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Diet Drinks With Stevia Only

Is Diet Soda Bad For Weight Loss

Is Stevia A Safe Zero Calorie Sweetener? | CNBC

On todays episode of Live Lean TV, Im comparing diet soda vs regular soda vs stevia soda, and answering the question, is diet soda bad for weight loss?

Yes, you read it right, Im comparing different types of sodas.

Well this proves it.

If you ask me to cover a certain topic on Food Wars, Im going to deliver.

This was a request from a Live Lean TV viewer who wanted to know if they should be drinking diet soda or regular soda to lose weight.

Poland Spring Sparkling Water Lemon Lime

Letting go of your go-to Sprite might be easier than you thought with these colorful Poland Spring Sparklers cans. Not only are they zero-calorie drinks with yummy flavors like pomegranate lemonade and acai blueberry, but they’ll make that hissing sound you know and love when you crack them open, which might help you forget it’s not the sugary stuff you’re used to. In fact, these are far from it with a nutrition panel that boasts a bunch of zeros and an ingredients list that lacks both added sugars and sweeteners.

Poppi Healthy Sparkling Prebiotic Soda

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Youve likely heard about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, but if youve ever tried to take a shot of it, you know that it, uh, doesnt taste that great. You can get the purported health benefits of ACV with Poppi Healthy Sparkling Prebiotic Soda, thoughand it tastes delicious.

This is another kind of better-for-you soda packed with prebiotics for a healthier gut. Each can contains about one tablespoon of pure, unfiltered ACV , but you cant taste it at all. So, you get the full benefits without that nasty flavor! Orange soda lovers should definitely try the orange Poppi flavor, although theyre all goodsweet but not too sweet, and with a natural taste.

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Tips For Making Powdered Lemonade With Stevia

Just a few things you might want to have on-hand are a good citrus reamer and a glass beverage dispenser. That way, youll always have an ice-cold glass of lemonade when you want one.

You can also add a few mint leaves to your lemonade. This year, we added spearmint to our garden so I will have it fresh when I want it.

What Can Stevia Simple Syrup Be Used In Place Of

Buy Zevia

I mostly use Stevia Simple Syrup in recipes that are calling for plain old syrup. Generally cocktails and mocktails. Or any drinks that are adding maple syrup, sugar, or agave. With a stevia simple syrup on hand, it’s easy to add just a splash to get the sweetness you’re looking for.

Most of these drinks seem to call for a simple syrup, and that just doesn’t jive with me. Especially because I already have calories from the liquor. And then there are the calories from whatever I’m mixing it with. The last thing I need is more calories from any added sugar.

So let’s just eliminate that and make a stevia simple syrup instead of sugar. And they don’t call it simple for nothin.’

Seriously, two ingredients. Five minutes.


  • ¼cupstevia

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Diet Dr Pepper Cherry

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Caramel Color, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Aspartame, Sodium Benzoate , Citric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Caffeine, Malic Acid, Sodium Phosphate, Red 40

The cherry version of Diet Dr. Pepper is worse than the original because of the artificial color Red 40, which Canadian researchers found to be contaminated with known carcinogens.

How Do You Make Stevia Simple Syrup

First of all, you only need two simple ingredients.

Powdered stevia

It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

As for the procedure, it’s equally as simple:

  • Bring water to a boil in a small saucepan. Add powdered stevia and let simmer until stevia has completely dissolved.
  • Once stevia has dissolved, remove from heat and let cool to room temperature. Once cool, place in a jar and store in the refrigerator to use in drinks and other recipes that call for simple syrup.
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    Do I Have To Use Stevia


    If youre not worried about staying low-carb/keto, raw honey is your best sweetener choice.

    If you still want to stay low-carb/keto, but cant use stevia due to preference, intolerance, or ragweed allergy, you can use another keto-friendly sweetener.

    Unfortunately, my own blend Dietz Sweet is out because it does contain stevia.

    Lakanto is a keto/low-carb sweetener made from erythritol and monkfruit no stevia! Its best to dissolve this sweetener in the just-boiled water, as it will stay granulated if you only mix it into your Arnold Palmer after its made.

    The Evolution Of Life At Coca

    The Problem with Stevia

    Coca-Cola Life was launched in Argentina and Chile in 2013, a drink sweetened with sugar and stevia and offering a beverage with fewer calories than classic Coca-Cola.

    The drink was then rolled out to a number of other markets from 2014 onwards, including the US, UK, Australia and UAE.

    Last year both the UK and Australia changed the recipe of Coca-Cola Life to reduce calories even further – going from a calorie reduction of 30% to around 45% . In Australia, the beverage was renamed as ‘Coca-Cola with Stevia’, in order to make the main feature of the product clearer to consumers.

