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Diet Plan For Weight Gain

/10diet Is Not Enough You Need To Make Other Lifestyle Changes Too

Weight Gain Diet For Beginners | Full Day Diet Plan | Yatinder Singh

Following the diet solely would not ensure weight gain. It is extremely important to make changes in your lifestyle.

Here are some tips on how to create a diet plan for weight gain.

1. Eat more calories and nutrient dense food: In order to gain weight, you need to consume more calories than you burn. A high-calorie diet will help you gain weight. Nutrient dense foods are packed with nutrients and calories. These foods will help you gain weight in a healthy way. Make sure to include plenty of nutrient dense foods in your diet such as dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, and beans along with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein sources. And eat frequently. To gain weight, you need to eat more frequently than someone who is trying to lose weight. You should aim to eat every 3-4 hours.

2. Avoid processed foods: Processed foods are high in calories but low in nutrients. These foods will not help you gain weight in a healthy way. Avoid processed foods such as chips, candy, and baked goods.

3. Drink plenty of water: Drinking plenty of water is important for your overall health, but it can also help you gain weight. When you drink water, your body retains more fluid, which can lead to weight gain.

4. Get enough sleep: Getting enough sleep is important for your overall health and can also help you gain weight. When you sleep, your body releases hormones that help promote growth and repair.

Day Meal Plan For Weight Gain

A weight gain diet plan includes various meals. Its necessary to focus on protein intake if you are on a weight gain journey. One should have the meal, 20gm of protein in breakfast, 10 gm of protein in mid-meal, 25-28 gm of protein in lunch, 4gm of protein before a workout, and 10-15/20 gm protein in dinner. So, here we have framed an example of a diet plan for weight gain.

3 whole eggs with any veggies

With side dishes like mixed or plain curd/salted lassi/jaun sattu/whey

  • PreWorkout Meal

Half mashed potato/half banana in curd

  • Dinner/Post-Workout

Sauteed veggies with the same sabzi as had in lunch.

Weight Gain Foods To Include In Your Diet Plan

  • Carbonated drinks

A typical diet plan for weight gain recommends at least three big meals in a day with large portions. However, if you do not like eating at once, you can divide your diet plan for weight gain into five to six smaller meals.

There is no restriction in diet plans for weight gain. However, according to nutritionists, it is better to include healthy whole foods over processed and sugary foods in your weight gain diet.

Apart from a good diet plan for weight gain, other factors like exercise, sleep, active lifestyle., also play a significant role in shaping your body. Therefore, choose a diet plan that suits your body and fits your lifestyle. Remember, gaining or losing weight is a journey and requires constant motivation. So keep yourself motivated, eat healthily, exercise regularly, and live stress-free.

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Healthy Diet Plan For Weight Gain

Following is a sample diet plan that you can follow to gain weight healthily. You can alter the program according to your food choices, age, sex, level of physical activity, and calorie requirements.

See an example of a 3000 calories diet plan for weight gain based on Indian meal preferences.

  • Early Morning 1 glass of milk with two boiled eggs or bananas and 10 grams or 6-7 pieces of soaked almonds.
  • Breakfast 2 vegetable or paneer stuffed parathas with 1 cup of curd. You can also have two masala dosa with sambhar and chutney, two moong dal chillas with paneer stuffing, or two eggs omelette with two slices of toasted whole wheat or multigrain bread.
  • Mid-Morning 3-4 pieces of groundnut or Sesame seed Chikki or dry fruit Chikki. A handful of roasted almonds with one glass of curd lassi.
  • Lunch 1 cup sprout salad or one bowl of chicken soup. 2 medium chapattis with 2 cups of vegetable of your choice, chicken breast or fish, yoghurt, 1 cup dal, and 1 cup rice.
  • Evening 1 cup tea or coffee with full-fat milk, 2-3 wholewheat or Sesame biscuits or Nachni Chilla, Poha with peanuts, potato and peas or makhanas roasted with ghee.
  • MidEvening 3-4 pieces of groundnut or dry fruit Chikki with a handful of roasted almonds.
  • Dinner 1 bowl of chicken or mixed vegetable soup. 2 medium chapatis with 2 cups of vegetables, chicken breast/fish fillet/ tofu or paneer, 1 cup dal, 1 cup rice, and mixed salad.

Best Vegetarian Diet For Gaining Weight

Diet Plan To Gain Weight While Working Out

They say, I wish I could be as lucky as you, no matter what or how much you eat you dont have to be anxious about gaining weight. But, deep inside of your heart only you know how intense your desire of gaining weight is. And, being a vegetarian makes your weight gain aim even harder. Fret not! We got you covered with an effective vegetarian diet for gaining weight.

Isnt it surprising? Where some people constantly strive to lose weight, do exercise, and skip their favorite food. On the other hand, some folks do nothing to get unsolicited skinny bodies.

This is the game of different metabolic rates, calories a person needs per day, and functions of the digestive system. If you intake more calories than your bodys calories burning capacity you will eventually gain weight.

