of Dr. Charles T. Pepper, which is Rural Retreat, Virginia, and 30 miles east of Christiansburg, Virginia, home of Dr. Pepper and Morrison referred to in the census information above. John William “Bill” Davis opened the first Dr. Pepper plant east of the Mississippi in Roanoke in 1936 subsequently the city was named the “Dr Pepper Capital of the World” and broke world records for its mass consumption of Dr Pepper in the late 1950s. Dr Pepper donated a portion of its sales revenue in the Roanoke area to finance restoration of a circa-1950s neon Dr Pepper sign, which has the company’s “1024” logo from the time, in downtown Roanoke. In October 2015, the city of Roanoke declared October 24 to be its official Dr. Pepper Day.

New Dr Pepper Zero Sugar Adds Acesulfame Potassium To Its Bag Of Sweetening Tricks

On April 8, 2021, Dr Pepper’s official the launch of their new Dr Pepper Zero Sugar line in no less than three flavors: classic Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Cherry and Dr Pepper & Cream Soda. Students of Dr Pepperology have obviously been keen to find out precisely how Zero Sugar differs from Diet Dr Pepper. The difference, according to Hype Beast, is in the sweetening agent. While Diet Dr Pepper is sweetened with the artificial sweetener aspartame, Zero Sugar adds acesulfame potassium in the mix. Reportedly, the combo gives the drink a more alluring flavor.

However, Eat This, Not That! notes that while the Zero Sugar variety taste may indeed be closer to the original Dr Pepper, it still contains all sorts of artificial ingredients. So, as always, it’s good to keep in mind that the lack of sugar doesn’t mean that you should start guzzling several cans of the stuff on a daily basis.

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Is Dr Pepper Zero Sugar Good For You

While some people may enjoy the taste of Dr. Pepper Zero Sugars, its important to remember that this product is not necessarily good for you. The artificial sweeteners in Dr. Pepper Zero Sugars have been linked to health problems like obesity and diabetes, while the caramel color and sodium phosphate may also be harmful.If youre looking for a healthier alternative to sugary drinks, try water or unsweetened tea instead.

Is Diet Dr Pepper Vegan

Dr Pepper Diet vs Dr Pepper zero

Diet Dr Pepper is generally considered vegan. It is possible for the caramel color or natural flavors to be sourced from animal-derived ingredients, but it is not likely.

Its also possible that someone would say Diet Dr Pepper isnt vegan is due to animal testing. Thats because the artificial sweetener used in Diet Dr Pepper has been tested on animals extensively.

That said, boycotting drinks like Diet Dr Pepper today cant undo the animal testing that was already done. So most vegans are okay with consuming these artificial sweeteners.

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What Is The Sweetener In Diet Dr Pepper

Diet Dr Pepper is sweetened with the artificial sweetener aspartame. Aspartame is the most widely used artificial sweetener in the world, and one of the most controversial for its possible health effects. These include possible links to cancer, heart disease, obesity, stroke, Alzheimers, depression, and more.

It would be difficult to cover everything about aspartames possible health risks here. If you want to go deep on this subject, start with this page from U.S. Right to Know. That said, Ill try to summarize here.

Some of the biggest concerns with aspartame include:

  • Cancer: There has been a considerable amount of evidence showing that rodents develop cancer when exposed to aspartame over their lifetimes. Aspartame was also posed as a possible explanation for dramatic increases in malignant brain tumors in the years immediately after its approval.
  • Heart Disease: Several high-profile cardiologists have sworn offaspartame based on the evidence. A 2014 study found that women who had more than two diet drinks per day experienced more cardiovascular events .
  • Brain Disease: Studies show that consumption of diet drinks is linked to three times higher risk of stroke and dementia. There are also possible connections to Alzheimers disease, via methanol, which is a breakdown product of aspartame in the body.

Although aspartame is still legal and FDA approved, for me personally, Im shocked at the amount of allegations against this chemical.

Related Questions:

This Is What You Need To Know

There are a few key differences between Dr Pepper Zero Sugar and Diet Dr Pepper. First, Dr Pepper Zero Sugar contains zero calories, while Diet Dr Pepper contains five calories. Second, Dr Pepper Zero Sugar uses a blend of aspartame and acesulfame potassium as its sweeteners, while Diet Dr Pepper uses only aspartame. Finally, Dr Pepper Zero Sugar is available in more countries than Diet Dr Pepper.

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Is It Bad To Drink Diet Dr Pepper Everyday

Personally, I wouldnt feel comfortable drinking Diet Dr Pepper every day. Why? The main reason is aspartame.

The research into aspartame and depression was what initially convinced me to avoid the ingredient. But there are many possible issues, detailed above.

I would personally only have Diet Dr Pepper as an occasional treat.

Does Diet Dr Pepper Have Caffeine

Dr. Pepper Zero VS. Diet Dr. Pepper Vs. Dr. Pepper Must Or Bust

The good news is that Diet Dr. Pepper does not contain caffeine! Thats right, this delicious soda is completely caffeine-free, so you can enjoy it without worrying about the potential side effects of caffeine.

