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How To Begin Keto Diet

Are There Different Types Of Keto Plans

How to Start a Keto Diet

For purposes of this guide, when referring to the keto diet, reference is made to the Standard Ketogenic Diet which has been extensively studied and proven to be beneficial for fat-loss and overall improvement of health.

There are, however, other types of keto diet plans worth briefly mentioning. You may come across them in your research and wish to understand which of these plans is best for you.

  • The Standard Keto Diet is what most individuals follow. It consists of a macronutrient breakdown of 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs.
  • The High Protein Keto Diet is practically the same as the SKD although it has a higher percentage of protein intake. The breakdown consists of 60% fat, 35% protein and 5% carbs.
  • The Cyclical Keto Diet involves periods where carb intake is increased . These refeeds take place over a planned eating cycle. For example, it may involve 5 days of the SKD followed by 2 days of consuming a higher amount of carbohydrates. This plan is typically used by those extremely active with certain physical performance goals such as bodybuilders and athletes.
  • The Targeted Keto Diet involves the addition of carbs around scheduled exercise and training. Like the CKD, its primarily used by athletes.

How Do I Use Dischem Keto Gummies

To use Keto Gummies, pop them in your mouth and let them dissolve. You can also eat them as is or add them to your favorite beverage to boost energy and fat loss. They are keto-friendly, so they will help you achieve your weight loss goals while being low in carbs. Take Dischem Keto Gummies before meals to help you stick to your keto diet.

Do I Need To Track My Macros For This Keto Diet Plan To Work

In a word, no. Not on this plan anyway because Ive done all the tracking for you.

This 3 day ketogenic meal plan is Low Carbohydrate / Moderate Protein / High Fat in order to get you into ketosis quickly. You can fine tune and track macros once youve gotten the hang of it or continue with my 12 weeks of free keto meal plans which, like this one, have done all the counting and tracking for you it couldnt be easier.

To find out how much fat/protein you should be getting for your body, try this handy keto calculator.

If youre going to do this thing you have to commit to eating fat throw your old ideas about fat = bad out the window and embrace it.

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How Does It Work

The premise of the keto diet is pretty straightforward.

The keto diet switches you from using glucose, which carbs provide, to using ketones, which fat produces, for energy, explains Jaeger.

This switch also called ketosis can prompt these changes in your body:

  • Your metabolism speeds up.
  • Your muscle mass increases.
  • Your blood pressure and heart disease risk profile improve.

Over time, our bodies adapt to certain situations, like shifting from carbohydrate metabolism to fat metabolism when necessary, using fat as fuel for energy, also when necessary.

Eating fat doesnt make your insulin go up, as eating carbs or protein does, Jaeger points out. So, the keto diet doesnt spike your insulin, and you dont store fat. Instead, you burn it, creating the ketones that give you an effective and efficient metabolic jolt.

Healthy Keto Diet Guidelines

Healthy Keto Meals Recipe on Instagram:  Don

When you keep in mind that food is intended to provide nourishment not only calories, thereare two principles that form the foundation of a healthy ketogenic diet:

  • Eat low carb, high-fat foods that cause you to use your own fat reserves when you’rein ketosis.

  • Eat foods that provide all the nutrients your body requires for health.

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S: How To Start Keto Diet

Step #1: Pick a non-stressful week to start your keto diet.

Or just clear your schedule. Cancel any parties or lunch/dinner plans. And dont start when you have to travel that week! Tell your friends and family what youre doing and get them to help you out. Explain to them how important this is for you and ask them to support you instead of judge you for your choices. Dont try to convince them that keto is the best diet if they dont already believe that, its unlikely youll change their mind.

Step #2: Clean out your refrigerator and pantry.

If you have non-ketogenic foods lying around then they will tempt you like a siren when youre getting started. You might think you can tough it out, but believe me you wont!

We used to suggest giving away all your unhealthy foods to friends and coworkers, but it seemed a bit mean to dump all your weight-gaining and diabetes-causing foods on loved ones. So now its just up to you what you want to do with all that junk food.

Step #3: Restock with ketogenic foods

Get our ketogenic diet food list here or our free 7-day keto meal plan here.

Yes, I know this costs money. And thats why I asked you why you were giving keto a try. Because if your reason is a deep-seated desire to get healthier, spend more time playing with your kids, enjoy the rest of your life with vibrancy, then this is a worthwhile investment.

Step #4: Decide which meal youd like to skip each day.

Intermittent fasting has many benefits:

Note about Keto Flu

What’s A Clean Keto Diet

When following a cleanketo diet, the focus is on the quality of food while also working within the parameters of your daily carb limit. This means that whole foods are prioritised when meeting your carb intake instead of refined and processed foods.

