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Haylie Pomroy Fast Metabolism Diet

I Have Reached My Goal Now What

Haylie Pomroy’s Fast Metabolism Diet: Phase 2 Overview

First of all: congratulations!

If you have reached your goal, the next step would be to maintain it, and there is an extra maintenance phase or âPhase 4â designed to achieve that.

Phase 4 does not have a specific chart like the other phases, it is much more loose, and in fact the best you could do at this point is adapting this phase into your life. The most important thing is not going back to your bad habits and eating real food instead. In Phase 4, you should:

  • Eat any of the foods allowed freely, but following the food chart in Phase 3.
  • Avoid forbidden foods as much as possible, and leave them only for occasional consumption.
  • If you go to parties, dinners, weddings or anywhere you know there will be unhealthy food, do not worry: enjoy your meal and follow the advice you will find in Chapter 10 of the book.
  • Keep exercising regularly.

Easy, right?


  • Haylie says that if after finishing FMD you want to have a transition period you can still follow the phases, but adding oil in P1 and P2.
  • Tip: doing one week or one cycle of FMD from time to time over the year can be very useful to help our metabolism. Some people do 1 week every month following the phases , some others do a whole cycle every 3 months, and there are even people who do one cycle a year.

You can read this post by Haylie about maintenance if you are interested.

And now, the question you are probably asking yourselves: Am I ever going to be able to eat non-FMD foods again?

Guidelines For Vegetarian Vegan And Gluten

  • Phases 1 and 3 substitute legumes or phase-specific fish for meat in any recipe
  • Phase 2 eat eggs and fish. If you are unwilling to eat these, follow the guidelines for vegans, below
  • Phases 1 and 3 substitute legumes for meat in any recipe
  • Phase 2 for vegans, the no-soy rule can be broken. Replace any meat with any of the following : organic non-GMO tofu, organic non-GMO soy tempeh, organic non-GMO edamame. Cook the tofu without fat and grill or bake it yourself, rather than buying pre-baked tofu, which is more processed.
  • Your weight loss might slow down somewhat, but you can still eat low-carb for those two phase 2 days if you stick to these three options. But you should still avoid soy in phases 1 and 3
  • Avoid sprouted-grain bread and products containing spelt, barley, kamut, farro, durum, bulgur, rye, triticale, or semolina also conventional oatmeal
  • If a recipe contains a gluten grain, you can replace it with a gluten-free grain such as brown rice or quinoa. Other gluten-free grains include amaranth, buckwheat, millet, teff, and wild rice
  • What To Do If You Skip The Diet

    First you have to consider if you are in the first cycle , since it is the one that will repair your metabolism and therefore the most important one.

    • If you are in your first cycle: continue with FMD as usual, and on the next P1 day start counting the 28 days again.
    • If you are not in your first cycle: continue with FMD as usual.

    Whatever the mistake, my advice is always the same: do NOT leave the diet. Then, you can assess how serious was the slip:

    • You may eat a certain food in the wrong phase, for example, broccoli in P3. If that is the case, it is a very small mistake and you can continue the diet without worrying too much.
    • However, if the slip is eating at McDonaldâs, you can do a P2 day the next day since it will help you compensate the excess, and then go back to your diet as usual.

    In Chapter 10 in the book you will find very interesting advice on this subject, and I recommend that you read it carefully.

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    Chapter : Oops I Skipped The Diet

    We are human. It can happen that in times of distraction or weakness we simply skip the diet.

    If it happens to you, do not worry because there is a solution. But first of all, do not stress because stress makes you gain weight! Then you can evaluate the error.

    When you diet for a long time, there are several occasions when it becomes hard to follow: family meals where bringing your own food would look terrible, social events that require toasting with a glass of champagne, birthday cakes How are you going to give up all that?

    It is simply impossible.

    Actually, one of the main reasons why diets do not work is because they do not consider human psychology.

    A simple solution is to stop seeing FMD as a diet and consider it a change of your eating habits. Thus, going back to FMD after a day of excess will be much easier.

    The Fast Metabolism Diet Review: What How And Does It Work

    3 recipes from Jennifer Lopezs nutritionist Haylie Pomroy in 2020 ...

    The Fast Metabolism Diet is another fat losing diet with great claims. Haylie Pomroy, the creator of the Fast Metabolism diet, is a celebrity nutritionist and a wellness coach.

    The Fast Metabolism Diet is a plan that can help you lose up to 9 kg in 28 days. Just like theTom Brady Diet, these new diets work for some not because of the diet but the routine.

    These diets are based on selective science and are not sustainable. Either some are too expensive, or like this diet, it requires you to leave coffee. I mean can a car really run without fuel?

    This article will break down the Fast Metabolism Diet. How to do it, the foods you are allowed to eat and how the claims hold up against science.

    Jump To:

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    Can It Help You Lose Weight

    The Fast Metabolism Diet likely helps you lose weight for several reasons.

