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Southbeach Diet Phase 1 Food List

Bottom Line: This Plan Is Rather Restrictive At The Beginning But Phase 2 The Eating Plan Is More Well


Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, is a registered dietitian and consultant who specializes in food safety and culinary nutrition. She is the author ofThe Greek Yogurt Kitchen: More Than 130 Delicious, Healthy Recipes for Every Meal of the Day.

*This article was written and/or reviewed by an independent registered dietitian nutritionist.

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What You Can Eat And What You Can’t

That depends on the phase youâre in. Phase 1 is the strictest and includes:

  • A lot of protein, such as beef, poultry, seafood, eggs, and cheese
  • Some fats, including canola oil, extra-virgin olive oil, and avocado
  • Carbs with the lowest glycemic index, including vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, and eggplant

Whatâs off-limits in Phase 1: Fruit, fruit juices, starchy foods, dairy products, and alcohol.

In Phase 2, you slowly reintroduce healthy carbs into your diet — fruit, whole-grain bread, whole-grain rice, whole wheat pasta, and sweet potatoes. Expect weight loss to slow to 1 to 2 pounds a week, on average.

Phase 3 is about maintaining your weight. Thereâs no food list to follow. By this time, youâll know how to make good food choices and how to get back on track if you overindulge once in a while. If cravings return or your eating gets off track, the plan recommends going back to Phase 1 or 2.

Tip: Learn Mindful Eating

Do you ever eat at your desk or while driving? Yikes, thats not good!

Neither is eating too fast, as it causes you to each too much. Phase 1 encourages you to be aware of food, and slow down your eating. Put your phone away, relax and enjoy each bite.

  • Think about the texture and flavor of what youre eating
  • Put your fork down between bites of food
  • Hungry after a meal? Wait 20 minutes to eat anything else, as thats how long it takes for your body to know its full!
  • Stress is a major reason why people eat too fast and make bad choices. During Phase 1 the goal is to eat mindfully and end your bad eating habits.

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    Foods To Avoid Phase :

    Bread, cereal, rice, and pasta group

    Bagel, refined wheat, bread refined wheat, white cornflakes, matzo, pasta, white flour, rice cakes, white rice.

    Vegetable and fruit group

    • Vegetables: potatoes baked white, instant beets, carrots, corn, potatoes
    • Fruit: bananas, canned fruit, juice packed, fruit juice, pineapple, raisins, watermelon

    Fats, oils, and sweets

    Saturated fats, hydrogenated fats, honey, ice cream, jam, cookies.

    Meat Poultry Fish Dry Beans Eggs Nuts

    South Beach Diet Menu Phase 1

    Whether it is meat or its substitutes, foods in this group fill you up and slow down the speed at which your body digests carbs. However, a diet based on protein providers does not mean that it is healthy to eat any type of meat in any quantity all the time. Lean protein should be part of every meal, such as skinless chicken and turkey, lean pork, fish, shellfish, nonfatty cuts of beef and Canadian bacon .

    Eggs, nuts and beans are also healthy sources of protein, but eaten in moderation according to latest studies, a maximum of 7 eggs a week is perfectly admissible and healthy.

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    Days Of South Beach Diet

    What a year!! Busy, exciting, more busy and super quick. 🙂

    Have you planned your year? New resolutions? Or Like me, repeat of last year? )

    I’m not sure about you but I often loose track of resolutions in few months. Priorities change. Can’t help. It is life. Isn’t it? So from past few years, I decide to take life as it comes and make only short-term resolutions. .

    My January’s goal is to get diet back on track. Seriously, I’m going carb-free for January and following South Beach Diet Plan. I can’t believe I have decided to make an open statement. Actually, it is good. Someone once told me, if you want to succeed in a goal, make an open announcement. 🙂 I just did!

    You guys! Get ready. Expect lots of carb-free meals whole January. I’m going to share all progress on Instagram @savitachefdehme Don’t forget to look for my stories.

    If you are new to South Beach Diet? It is low-carb, low-sugar and high protein diet with lots of fresh food, lean protein and less refined/sugary stuff. Idea is to fill your plate with low carb and low-sugar foods instead of breads, noodles, or sweets. It is good way to cleanse body, get your strength back and loose weight while doing so.

    Collection currently has my top favorite 20 South Beach Diet recipes. . I’ll update this with 10 New Recipes as month progress. You can pin this page and use this for reference whole month.

    South Beach Diet Phase 1 Meal Planning

    Follows the list of foods that are recommended in the Phase 1 of South Beach Diet.

    Can You Eat Oatmeal On The South Beach Diet

    Some foods to limit during Phase 2 of the diet are those that are high in fiber grains such as quinoa, couscous, brown rice, and oats.