For example, it is far better for your overall health and dietary goals to consume nutrient-dense carbohydrates to meet your daily carb intake than reducing whole foods rich in complex carbs so that you can eat your favorite fast food.

While keto should never be viewed as a restrictive diet in the sense that you can never eat take-out again, eating whole foods should be the foundation of your daily eating plan.

Treats and processed foods should be reserved for rare occasions. After all, your body requires essential vitamins and minerals that can only be obtained through eating nutrient-dense foods.

You certainly wont benefit in any way from consuming sugary, processed foods. Ultra processed food is designed to trigger hunger and leave you craving more.

While this guide is geared towards those interested in beginning a clean keto diet, should you like to learn more, some follow dirty keto with success.

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What Happens When I Cut Out Carbs

Within 24 hours of cutting carbs out of the diet, mild ketosis can be achieved. However, it typically takes three to four days to achieve full, nutritional ketosis unless you are exercising, in which case it can be accomplished more quickly.

After you first enter ketosis, the metabolic pathways used to burn ketones are increased as your body transitions from utilizing glucose to utilizing ketones.

It can take some time for your cells to adapt to burning ketones rather than glucose.

During the initial phase of keto-adaptation, the body increases the amount of fat it burns and eliminates its waste products.

Ketosis just means that the body is converting fat into ketones therefore, your body may take some time to adjust to using them for energy.

What Is A Keto Diet

How to Start Keto Correctly – Dr. Berg

The keto diet may sound trendy, but it has been around for a while. It first surfaced in the 1920s. Originally, doctors recommended it to help with conditions like epilepsy and diabetes. But today, some people use the keto diet to lose weight.

For many Americans, carbs like breads, pasta, or potatoes make up more than 50% of their daily diet. Your body breaks down the glucose found in carbs to fuel your body with energy.

In the keto diet, the goal is to swap out the glucose calories with fat. In a typical keto diet, your nutrition centers on fatty foods. They’ll make up anywhere from 60% to 80% of your daily calories. Proteins make up 15% to 20%. Carbs are restricted to no more than 50 grams. This makes it quite a restrictive diet.

Studies show that those who follow the low-carb keto diet are more likely to lose weight within the first 3 to 6 months than they would if they followed a more balanced diet. But because the keto diet calls for drastic changes in your daily diet, it’s best to ask your doctor or a nutritionist if it’s right for you before you get started.

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What Foods Can You Eat

Remember, the focus is on fats with a mix of protein but little in the way of carbs. This includes:

  • Meats, including high-quality red meat turkey and chicken.
  • Nuts like walnuts, flaxseed, pecans and chia seeds.
  • Vegetables that are low in carbs like broccoli, spinach, kale, tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • Unprocessed cheeses like cheddar, Gouda, Parmesan and goat cheese.

Alcohol, sugar and sugar drinks, beans and high-carb veggies like potatoes and carrots are out the window. Youll even need to cut back on fruit due to the sugars they can carry.

But its essential you consult a healthcare provider first before trying this diet. Moving to a keto diet could mean big changes, and everyones needs are different. A doctor or a registered dietitian is best positioned to help you create the best diet plan to benefit you.

Is The Ketogenic Diet For You

This may sound like a cop out, but the best diet is the one you stick with. For Volek, whos been following an ultra-low-carb diet for two decades, it works.

If you cant stick to it, then it probably wont.

“This is the problem I have with all of these fad diets,” registered dietitian Andy Yurechko, M.S., R.D., of Augusta University Medical Center in Georgia, previously told Men’s Health. “A healthier type of diet is something you can do every day of your life.”

Since maintaining ketosis requires strict carb counting, this diet works best for people who are diligent. And, its probably not a good idea for athletes or avid gym-goers to do the keto diet long-term.

There is no conclusive research to support any athletic performance benefit , Harpst says. Research continues to show that training on a low carb diet impairs intensity and decreases endurance, recovery and cognitive function.

It can also impair muscle strength, she says, since carbohydrates are muscles preferred energy source during workouts, and because muscle synthesis requires both protein and carbohydrates.

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Challenge Yourself With Our Free 30

My Hip2Keto team offers a FREE 30-Day Keto Challenge where well help coach you to the best keto journey possible and it was designed with YOU in mind to help you reach your wellness goals with a fun and engaging challenge.

In this series, we share helpful keto tips and tricks, insightful reads from our Keto Nutritionist, weekly meal plan ideas, meal prep tips, and delicious dining out advice. We are here to support, encourage, and cheer on one another, so dont wait another minute to join us now!

Text me daily about your keto diet journey too!

My goal is to support and uplift anyone and everyone when they start the keto diet. No matter if youre still wondering just how to start your keto diet or are already a seasoned pro. Im here for YOU !