    However, this year Coca-Cola announced that the brand would be withdrawn from the UK market, saying it would instead focus on sugar-free sales to simplify choice for consumers.

    Coca-Cola Stevia No Sugar will be launched in the first half of 2018, although Coca-Cola has not yet revealed the launch market for this product .

    There are other Coca-Cola beverages – such as Sprite in the UK – which also use a blend of stevia and sugar.

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    The Diet Soda Vs Regular Soda Weight Loss Study

    I also read a study that tested people who drank diet soda versus people who drank regular soda for three years.

    The study concluded that the people who drank diet soda actually gained more body fat.

    Is that possible?

    How does a person who drinks a zero calorie soda gain more fat versus a person who drinks a regular soda that contains 150 calories and over 40 grams of sugar?

    Michelob Ultra And Other Light Beers

    Michelob Ultra, with only 2.6 g carb per bottle, and some other light beers are an okay choice for drinking alcohol when on a keto diet. Be sure to always check the number of carbs per drink as they can and will vary by brand. Darker beers have far more carbs and are not recommended when on a keto diet.

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    How To Make Lemonade With Stevia

    One of my favorite drinks in the summer is lemonade but I dont want to drink anything thats loaded with high fructose corn syrup, sugar, or artificial sweeteners. Since I didnt want to give up my lemonade, I learned how to make lemonade with Stevia packets.

    Stevia is an all-natural sweetener that works great in lemonade. It comes from the Stevia rebaudiana plant that originated in South America. The purified extract from the leaves has 200 times the sweetness of sugar and doesnt raise your blood sugar level.

    Best of all, there are absolutely NO calories in it. The plant doesnt grow in Vermont as its a tropical plant, and I have had no luck whatsoever in trying to grow one.

    I just buy the powdered Stevia from the grocery store and use that. You can also purchase it in liquid form if you prefer.

    Splenda And Weight Loss

    Buy Zevia

    Sometimes, people choose a drink like Diet Pepsi with Splenda to avoid the calories that come with the sugar-sweetened version. A can of regular soda contains about 150 calories soft drinks sweetened with Splenda have 0 calories.

    But research shows that if you’re looking to lose weight, low-calorie sweeteners don’t really seem to have an impact. A September 2014 meta-analysis published in the âAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutritionâ showed that observational studies indicated no association between low-calorie sweetener intake and body weight or composition. But, randomized controlled trials show that a potential modest weight loss can result from using low-calorie sweeteners such as Splenda.

    Overall, Splenda may help you stick to a low-calorie weight-loss plan, but shouldn’t be considered your sole strategy. Weight loss occurs when you eat fewer calories than you burn, so eat a healthy diet and get plenty of physical activity.

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    Which Is A Better Choice

    There are very few differences between Diet Coke and Coke Zero. As such, there is no concrete, measurable reason to suggest that one is superior to the other.

    Nutritionally, there are no significant differences. Their ingredient and caffeine contents are similar as well, so neither is healthier than the other.

    Remember that diet soda is not considered a healthy drink. Its a fun treat that can be consumed in moderation and switching from original sodas to diet ones is a great starting place if youre trying to cut back on added sugars.

    Whichever you choose will depend largely on which tastes better to you. Coke Zero has been said to taste more like regular Coke, but some people feel differently and even prefer Diet Coke over regular Coke.


    The best choice will depend on your taste preferences. There are no significant differences nutritionally between Coke Zero and Diet Coke.

    With the conflicting evidence surrounding artificial sweeteners, you may be wondering how you can get your fizzy fix while limiting your artificial sweetener intake.

    Here are some ideas you can try:


    There are many alternatives to diet or zero sugar sodas. Kombucha, sparkling water, and sodas sweetened with plant-based alternative sweeteners are all similar in flavor without containing artificial sugars.

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    Is Coke Stevia Still Available

    Coke with stevia was distributed worldwide until it slowly started losing sales and has now been discontinued and removed from The Coca-Cola Companys product portfolio.

    The product was test-launched amidst a shift in consumer behavior away from the regular consumption of sugary drinks, and soda companies began to see their product sales drop. In this regard, The Coca-Cola Company decided to release Coke with stevia to gain the interests of those consumers.

    Those involved in product development for the company were concerned with how the drink would taste because stevia-sweetened beverages tend to have a bitter aftertaste. However, they solved this problem by making use of Reb M glycoside, a sugar found in low concentrations in the stevia plant, to develop the sweetener used in Coke with stevia. The refined version of this steviol glycoside retains the intense sweetness of stevia extract without giving consumers that unpleasant aftertaste.