    First, it incorporates plenty of whole foods. This may increase your fiber intake, which may contribute to weight loss (


    The Fast Metabolism Diet may help you lose weight by boosting your fiber intake and cutting down on unnecessary calories. Its emphasis on whole foods also makes it richer in nutrients than other diets.

    The Fast Metabolism Diet has major drawbacks as well. Here are some of the most prominent.

    Rules Of The Fast Metabolism Diet

    This diet has three phases which are discussed below. Each phase has its own food and exercise recommendation. However, these rules would be the common rules that you are expected to follow regardless of the phase.

    You are instructed to eat five times a day with 3 to 4 hours of rest in between meals. Smaller portions are always a good thing for weight loss. And the best time to eat is 30 mins after walking. The main foods that compose your meals and exercises should be done according to the phase that you are in.

    The Fast Metabolism Diet also calls to drink half of your body weight of water in ounces daily. Also, like with most diets, there is a restriction on sugar, artificial sweeteners and processed food.

    Haylie Pomroy prohibits coffee, alcohol, soy, and wheat as well. There is an emphasis on eating organic and making sure your meat is nitrate-free.

    You also have to follow the phases in a timely manner, meaning you cant go with the flow. Now, the entire program should last for 4 weeks or 28 days. You should achieve your weight goal in these 28 days, if not, you have to do it again.

    However, if you do hit your weight goal, then you have to maintain it. You can keep the weight off by doing the Fast Metabolism Diet weekly every month or for 28 days every six months.

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    Chapter : The Secrets To Following The Diet

    Despite its name, I do not think of FMD as a diet. I see it and live it as a healthy lifestyle with some fundamental rules that must be respected.

    If you are following FMD, you should respect these rules, and once you reach your expected weight you can move on to maintenance, which is more flexible. You can read more about it in the maintenance section.

    You should also keep in mind that physical activity is essential in any diet but especially in FMD, because it will help you have a healthier metabolism. We will talk more about it below.

    The 3 Phases Of The Fast Metabolism Diet

    Haylie Pomroy’s Fast Metabolism Diet: Phase 1 Overview

    Each phase of this diet plan has its own focus and distinct food lists. According to Pomroy, the phases help your body recover from the previous phase and prepare for the next phase. The phases last for a week altogether, then repeat three times for four weeks in total:

    • Phase 1 is to “unwind stress and calm the adrenals.”
    • Phase 2 is to “unlock stored fat and build muscle.”
    • Phase 3 is to “unleash the burn,” and focuses on your hormones, heart, and “heat.”

    The idea, Pomroy says, is to provide your body with the variety it needs in order to obtain all your necessary nutrients. “You need complex carbohydrates, natural sugars, protein, fat, and even salt to maintain normal body chemistry,” she says, adding that you may need high levels of these elements, especially if you’ve been eating a poor diet for a long time.

    However, she says, you shouldn’t include everything you need at once, which is the idea behind the different phases. Shifting between the phases allows the systems and organs targeted in each phase to rest and restore in turn, she says.

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    Green Smoothie With Kiwi And Oatmeal

    Everyone loves green smoothies. Only the look of them transfers freshness and tells you that they are packed with vitamins and a lot of nutritious minerals.

    In colder seasons, in particular, green smoothies are like a punch of vitamins that help you resist cold and make your immune system stronger.

    In addition to all these benefits, green smoothies will not let you get hungry until your next mealtime.

    Try out this green smoothie with kiwi, spinach, and oatmeal as an amazing creamy breakfast or snack.

    Ingredients needed:

    How to make:

    Green kiwi smoothie is so easy to make! All you need to do is to pour all ingredients into the blender. Turn on the blender on a higher speed until the ingredients completely mesh together. The consistency should be smooth and buttery.

    Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 1

    The Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 1 is the time for letting go of stress and anxiety. This is the initial stage of teaching your body to not store fat.

    During the first two days of the seven-day cycle, you should incorporate a lot of carbohydrate-rich foods into your routine, as well as fruits that have a high-glycemic load.

    You can also implement some low-fat and moderate-protein foods, such as turkey, lean beef and lentils.

    Simply, you will eat three meals which are and two fruit snacks.

    For better results, it is recommended to do a workout. You can do cardio like running, the elliptical trainer or aerobic workouts.

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    I Want To Go To A Restaurant

    Many of your usual restaurants can be compatible with FMD if you know what to order. Although it may be hard to respect the portions, the key is to avoid any forbidden foods and have a clear sense of the phases and the food allowed.

    Haylie recommends seeing the menu and picking what you will eat before going to the restaurant, thus choosing the most appropriate meal at ease. Once in the restaurant, ask the waiter to make sure the food you have chosen does not contain forbidden ingredients, and if necessary, ask them to remove oil, sauces or any other seasoning from your dish. Some dishes come with a side of fries â ask for a salad or some vegetables instead. Always avoid bread baskets.

