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Low Glycemic Diet For Weight Loss

Why Go Low Gi

Low Glycemic Eating for Weight Loss and Energy

Your health is your wealth. Whether youve heard this saying before or its your first time hearing it, its true for many reasons. Good health means having more energy, better sleep, an improved immune system, natural and healthy weight, and even clearer skin. Good health on a low glycemic diet means feeling lighter in your body, eating naturally better whole foods, and opening up to a world of new options you can eat without feeling guilty.

Glucose Metabolism And Lipid Profile

Mean values for glucose metabolism and lipid profile at baseline and 6-mo changes are shown in . Improvements in fasting insulin, HOMA-IR, and HOMA-BCF were greater in the LGI-diet group than in the LF-diet group. No significant differences were observed compared with the HGI-diet group. After adjustment for changes in BMI, the improvement in HOMA-BCF remained significant , and changes in HOMA-IR were slightly attenuated . Changes in lipid profile were not different between groups. PP results were very similar to those shown by using the ITT approach.

Research Results Of A Low Gi Diet For Losing Weight

When following a low GI diet, its important to eat various healthy foods. This will help you get the necessary nutrients and avoid boredom with your diet.

Its also important to remember that GI is only one factor to consider when it comes to healthy eating. You should also focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods and maintaining a healthy weight.

If youre thinking of following a low GI diet, talk to your doctor or a registered dietitian first.


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Dried Apricots Or Raisins

Dried apricots or raisins are a Low glycemic food and can be used as a substitute for sugar in cooking. They are also rich in dietary fiber and potassium, which is good for weight loss.

Dried apricots or raisins are a Low glycemic food and can be used as a substitute for sugar in cooking. They are also rich in dietary fiber and potassium, which is good for weight loss.

Our Recommendation: South Beach Diet Online

Low Glycemic Diet: Foods to Include, Foods to Avoid, Benefits and Plan

Clearly, there are MANY diet programs out there just itching for your money.

Ignoring all the midnight infomercials and miracle / secret weight loss hype, what are the best available low glycemic diet support programs available today?

Which are designed and operated by respected medical professionals expressly for low glycemic dieters?

While there are now several programs that tout themselves as low glycemic, IMHO there is one clear standout available as of mid-2013 the South Beach Diet Online.

If you are looking for personalized support in your low glycemic weight loss efforts, this is by far the best available option.

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Book Or Online Program

You can engage in the South Beach Diet approach to weight loss in one of two ways:

Get the official book. The latest version of the official South Beach Diet program is entitled The South Beach Diet Supercharged: Faster Weight Loss and Better Health for Life. The book is a minimal one-time purchase only and contains all the basics you need to begin and maintain the program. Be aware that this book has not been updated in almost five years , so it may not be current with the latest information.

Join the South Beach Diet Online. A major plus for the South Beach Diet Online program is its convenience and access to a large database of information, including many recipe suggestions and complete meal plans, progress monitoring, etc. as well.

In addition, the online program is updated as new information becomes available, so you will always be current with the latest relevant findings.

The online program also supports an active Forum in case you cant figure something out for yourself, want even more suggestions for recipes, etc., or just need occasional motivational support or a sense of community with others.

How Does Low Glycemic Help Lose Weight

A low-glycemic diet consists of less-processed grains, vegetables and legumes. According to researchers, this may be the best diet for both long-term weight loss and heart disease prevention when coupled with exercise. A low-glycemic index diet emphasizes foods based on how they affect blood sugar levels.