    Our team and our partners have spent almost ten years working with stevia, a sugar alternative from a natural source the stevia plant. It was not as simple as finding a sweetener and swapping that out for sugar. It had to have a taste that people will love. Coca-Cola Stevia No Sugar is the result of thousands of hours working with the stevia plant to get the best from it, said George Droumev, Technical Director of Coca-Cola South Pacific, in a statement about their 2018 launch.

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    Add Some Flavor To Your Weight Loss Plan

    Everyone knows that losing weight means making changes in the way we eat and our level of activity. Eating less + moving more = losing weight. But we also need to hydrate. Many times, calories from beverages seem to escape our attention. A glass of wine here, a soda there, and a sweet tea for good measure we consume calories mindlessly. Before you know it, youve drunk way more calories than intended and in turn have blown through your allotment for the day.

    So, what kind of beverage choices can you make that taste great and allow you to stay on track? Well, water of course! Its the obvious choice, right? But lets be honest for some, water can be a bit boring. And when you are on a weight loss plan, getting bored with choices can lead you to a rut. Strictly sticking with water may be hard to sustain, making weight loss even more difficult.

    The secret to long term success in weight management is the ability to marry a healthy diet with your favorite personal food preferences. Luckily we have products available, like stevia, that can help you find or create beverages that you enjoy while cutting calories.

    Here are some suggestions for using stevia to naturally sweeten your beverages.

    Stevia Diet Drinks Coming To Market

    PepsiCo and Coca-Cola Announce New Drinks Sweetened With Stevia Products PureVia or Truvia

    Dec. 18, 2008 — Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are set to launch the first diet drinks sweetened with stevia that have the FDA’s blessing — or at least, its lack of objections.

    Stevia is a shrub native to South America. Until recently, the FDA only allowed sweeteners made from stevia to be sold as dietary supplements, and not as food additives.

    But now, the FDA has indicated that it has no objection to two stevia products — Truvia and PureVia — being used as food additives. Truvia and PureVia are already being sold as tabletop sweeteners.

    Truvia was created by Coca-Cola and Cargill. Coca-Cola’s first Truvia-sweetened drink is Sprite Green, a reduced-calorie soft drink that will debut in two U.S. cities this month and become more widely available in 2009, according to a Coca-Cola news release that doesn’t name the two cities where Sprite Green will debut.

    In the news release, Coca-Cola says it plans “many” other Truvia-sweetened beverages in the future, including low-calorie and zero-calorie drinks.

    PureVia comes from PepsiCo and Whole Earth Sweetener Company. PepsiCo’s first products containing PureVia will be zero-calorie SoBe Lifewater in three flavors , and a new orange juice drink called Trop50, which will contain 50% less sugar and calories than regular orange juice.

    Show Sources

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    A Breakdown Of Sugar Substitutes

    Zero- or low-calorie sugar alternatives are often hundreds to thousands of times sweeter than ordinary sugar, but they dont raise your blood sugar levels. Common sugar substitutes, including sucralose, aspartame, and acesulfame K, are often called artificial sweeteners since theyre made from synthetic ingredients. Meanwhile, others, such as stevia, monk fruit extract, and allulose are naturally derived.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers all of these sweeteners safe when consumed in acceptable amounts. The exception is for those with a rare genetic condition called phenylketonuria aspartame is unsafe for people with this disorder. In determining safety, the FDA reviews data on outcomes such as reproductive health, cancer risk, and potential toxic effects to your nervous system. So, while these additives are considered safe from this point of view, questions remain about whether they raise the risk of other problems and whether theyre helpful.

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    Who Should Consider A Sugar Substitute

    Naturally sweeten soda: what is that anyway?

    The reality is that most Americans consume too much added sugar, and sodas and other sugary drinks are the leading sources of added sugars in our diets. There are very clear connections between an excessively sugary diet and health problems, including heart disease, so it makes sense to take steps to reduce your added sugar intake.

    Alternative sweeteners and zero-sugar sweetened drinks can be part of your plan to reduce added sugars, but dont get carried away. Just because something has no calories or sugar doesnt make it healthy or even beneficial in the long run. Theres a chance these substances could be causing metabolic changes that increase rather than decrease your risk of obesity and serious diseases.

    As part of your sugar step-down plan, try making healthy swaps, like choosing an unsweetened whole grain cereal instead of a sugary one. If a swap is too extreme, you can try mixing an unsweetened food with a sweetened one until your taste buds adapt, and then reduce the amount of the sweetened version you use until youre using little to none.

    If youre drinking sugar-sweetened drinks, its OK to have a diet or zero-sugar alternative instead, but you may want to cut back on these eventually. Ultimately, try to reduce your reliance on sugar substitutes and added sugar.


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