    Here are some examples of restaurants:


    You can eat at a steakhouse in every phase. Order a salad or grilled vegetables as a starter, and meat or fish as the main course. If it comes with a side of fries, ask for a green salad or some other vegetable instead.

    Japanese restaurant

    Despite what you may think, a high-quality Japanese restaurant is actually a very good option. You can order tuna sashimi and a green salad without seasoning in every phase. And for your sashimi, you can ask for tamari sauce or bring your own if you are not sure they have it in the restaurant.

    Vegetarian or vegan restaurants


    Chapter : Know What To Eat With The Masterfood

    Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy  How to increase metabolism ...

    Unlike other diet plans, FMD has plenty of food to choose from.

    This makes it a 100% customizable diet plan that does not force anybody to eat something they do not like.

    Besides, you may be unfamiliar with many of the foods in FMD and some of you will probably eat them for the first time, so you can take this chance to discover new things.

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    Fast Metabolism Diet: Benefits And Results

    The benefits of the Fast Metabolism Diet are so many that it is hard to believe that it is even a diet.

    • A wide variety of foods you can eat. The Fast Metabolism Diet has an extensive range of products you are allowed to eat during each phase. As a result, it is suitable for people who eat vegan, organic or gluten-free.
    • Less calorie counting. It has already been proven that calorie counting is not the way to go when you are trying to lose weight and be healthy.
    • Full meals and snacks. In many diet regimens, just the thought that you are restricted in your meals and snacks causes a lot of tension and anxiety.
    • Healthy weight loss. The Fast Metabolism Diet incorporates all the good food. Sticking up to this diet will help you eat more whole foods instead of processed products.
    • Vitamins and minerals. Because the Fast Metabolism Diet incorporates a lot of fruits and vegetables, protein and fats that are healthy for you, it is much richer in minerals and vitamins than many other diet plans.

    The best part about the Fast Metabolism Diet is that it comes with quick results. But its results are not limited to weight loss only. Here are the results you can expect to see after a cycle of this multi-phase diet:

    • Weight loss of 20 pounds in less than a month
    • Low cholesterol level

    Lifetime / Maintenance Diet

    If you still have weight to lose after 28 days on the diet, the author suggests repeating the 28-day cycle or do as many weeks as it takes to reach the weight you want to be. Even if you are just a few pounds away from your ideal weight, even fewer than 5 pounds away, keep going until you reach it. Some people do the 28 days every quarter, or once or twice a year, to keep their metabolism trained. Once youve reached your healthy weight, follow these rules:

    • Carry on avoiding fake foods. If you dont know what every ingredient on a food is, put it down. In particular, watch out for fake sugars and fake fats they are huge metabolism killers and not real food. Also avoid enriched breads and pastas
    • Keep avoiding caffeine, gluten, corn, soy, sugar, alcohol, and processed foods most of the time only have an occasional splurge on special occasions
    • Stay organic, especially with dairy, chicken, eggs, and beef
    • Always eat within 30 minutes of waking
    • Always eat at least 30 minutes before exercising
    • Continue to eat 3 meals, 2 snacks a day
    • If you have treats, make them yourself
    • Plan your weeks meals and snacks ahead of time
    • Keep cooking and freezing food, and always have a stash of snacks
    • Continue drinking half your body weight in fluid ounces every day

    If youre going to splurge:

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    Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 3 Food List Unleash The Burn Hormones Heart And Heat

    This is the high healthy-fat, moderate-carbohydrate, moderate-protein, low-glycemic fruit phase. High in healthy fats, higher-fat proteins in moderate amounts, lower-glycemic fruits, lower-glycemic vegetables, moderate amounts of unrefined carbohydrates, thyroid-stimulating foods, foods rich in inositol and choline

    Portion sizes | What to eat | Foods to avoid

    Portion sizes in The Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 3

    These are the portion sizes for losing 20 pounds or less :

    • Vegetables unlimited phase-appropriate veggies
    • Protein 4 ounces of meat , 6 ounces of fish , ½ cup cooked legumes, or 1 whole egg
    • Grains ½ cup cooked grains or ½ ounce of crackers or pretzels, 1 slice sprouted grain bread, ½ sprouted grain bagel, 1 sprouted grain tortilla, ½ cup cooked oats
    • Fruit 1 piece or 1 cup of phase-appropriate fruit
    • Fat ½ avocado, ¼ cup raw nuts, 1/3 cup hummus or guacamole, 2 tablespoons raw nut or seed butter, 3 tablespoons oils, 2-4 tablespoons salad dressing
    • Smoothies 1 x 12-ounce glass
    • These portions are per meal , not for the whole day

    If you want to lose 21-40 pounds:

    If you want to lose more than 40 pounds:

    • Vegetables double the suggested portion, unlimited if you want to eat more
    • All other foods same as to lose 21-40 pounds

    Foods to eat in The Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 3

  • Choose organic where possible
  • Vegetables and salad greens
  • Fresh, canned, or frozen
  • Fresh or frozen
  • Coconut, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut water
  • Poultry: chicken , game , turkey
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