I still remember how overwhelming it was just starting out on keto and I know it would have helped tremendously to have a cheerleader in my corner, so Im thrilled to have the opportunity to be that for YOU! All ya have to do is grab my number below or , text me your favorite emoji, and well be keto texting buddies! Yay!

Even better, Ill text you our latest keto recipes, deals on my favorite keto products, tips on eating out, and so much more!

What Foods Should You Avoid On A Keto Diet

How to Start a Keto Diet

This is not an exhaustive list but these are some of the main things you need to avoid eating when on a keto diet:

Beans and legumes

Grains like wheat, corn, rice, and cereals

Sugar and natural sweeteners like agave, honey, and maple syrup

High sugar fruits

Starchy vegetables like butternut squash, plantains, and yucca/cassava

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Acknowledge When Keto Might Not Be Right For You

Now that ketogenic diets have become popular, many keto hybrid diets have sprung up, including plant-based versions. While this approach can be healthy, Hultin cautions against trying keto as a vegan. Because you cant eat beans or lentils on a ketogenic diet, and nuts and seeds are even limited due to their carbohydrate content, youre really just left with some tofu and will need to rely on low-carb protein powder, she says. There is a good possibility this wont pan out. I dont see this as a sustainable diet due to the extreme restrictions, she says.

Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

Switching to a ketogenic diet may seem overwhelming, but it doesnt have to be difficult. Your focus should be on reducing carbs while increasing the fat and protein content of meals and snacks. Some online tools and calculators can be helpful.

In order to reach and remain in a state of ketosis, carbs must be restricted. While certain people might only achieve ketosis by eating 20 grams of carbs per day, others may be successful with a higher carb intake.

Generally, the lower your carbohydrate intake, the easier it is to reach and stay in ketosis.

This is why sticking to keto-friendly foods and avoiding items rich in carbs is the best way to successfully lose weight on a ketogenic diet.

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The Secret Behind Why Keto Works

The keto diet is simple but may be difficult to adapt to at first. To go from eating all of the high-carb foods you desire to filling up on fat for fuel requires a massive change in your physiology and in your lifestyle.

Are the results of this keto journey worth the climb? It depends on the person.

For many people, the answer is a clear and definitive yes. High-quality studies on the keto diet have found that it consistently leads to the same amount or slightly more weight loss than many other popular diets. Furthermore, the current research also indicates that keto can help with many of the common conditions that people struggle with today, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimers disease.

There are two primary mechanisms behind these incredible results:

  • It naturally reduces calorie intake. The keto diet encourages the consumption of highly-satiating whole foods and the restriction of appetite-stimulating processed foods. Because of this, many keto dieters feel full throughout the day without needing to eat as many calories as before. This spontaneous reduction in calorie consumption typically leads to weight loss and the improvement of various biomarkers linked to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • This powerful combination of sustainable calorie reduction and ketone production is what makes the keto diet unique and useful in ways that other diets cannot emulate. Plus, you can follow it for as long as you desire .

    Can I Follow This Diet If I Have An Irregular Schedule What Is Intermittent Fasting

    7 Steps to Starting the KETO DIET (Easy & HEALTHY)

    Absolutely. If your job has an odd schedule or demanding hours that prevent you from bringing and eating low carb foods at work, you can simply fast while you are at work and eat when you are at home.

    This is called intermittent fasting, which means a cycle of fasting and non-fasting. Some people fast for 16 hours and only eat in an 8 hour window . Others only eat every other day. Note that the sweet spot is at least 18 hours of fasting thats when you see a substantial drop in insulin and increase in fat breakdown.

    You can do whatever cycle that fits your current schedule and is convenient for you. Fasting has many benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, better mental acuity, and higher insulin sensitivity.

    Breakfast is not necessary. You can certainly eat breakfast if youre hungry at that time, but you should not force yourself to eat breakfast if youre not hungry. People who eat breakfast tend to overeat every day by an extra 500 calories.

    In summary, its better to eat meals during a shorter fraction of the day rather than spreading your meals throughout the day , to allow your body a significant period of time in which it is insulin deficient.

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    Putting It All Together Three Key Steps To Starting The Keto Diet

    Although you can find a seemingly endless stream of info on how to maximize your keto diet, most of your results will come from these three steps:

    • Eat keto-friendly foods and avoid carb-ridden foods.
    • Eat the right amount of calories, fats, carbs, and protein to meet your goals .

    To find out if the keto diet is safe and effective for you, make sure you are tracking these variables in some way:

    • The changes in your body composition
    • Relevant biomarkers
    • Is keto safe and healthy for me?
    • Is keto getting me the results I want?
    • Am I following keto correctly?

    So, now that you know how to start your keto diet, whats next? Take a look at some of our other keto articles for more specific info:

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