So why is Diet Dr. Pepper so popular? Well, its quite healthy! Diet Dr. Pepper is made with artificial sweeteners, so it has no calories and is sugar-free. Its also a great source of antioxidants and has improved blood circulation.

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Real Reason Behind No Diet Dr Pepper In Stores

Many fans of Diet Dr Pepper have been speculating about the scarcity of these diet sodas in groceries nationwide. The fans believe Dr Pepper canceled its diet version after the Dr Pepper zero sugars variant debuted last 2021.

Another assumption is that the coronavirus period caused the diet soda shortage. People hoard and stack up food and drinks during the pandemic, which can partially increase the demand for soda.

Also, it affects labor shortage and inflation since people and commodities are restricted due to lockdowns.

Keurig Dr Pepper, the brands parent company, confirms that they are working on supply issues with their allocations nationwide.

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Is The Sodium Benzoate In Diet Dr Pepper Harmful

Sodium benzoate is only present in small amounts in any food. Its limited by the FDA to make up only 0.1% of the weight of the foods its added to. Still, there are some health concerns.

The biggest concern is that sodium benzoate is able to convert to benzene, a known carcinogen, in certain conditions. This has particularly been a concern in soft drinks where sodium benzoate is also present with ascorbic acid.

There was a study in 2005-07 showing that 10 out of 200 soft drinks tested contained more than the allowable levels of benzene . Since then, those products have been reformulated to comply with allowable levels. But the study also showed ~60% of soft drinks had some measurable level of benzene.

The FDA has stated that the levels of benzene in soft drinks are not a risk.

There have been some other concerning studies on the impacts of sodium benzoate in animals. It may raise levels of inflammation, oxidative stress, or even risk for ADHD . Some people also have allergic reactions to it.

The Environmental Working Group has assigned sodium benzoate a risk score of 1 to 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 . So the overall risk is low.

Personally, after reading into all of this, Im not that worried about the safety of sodium benzoate. But Id still rather not consume it daily.

High Demand For Diet Dr Pepper In Stores

Dr Pepper Diet vs Dr Pepper zero

Diet Dr Pepper is one of the leading brands of regular carbonated soft drinks in the United States, along with Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people store in-cans and multi-pack products they can consume at home. In-cans are lightweight and more convenient than glass alternatives, making them a top choice for consumers.

This high demand for Diet Dr Pepper has increased its sales. For 2021, Dr Pepper increased a 9.2% to $12.68 billion, compared to their 2020 $11.62 billion net sale.

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Diet Dr Pepper Vs Dr Pepper Zero

Diet Dr Pepper is the classic soda that many people grew up drinking. It has a unique flavor that many people love, and its also relatively low in calories. However, Diet Dr Pepper does have some drawbacks. For one, it contains aspartame, linked to health problems like cancer and headaches. Additionally, Diet Dr. Pepper can also cause bloating and gas.

Dr Pepper Zero, on the other hand, is a newer soda starting to gain popularity. It has no calories and no sugar. It also doesnt contain any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. So, if youre looking for a healthier option, Dr Pepper Zero might be the better choice.

Diet Dr. Pepper and Dr. Pepper Zero have pros and cons, but at the end of the day, its up to you to decide which option is the better option for you. Diet Dr Pepper might be the way to go if youre looking for a classic soda with a unique flavor. However, if youre looking for a healthier option, Dr. Pepper Zero is the better choice.

What Are Some Healthier Alternatives To Diet Or Zero Dr Pepper Soda

Diet or zero Dr. Pepper soda carries no nutritional value in the drink, despite the sugar-free option they include. There are healthier, more nutritious drinks to have instead of them. Some drinks include water, fruit juices without added sugar, coffee, and tea.

Water is needed by the body to regulate the temperature. By sweating the body cools down, and with sweat, the need for water increases to regulate the body temperature. There are some minerals, vitamins, carbs, and protein that are carried through the body and dissolved in water.

When these nutrients dissolve in water, they are carried throughout the body for usage. It is the healthiest drink the body needs. It also helps the kidneys by reducing the load on them, when it flushes toxins outside of the body. Women need almost 12 cups a day, while men need almost 16 cups of water per day.

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What Is Diet Dr Pepper Made Of

Lets start by looking at what Diet Dr Pepper actually contains. There are a few different versions, including Diet Cherry Vanilla and Diet Caffeine Free. But most of the ingredients are the same.

So lets look at the standard Diet Dr Pepper, as of November 2021:

Diet Dr Pepper Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Caramel Color, Aspartame, Phosphoric Acid, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Sodium Benzoate , Caffeine.