Therefore, we have compiled the best weight gain diet plan for both females & males to help you attain a healthy weight. So, scroll down to discover delicious healthy food for weight gain.

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Weight Gain Diet Plan

Although it may appear that gaining weight and mass is simple, the reality is different gaining mass is equally difficult as losing weight or burning fat. When discussing weight gain, the first thing that comes to mind is eating, which is not the entire nor the genuine picture. It would help if you had a weight gain diet plan, which were talking about here.

A healthy and well-structured eating plan is one of the essential factors to healthy weight growth. A weight gain diet plan is not something that can be thrown together quickly. Consulting a trained nutritionist or dietitian is the best way to do this. An appropriate Indian weight gain meal plan for both males and females may be beneficial, especially in the case of Indian cuisine.

For those underweight and working hard to increase muscle mass, we have the best diet plan for weight gain.

How Can A Boy Gain Weight Fast

Before jumping on any kind of weight gain plan, you need to consult with the HK dietitian. Here are some common things you should include in your weight gain diet plan for men.

  • Eating more than sufficient calories than you burn in a day.
  • Include natural calorie dense foods in your diet.
  • Lift heavy weights
  • Take foods with high fats and carbohydrates.
  • Have a liquid calorie rich diet.

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Best Vegetarian Diet For Gaining Weight Ideas

Not optimal calories, but we want you to be as fit as fiddle, and as quick as a cat. And, for this reason, we have put together the best nutritious food for gaining healthy weight, boosting energy, and improving your immunity.

If youre thrilled, get ahead to learn how to gain weight fast with delicious healthy foods.

Figure Out Your Calorie Intake

Low Budget Diet Plan for Weight Gain | Yatinder Singh

After determining the cause of being underweight, the second step is to figure out how many calories you should consume in one day to gain weight. This method will allow for an organized approach to weight gain and will certainly yield favorable results. To gain pounds, first of all, calculate your RMR and add approximately 3500 calories to it to determine your daily calorie intake. After this go to the next step of calculating your BMR, which takes into account the amount of calories one will burn during exercise and give the person a final number of necessary calorie intake per day.

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Continental Diet Plan For Weight Gain

A sample diet plan if you are looking at other options. Just try to include calorie and protein-rich food in all your meals.

  • Breakfast 2 toasted whole-grain pieces of bread with 2 tbsp of peanut butter and 2 boiled eggs. One glass of hot chocolate with good quality cocoa or milk and one fruit of your choice.
  • Lunch Chicken breast or grilled Fish Fillet with Wholewheat pasta or 1 cup of brown rice and legumes. One cup of green leafy vegetable, tomato, and cheese.
  • Evening Snack Tea/coffee with whole wheat scones or muffins and OR a fistful of mixed nuts.
  • Dinner Lambchop or fish fillet or tofu shallow fried in olive oil. Sweet potato mash or cauliflower mash with milk and 2 cups of vegetables.
  • Dessert full-fat cream with fruits and nuts, yoghurt, pancakes with maple syrup or honey.

How To Gain Weight As A Vegan

The best way to gain weight as a vegan is to eat more calories.

All foods contain calories. Macronutrients including carbohydrates, protein, and fat all have different amounts of calories per volume.

Calories in Macronutrients:

  • Carbohydrates- 4 calories per gram
  • Protein- 4 calories per gram
  • Fat- 9 calories per gram

Foods high in fat have the most calories per volume of food. Many of our top high calorie vegan foods are high in heart healthy fats!

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Weight Gain Recommendations For Women

  • You can consume peanut butter with whole-grain bread.
  • 1 cup of yogurt is 118 calories. A bowl of yogurt can accompany your meals during the day. Yogurt will be a good choice for your daily weight gain program meals.
  • You should drink plenty of fluids. Glasses of fresh fruit juice and drinking water should be consumed every day.
  • Eat healthy fats. You can choose egg yolk, fatty meats and coconut oil. Fats such as protein will also help you when you want to implement the best weight gain program.
  • If you drink alcohol, you should take a break for a while. You can gain weight more healthily by avoiding caffeine.
  • It shouldnt be the day you dont consume tuna, butter, cheese, banana and peanut butter.
  • You should include adequate amounts of protein and carbohydrates in your meals. Protein plays an important role in the fastest weight gain program.

Factor In Your Activity Level

Food Diet Plan For Gaining Weight

Depending on how much you exercise, you’ll want to take your resting metabolic rate and multiply it by the following numbers to get a more accurate estimate of how many calories you burn on a daily basis.

  • Lightly active : x 1.2
  • Moderately active : x 1.4
  • Very active : x 1.6
  • Extra active : x 1.8
  • Super active : x 1.9

For example:

1,800 calories/day x 1.2 = 2,160 calories/day

This is how many calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight if your activity level stays the same.