    The Many Benefits Of Non-starchy Vegetables On The South Beach Diet

    The South Beach Diet is a popular, limited weight loss program that emphasizes healthy eating. The diet emphasizes fruits and vegetables as a source of carbs, but all processed foods and sugar are also eliminated. People accustomed to eating a lot of carbs may find this type of eating plan challenging. Cucumbers, bell peppers, asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, and leafy greens, on the other hand, are all nutritious and provide vitamins and minerals, and they can be consumed at any time during the South Beach Diet. Whether you are on the diet or are continuing it, make sure to include these non-starchy vegetables in your diet plan.

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    What Is The South Beach Diet South Beach Diet Shrimp Recipe

    Staring at the television in my living room, I was jotting down the things to pack and my mind was paralleling thinking about the tasks to complete before I step out for the long weekend. In the mean while I was hungry for lunch. It was twelve past ten and yes, an early lunch. Not wanting to disturb my son who was sleeping in the crib, I walked on the edge of my toes to kitchen to fix some food that has low glycemic index . Yes, I am on South beach diet for the last 2 weeks and hence I have not been regular to my space as I was reading a lot about this diet and initially I was skeptical whether I would be able to stick through the process. Yay! I finished a successful phase 1 but I am going to stick with the same phase for little longer. Now I am excited to share my experiences with you all and especially to those who are struggling with weight loss. I will also post the recipes I created following the book.

    I have been on diet since high school. It wouldnt be possible to stick to those diets for long as the food wouldnt be tasty and the same type of food will get monotonous for me. I have never wanted a size zero or dreamed about having skinny body like ramp models, all I wanted was to have a figure which would make me look fresh, healthy and importantly I wanted to look great in Indian outfits. Like every to-be-bride, I have slogged in the gym to burn the fat around my entire body. I did succeed then and managed to pull of the wedding attires well

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    Remember The South Beach Diet Its Back With A Keto Twist Heres How It Can Help You Beat Sugar Addiction Burn Fat And Achieve Lifelong Health

    South Beach Diet Phase 1

    Man cooking steaks and vegetables on barbecue grill, outdoors

    Get full access to Outside Learn, our online education hub featuring in-depth nutrition, fitness and adventure courses, and more than 2,000 instructional videos when you .

    Sugar addiction is the same as alcohol, cigarettes any addiction, says Arthur Agatston, MD, author of the South Beach Diet and his latest, The New Keto-Friendly South Beach Diet. But you can beat it, he addsfor good.

    As someone who has struggled with his own sugar addiction, Agatston knows the pitfalls of diets only too well. When I put weight on my belly after I cheated, my wife would say, Arthur, you can only do radio, he recalls.

    But rather than giving up, he found the lasting cure. I feel so much better. I really call it the fountain of youth, he says after staying slim and full of energy for the past year and a half. And the same holds true for his patients whove adopted these new eating habits.

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    South Beach Phase 1 Food List

    Fact Checked

    Dr. Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist, designed the South Beach Diet to help people lose weight and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases 123. Each of the plans three phases includes three meals, two snacks and a dessert each day. Phase 1 excludes certain foods to help you beat sugar cravings, so you need to know which foods you can eat during this 14-day phase.

    Beverages Condiments And Healthy Fats

    The South Beach Diet emphasizes foods that are high in unsaturated fats, such as avocados and olive oil 123. Also stick to low-calorie beverages, such as coffee and tea, vegetable juice and unflavored seltzer water. You cannot have sugary sweets, but some treats to include might be sugar-free ice pops and gelatin, baking cocoa and sugar-free jam. Spices can help flavor your food without adding sodium, so stock up on a variety of spices such as:

    • The South Beach Diet emphasizes foods that are high in unsaturated fats, such as avocados and olive oil 1.

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    Whats The Difference Between Good And Bad Carbs

    Carbs affect blood sugar control. Have too many carbs at any one time a big bagel, for instance and youll be hungry again sooner, and more apt to eat something you shouldnt be eating, explains Schmidt, adding that, on the whole, the South Beach Diet restricts those starchy carbs better than other diets.

    The Bottom Line For South Beach Diet Phase 1

    South Beach Diet Food List for Phase 1

    South beach diet phase 1 isnt just about making you lose some good weight within minimal time.

    Instead, its more about encouraging a healthier lifestyle within humans with the help of the right diet and exercise regimen

    Always consult your doctor or physician before starting with this diet. Also, keep checking this space for some more amazing diet plans and related updates.

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    South Beach Diet Shopping List

    An example of a South Beach shopping list for Phase 1 might include:

    • Unsalted nuts and seeds* Produce

    • Radishes* Dressings and oils

    Remember that the best way to go into a new diet is through preparation. But none of this has to be stressful. Start by filling your kitchen with the right foods for your new diet. That way, you’ll have a smooth beginning.

    What makes a person stick to a diet is different for everyone, but a study featured in the December 2014 issue of the journal Appetite found that food selection plays a major role. So looking over the foods you can eat in a new diet and seeing if they align with those you like helps ensure you’ll stick to your weight loss plan.