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How Can I Lose My Stomach Fat

20 Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat

  • Eat plenty of soluble fiber. …
  • Avoid foods that contain trans fats. …
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol. …
  • Eat a high protein diet. …
  • Reduce your stress levels. …
  • Don’t eat a lot of sugary foods. …
  • Do aerobic exercise …
  • Cut back on carbs especially refined carbs.
  • My Journey With Low Gi Eating

    Top 5 Low Glycemic Super Fruits for Weight Loss- Thomas DeLauer

    First, when I discovered this way of eating it was a relief to know it’s actually not restricting or expensive. Second, I had found a way of eating that made the most sense and explained my eating habits. I learned the reason I was craving salty foods, constantly going for something sweet around 10am each morning, and couldnt get rid of my bloated stomach. This information also explained why it became harder and harder to lose weight and keep it off after I turned 30. If you’re struggling with this too it’s not your fault. It’s simple biology. As a nutrition expert and researcher, I studied blood sugar, metabolism, and hormones and discovered that all those healthy green juices I was drinking were actually impacting my blood sugar levels negativelybased on science. And now I understand that I can still have green drinks, but with add nutrients to ensure it’s balanced. Sometimes it’s just a matter of adding in some chia seeds or protein powder or 1/2 an avocado. Know what low glycemic index foods are good to eat, and how to combine them, and you’ll radically change your body and life. Stick with me and I’ll show you how.

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    Foods To Avoid On The Low Gi Diet

    Nothing is strictly banned on the low GI diet.

    However, try to replace these high GI foods with low GI alternatives as much as possible:

    • Bread: white bread, bagels, naan, Turkish bread, French baguettes, Lebanese bread
    • Breakfast cereals: instant oats, Rice Krispies, Cocoa Krispies, Corn Flakes, Froot Loops
    • Starchy vegetables: Désirée and Red Pontiac potato varieties, instant mashed potatoes
    • Pasta and noodles: corn pasta and instant noodles
    • Rice: Jasmine, Arborio , Calrose, medium-grain white
    • Dairy replacements: rice milk and oat milk
    • Fruit: watermelon
    • Savory snacks: rice crackers, Corn Thins, rice cakes, pretzels, corn chips
    • Cakes and other sweets: scones, doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies, waffles, cakes
    • Other: jelly beans, licorice, Gatorade, Lucozade


    To follow the low GI diet, limit your intake of the high GI foods listed above and replace them with low GI alternatives.

    Make It Your Best Diet: Customize The Program

    Of course, no program is perfect for everyone. You will probably need to tweak the diet to make it work for you.

    For example, I was not in a particular hurry to see immediate results , so I just skipped the Phase I part which I feel is excessively restrictive in terms of carbohydrate intake.

    Even though it is only supposed to be used for no more than 2 weeks, Phase I can discourage many from continuing with the program. Starting out at Phase II may lead to slower weight loss, but is much easier to adopt as a starting point.

    I also personally do not use and cannot recommend the food supplements offered with the South Beach program .

    I have found that the snack bars and drinks are needlessly expensive, filled with long lists of unpronounceable ingredients, and do not satisfy me nearly as well as other readily available, natural low glycemic snacks.

    You will also likely need to do some personal experimenting to get the best diet results. Not all of the allowed foods are suitable for all dieters some people are simply more sensitive to certain carbohydrate sources and amounts than others.

    The South Beach Diet may not be 100% perfect, but in my opinion and personal experience it is unquestionably the best program available today for most low glycemic dieters.

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    Foods To Eat On The Low Gi Diet

    The low GI diet primarily involves swapping high GI foods for low GI alternatives. There are many healthy and nutritious foods to choose from. It would help if you build your diet around the following low GI foods:

    • Bread: whole grain, multigrain, rye, sourdough
    • Breakfast cereals: steel-cut oats, bran flakes
    • Fruit: apples, strawberries, apricots, peaches, plums, pears, kiwi, tomatoes, and more
    • Vegetables: carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, zucchini, and more
    • Starchy vegetables: sweet potatoes with orange pulp, corn, yams, winter squash
    • Legumes: lentils, chickpeas, baked beans, butter beans, kidney beans, and more
    • Pasta and noodles: pasta, soba noodles, vermicelli noodles, rice noodles
    • Rice: basmati, Doongara, long grain, brown
    • Grains: quinoa, barley, pearl couscous, buckwheat, freekeh, semolina
    • Dairy and milk substitutes: milk, cheese, yogurt, coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk

    The following foods contain little or no carbohydrates and therefore do not have a GI value. These foods can be included as part of the low GI diet:

    • Fish and seafood: including salmon, trout, tuna, sardines, and prawns
    • Other animal products include beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and eggs.
    • Nuts: such as almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, and macadamia nuts
    • Fats and oils: including olive oil, butter, and avocado.
    • Herbs and spices: such as garlic, basil, dill, salt, and pepper.