Here are my takeaway points on Diet Dr Peppers ingredients:

  • Diet Dr Pepper contains aspartame. This may be the artificial sweetener with the worst reputation of all. Personally, I mostly avoid it because of the research suggesting a connection to depression. But there are also possible links to cancer, heart disease, and more. Well cover aspartame in more depth below.
  • Diet Dr Pepper contains caramel color. This coloring ingredient can potentially contain a carcinogen called 4-MeI. In a Consumer Reports study, many sodas with caramel color tested at surprisingly high levels for 4-MeI.
  • Diet Dr Pepper has sodium benzoate. This food preservative is a bit controversial because it can potentially turn into benzene, which is a carcinogen. That said, its unclear how likely this is in Diet Dr Pepper. This ingredient is actually used to make fireworks, tooits part of what makes the whistling sound. Read more on sodium benzoate below.

Do They Still Make Cherry Dr Pepper

We’re judging DIET DR. PEPPER vs DR PEPPER ZERO SUGAR! #shorts

Cherry Dr Pepper is a delicious soft drink that has been around for many years. This drink is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth and are looking for a refreshing beverage. The combination of cherries and Dr Pepper makes for a unique and delicious flavor that is sure to please anyone who tries it.

This drink is perfect for any occasion, whether you are looking for something to quench your thirst on a hot summer day or you are looking for a tasty treat to enjoy with your friends. Cherry Dr Pepper is a versatile drink that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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Diet Dr Pepper Vs Regular Dr Pepper Vs Zero Sugar

The difference between the diet Dr. Pepper and regular Dr. Pepper is that the diet option has no calories or sugar whereas regular Dr. Pepper has about 12.5 calories and 3.2 grams of sugar per fluid ounce.

For instance, a 12oz can of diet Dr. Pepper has no sugar or calories whereas a 12oz bottle of regular Dr. Pepper packs 39 grams of sugar and 150 calories.

To visualize the effect of the calories, you would have to run for around 10 minutes at a speed of 8 miles an hour or jog for about 19 minutes to burn 150 calories.

The sugar and calories in regular Dr. Pepper are from fructose-rich corn syrup.

Both diet Dr. Pepper and zero sugar Dr. Pepper have a similar caffeine content and no sugar or calories. However, zero sugar Dr. Pepper has a more alluring taste than the diet option as the former uses both aspartame and acesulfame potassium as a sweetening agent. The Zero Dr. Pepper uses aspartame only.

Is Diet Dr Pepper Healthy 9 Things You Should Know

Youve probably heard at least once that diet sodas are even worse than regular. But sometimes, those kinds of headlines can be sensational and over-generalized. Today, lets look specifically at one diet soda, Diet Dr Pepper, and try to determine: Is it healthy?

Diet Dr Pepper contains the artificial sweetener aspartame, which studies have linked to increased risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity, and other issues. It also has caramel color and sodium benzoate, which have both been linked to potential carcinogens, and phosphoric acid, which may contribute to osteoporosis and tooth decay.

Below, Ill dig into all these ingredients in Diet Dr Pepper and the research on whether theyre healthy. Ill discuss whether Diet Dr Pepper is a good choice for weight loss, whether it raises blood-sugar levels, and more!

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How Much Caffeine Is In Dr Pepper

Diet Dr. Pepper has about 44.1mg of caffeine per 12 fl oz as compared to 42.6mg of caffeine per 12 fl oz of regular Dr. Pepper, as reported in a 2007 Study.

Dr. Pepper is available in different sizes and here is the average caffeine content per size.

  • 25mg of caffeine in a 7.5 fl oz bottle
  • 42mg of caffeine in a 12 fl oz bottle
  • 68mg of caffeine in a 20 fl oz bottle

For perspective, here is a chart that compares the caffeine in Dr. Pepper to the caffeine in coffee and tea.

Caffeine in 7.5oz

Dr Pepper Zero Sugar Vs Diet Dr Pepper: Is There A Difference

Dr Pepper Diet vs Dr Pepper zero

I always like a challenge, so when new soft drinks come out, I like to see if I can tell the difference between them and their alternative. Dr. Pepper essentially issued a challenge recently when it released Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar as an alternative to Diet Dr. Pepper.

The diet version has been around in various iterations since the early 1960s, but since 1991 the company has promised that it tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper. And Id agree that theyre right. More than any other diet soda , Diet Dr. Pepper has successfully mimicked the flavor of its sugar-sweetened version. The biggest difference has been the mouth-feel. Its close to impossible to duplicate the feeling that sugar creates in the mouth without using sugar or a similar sweetener.

Enter Dr. Pepper Zero. Now the company promises that its newest diet version is even closer to the flavor of original Dr. Pepper. Or do they? The slogan is The Zero you deserve is finally here. No promises other than its zero sugar.

Ive looked throughout the Internet for reviews and all I find is straightforward taste-tests. Every one of them tests the flavors knowing which version theyre tasting except for one. In that one, they blind taste test Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar against actual Dr. Pepper. Seriously? Remember the mouth-feel issue? Clearly the taster knew exactly which drink was which.

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