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How To Prevent Winter Weight Gain

There are various ways through which we can prevent or lower the weight gain we might experience in the winter season. Here are some of the tips to help you:

  • Keep an eye on your portion. Even If you are indulging in sugary, fatty holiday foods, make sure you are only consuming an adequate portion and not overeating.
  • Find a workout companion. Having a workout buddy helps you stay motivated about following a workout routine.
  • You can try working out during the early evening if you can make out time. The early evening may be more pleasant due to the sunny afternoons.
  • Make sure to add salads to each of your meals to make sure you are consuming healthy fat-burning calories with each meal.
  • Wear warm and body-covering gear in winter to avoid being cold.
  • Try working out at home if it’s too cold outside.

Healthy Weight Gain Diet Chart

You need to look over the foods you are eating and plan out meals. This way calorie intake can be determined and the quality of food can be visible. Below is the one-month diet plan to gain weight. The quantity of food has not been mentioned because it would be different for every person, remember to be generous in that respective according to individual needs. There is also a leverage for some people to add another snack time or late night snack or even pre-breakfast meal.

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Why You Are Underweight

Well, being underweight is equally unhealthy as being obese. However, you can be underweight because of the following possible reasons. A few possible and important reasons for being underweight can be as follows.

  • Usually, people with a high metabolism rate remain lean and fail to gain weight.
  • If genetically you have a lean body then it will affect your weight as genes play an important role in your body structure.
  • People having eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa also tends to remain underweight.
  • If you are going through medical conditions like infections, diabetes, cancers, etc. then also your weight will be less.
  • Also, mental health plays an important role. Mentally if you are not healthy, which means if you have depression, anxiety, or stress, this also leads to the loss of appetite leading to weight loss.

Complications Of Being Underweight

  • Being underweight can lead to nutritional deficiencies like calcium deficiency, iron deficiency , iodine deficiency, and vitamin D deficiency which can further result in chronic diseases.
  • Not only one being ty but being underweight also can lead to fertility issues in women. They can have complications during conceiving, pregnancy, and delivery and can also have miscarriages.
  • Because you are underweight, you will, however, have a low immune system which will further increase the risk of infections like cold and flu.

Foods To Avoid When Gaining Weight

Full day Diet Plan to GAIN WEIGHT for Beginners (Men & Women)

Although eating a large pizza, sides and a drink, could set you back 3000 calories in one fatal swoop, your body is not getting all the nutrients it needs to thrive.

While theres nothing wrong with indulging your cravings when they hit, it shouldnt become a daily habit as your body may struggle to function at its best.

Here are some of the other foods that will help you eat more calories, but should be avoided if you want to gain weight in a healthy way:

  • Fast food: burgers, kebabs, chips, takeaway Chinese and Indian foods, etc.
  • Fried foods: chips, chicken nuggets, onion rings, doughnuts, mozzarella sticks, etc.
  • Sugary foods: sweets, milk chocolate, ice cream, cakes, puddings, etc.
  • Soft drinks: fizzy drinks, sugary lattes / coffees, energy drinks, fruit juices, etc.
  • Unhealthy carbs: crisps, garlic bread, pastries, sugary cereals, biscuits, etc.

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Consume A Protein Source With Every Meal


Your muscles are made of proteins. To gain weight and build lean muscle mass, you must include a protein source in every meal you consume. Aim to take 1.5-2 gm of protein for every kg of body weight.

Chicken breast, ground turkey, tofu, legumes and beans, nuts and seeds, fish, eggs, milk, and yogurt should be your go-to choices of protein.

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Its not about losing weight always. Everyone in this world wants to look fit and perfect according to their body type. Whether to get into shape, anyone wants to lose or gain weight, a proper diet is the only tool. Well, gaining weight is equally challenging as losing weight is. Following a proper diet plan to gain weight, might sound easy or few people might have this thinking-Oh, you just have to eat, it is so simple! But! It is not the way it seems. People in their weight gain journey also, need the same motivation, dedication, and consistency as people during their journey of weight loss.

This article is all about what you can do to gain weight. Lets read out.

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How Many Calories Do You Need To Gain Weight

This meal plan is set at 2,500 calories, with modifications for 2,000 and 3,000 calories. You’re probably familiar with 2,000 calories as a standard target for your daily eating. The FDA uses this round number for giving general advice about diet. For this reason, it’s also the number you’ll see on Nutrition Facts panels.

But 2,000 calories isn’t one-size-fits-all, especially when you’re trying to gain weight. Your current weight, height, age, gender and activity level all factor into the calories you need to put on pounds.

To find out your own caloric needs for weight gain, you’ll first need to get an idea of your resting metabolic rate . This is the amount of calories your body needs to support a sedentary lifestyle, not including exercise. Once you’ve established your RMR, you can factor in your activity level for a more accurate calculation of your needs.

Dried Fruits & Dry Fruits

Healthy Weight Gain Diet Meal Plan

Fruits are a must in everyones diet as they provide you with needful nutrients. However, many seasonal fruits are not available that should be included in the diet. In such a case, their dried versions are feasible. These have natural sugar which is good for weight gain without affecting health in a negative way. Consuming dried fruits and dry fruits daily is a good idea to gain some kilos healthily.

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