    Understanding The Glycemic Index Of Foods And Why It Matters To Your Diet

    Low Glycemic Diet: Benefits, Foods &  Sample Plan

    The Glycemic Index is a ranking of foods based on how they affect blood sugar levels. The GI measures how quickly your blood sugar rises after eating a certain food.

    Foods with a high GI are quickly digested and absorbed, which causes your blood sugar to rise sharply. Low-GI foods are digested more slowly and have less of an impact on blood sugar levels.

    The glycemic index of a food is often determined by measuring the glucose response following consumption of 10 grams of carbohydrate from that food. Glucose is given as a baseline, and measured on a scale from 0 to 100. Foods that cause less than 55 grams of glucose in the blood are considered low-glycemic foods, while those with a blood sugar elevation greater than 150 are high-glycemic foods.

    In general, low-GI foods include vegetables such as broccoli, cuc umber, green beans, kale, spinach and zucchini fruits such as figs, plums and raisins legumes such as lentils, split peas and chickpeas and whole grains such as barley.

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    A 30 Day Low Glycemic Eating Plan

    If this eating plan is something youd like to try I recommend sticking with it for 6-8 weeks. Its a very flexible way of eating and doesnt restrict you from eating foods you love. Most importantly, you dont have to count calories or points and can still lose weight with very little exercise.For the next 30 days, heres the plan:

    • Eat as low GI as possible with low glycemic index foods from the approved list below and the meal plan.
    • Moderate exercise and/or mindful movement

    The Glycemic Index And Weight Loss Connection

    When your blood sugar spikes every day over a long period time your body will begin to store that energy as fat instead of using it.

    This storage usually starts to happen in your late 20s and early 30s where youll notice it gets more difficult to lose weight and keep it off without much effort.

    Whats happening is that muscle cells start to shut off insulin receptors, because so much insulin has been pumped into them. So, the fat cells take on all of the glucose and stores it as more fat. If its not being burned off, its stored as fat.

    Thankfully this can be helped with a low glycemic diet.

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    Improved Blood Sugar Levels

    Its no surprise that eating low-GI foods helps reduce blood sugar spikes after meals and keeps glucose levels more stable throughout the day.

    The American Diabetes Association recommends following a low-GI diet to help prevent the development of type 2 diabetes and to manage existing diabetes by improving blood sugar levels.

    A 2008 review of studies concluded that people with diabetes who followed a low-GI diet had more significant reductions in blood sugar levels than those who followed a high-GI or high-fiber diet.

    B Insulin Resistance And Insulin Secretion

    LOW GLYCEMIC FOODS (For Weight Loss, Insulin Resistance Diabetes) *WON’T Spike Blood Sugar!*

    High circulating free fatty acids levels result in lipid accumulation in skeletal muscle and liver, causing insulin resistance in these normally insulin-responsive tissues , which reduces insulin-stimulated glycogen synthesis in skeletal muscle (the primary pathway for non-oxidative glucose disposal in normal subjects and decrease the ability of insulin to suppress hepatic glucose production and output.

    Fig. Fig.2Regulation2Regulation of insulin secretion by glucose and lipids . Free Radic. Biol. Med.).

    Regulation of insulin secretion by glucose and lipids. Description: Insulin secretion is influenced by plasma glucose and lipids that activate on one hand glycolysis and production of pyruvate, and on the other hand -oxidation and ATP synthesis.

    It is observed an inverse relationship between adiponectin and insulinsensivity. Adiponectin is similar in structure to TNF- which paradoxically appears to be increased in abdominal adipose tissue. Increases in proinflammatory cytokines reflect overproduction by the expanded adipose tissue mass . All of these factors contribute to the exaggerated release of free fatty acids from abdominal adipocytes into the portal system. Free fatty acids have deleterious effects on insulin uptake by the liver and contribute to the increased hepatic gluconeogenesis and hepatic glucose release observed in central obesity .

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    The Amount Of Carbs Is Also Important

    The rate at which foods raise blood sugar levels depends on three factors: the types of carbs they contain, their nutrient composition, and the amount you eat.

    However, the GI is a relative measure that doesnt take into account the amount of food eaten. Its often criticized for this reason .

    To solve this, the glycemic load rating was developed.

    The GL is a measure of how a carb affects blood sugar levels, taking both the type and quantity into account.

    Like the GI, the GL has three classifications:

    • Low: 10 or fewer
    • High: 20 or more

    The GI is still the most important factor to consider when following the low GI diet.

    However, the Glycemic Index Foundation, an Australian nonprofit raising awareness about the low GI diet, recommends that people also monitor their GL and aim to keep their total daily GL under 100.

    Otherwise, the easiest way to aim for a GL under 100 is to choose low GI foods when possible and consume them in moderation.


    The glycemic load is a measure of the type and quantity of the carbs you eat. When following the low GI diet, its recommended that you keep your daily GL under 100.

    Should You Use Glycemic Index

    So what’s the best way to choose the best foods if you can’t rely on the accuracy of the glycemic index? Kleiner says that people will benefit from eating whole foods that are full of nutrients. Those foods might be low glycemic foods, but not always. And she says that the GI number can add confusion. “I like for people to think about real food and not about abstract numbers,” she says.

    There are so many variables when it comes to measuring GI that it makes it confusing and sometimes unreliable. For example, The GI of any one food can vary depending on several factors such as cooking, mixing, shape, density, molecular structure, fiber content, and food processing methods.

    Kleiner suggests making choices based on nutrient value and common sense. For example, watermelon has a higher GI number than a Snickers bar, but provides better nutrition. “The GI number can sometimes be used by dieters to justify eating less healthy foods like ice cream instead of fruit.”

    In the end, the healthiest food for your diet is the food that provides healthy nutrients with less processed fat and empty calories. Glycemic index may not always be the best guide to find those foods.

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    Low Gi Diet And Diabetes

    Diabetes is a complex disease that affects millions of people worldwide .

    Those who have diabetes are unable to process sugars effectively, which can make it difficult to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

    However, good blood sugar control helps prevent and delay the onset of complications, including heart disease, stroke, and damage to the nerves and kidneys (

    12 ).

    A 2019 review of 54 studies concluded that low GI diets reduced hemoglobin A1C , body weight, and fasting blood sugar levels in people with prediabetes or diabetes .

    Whats more, some research has linked high GI diets with a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes. One study in over 205,000 people found that those with the highest GI diets had up to a 33% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those who consumed the lowest GI diets .

    A systematic review of 24 studies reported that for every 5 GI points, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes increased by 8% .

    The low GI diet may also improve pregnancy outcomes in women with gestational diabetes, a form of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy.

    Moreover, the low GI diet has been shown to reduce the risk of macrosomia by 73%. This is a condition in which newborns have a birth weight over 8 pounds and 13 ounces, and its associated with numerous short- and long-term complications for the mother and baby .

    Low Gl Is Scientifically Proven To Work

    Low Glycemic Index Recipes

    There is a wealth of evidence to support the positive benefits of a low-GL diet. In one study done in 1994, nutritionists tested two groups of 15 people. They put one group on a low-GL diet and the other group on a calorie-controlled diet. Both diets contained identical numbers of calories. During the first 12 weeks, both groups lost weight, but those on the low-GL diet lost an average of 1.9 kg more weight per person. During the second 12-week period, half the group members switched diets. Those on the low-GL diet lost an average of 2.9 kg more per person than those on the low-fat, low-calorie diet. Overall, those on the low-GL diet lost 40 percent more weight than those on a calorie-controlled diet.

    Youll find more scientific studies proving the effectiveness of my low GL approach for reversing diabetes and heart disease, as well as losing weight, at

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