    Healthy Foods That Are High In Fiber

    Schmidt likes that the South Beach Diet tells you what to have and when to have it. Also, it was always about fiber, which is a definite plus considering fiber is satiating and can help you maintain or achieve a healthy weight.

    Also, because the diet limits carbohydrate consumption, it could have some additional beneficial effects: David Ludwig, MD, PhD, a professor in the Department of Nutrition at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, noted in a post on the Harvard School of Public Health site that fad diets like South Beach and Atkins can, by helping limit the amount of processed carbs people eat, produce tangible health benefits for people backed up by sound scientific reasons. Thats because the quickest way to stabilize blood glucose and lower insulin levels is to reduce carb intake, he says.

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    Who Is This Diet For

    If youre looking to lose weight and try to maintain it, this may be the right choice. Its also not a bad choice if you:

    • Want to change your eating habits
    • Want to remove refined carbs from your diet
    • Are healthy physically and mentally

    IMPORTANT: Any diet puts your body through stress, so make sure that you enjoy it. Also, visit your doctor or consult with your dietitian before starting this journey if you have any health concerns.

    Level Of Effort: Medium

    Phase 2 of South Beach Diet

    The South Beach Diet is meant to be practical and uncomplicated. Thereâs no need to count calories or figure percentages of fats, carbs, and protein. Your meals are normal in size.

    Limitations: Itâs OK to bend or break the rules every now and then. If you overindulge in Phase 2, Agatston suggests switching back to Phase 1 until you lose the weight you put on. Then return to where you left off.

    Cooking and shopping: Dishes are easy to make, with ingredients found in supermarkets or in most restaurants. The plan requires snacks between meals, but they are âthe kind that can be thrown into a briefcase or backpack in the morning and eaten on the run,” as the book says.

    Packaged foods or meals: Yes, although you don’t have to buy them. South Beach Diet foods for sale include everything from snack bars to smoothies.

    In-person meetings: None.

    Exercise: The South Beach Diet doesnât depend on exercise to work. But The South Beach Diet Supercharged, Agatstonâs updated version of his original book, has an exercise program that includes walking and strengthening your core muscles.

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    How Does The South Beach Diet Work Exactly

    An important emphasis of the South Beach Diet is controlling hunger by eating before it strikes. To that end, the South Beach Diet includes three different phases. Phase 1 is one week long and aims to reset your body to help burn fat and increase your metabolism, as well as reduce sugar and starch cravings. Phase 2 is for steady weight loss, where you add in good carbs to your diet. Phase 3 is the weight-maintenance phase, where you learn to maintain your new weight without deprivation or hunger, according to the South Beach Diet website.

    The phases help jump-start some weight loss, Stephens explains. Its a mental thing: When patients see early success, theyre more likely to stick to the plan. She notes that the different phases also help acclimate people to a new lifestyle, since phase three is essentially a lifelong choice rather than a diet.

    Heres a look at the three-phase program.

    Weekly Meal Planner For South Beach Diet Phase 1

    Day 1.

    South beach diet phase 1 PDF turkey omelet

    Breakfast- 1 serving of tomato and egg scramble

    Snack- 1 serving of turkey omelet

    Lunch- 1 serving of scrambled eggs with spinach and cream cheese with 1 apple

    Snack- 1 serving of egg white spinach omelet with pecans

    Dinner- 1 serving of basic scrambled eggs

    Day 2.

    South beach diet phase 1 Egg cups

    Breakfast- 1 serving of scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese

    Snack- 2 servings of scrambled eggs with spinach and ricotta

    Lunch- 1 serving of egg cups with 4 strips of bacon

    Snack- 2 servings of pico de gallo egg white cups with 1 orange

    Dinner- 2 servings of baked eggs in ham

    Day 3.

    South beach diet phase 1 PDF Ham and egg breakfast muffins

    Breakfast- 1 serving of scrambled eggs with spinach and feta with 1 apple

    Snack- 1 serving of Turkey omelet

    Lunch- 1 serving of cream cheese omelet

    Snack- 1 serving of scrambled eggs with spinach and parmesan

    Dinner- 1 serving of spinach, ham, and egg breakfast muffins with 4 strips of bacon

    Day 4.

    South beach diet phase 1 Bacon

    Breakfast- 2 servings of cabbage hash browns

    Snack- 1 serving of pineapple Greek yogurt smoothie with 2 strips of bacon

    Lunch- 1 serving of omelet with goat cheese and bacon and 1 orange

    Snack- 1 serving of turkey omelet

    Dinner- 2 servings of zucchini hash browns

    Day 5.

    South beach diet phase 1 Broccoli

    Breakfast- 1 serving of microwave egg ham cup with 2 strips of bacon

    Snack- 1 serving of chia seed papaya shake with 1 cup of strawberries

    Day 6.

    Day 7.

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    Life After The Meal Plan

    Find more recipes on our site

    Your journey doesnt end after 7 days of healthy Mediterranean-style recipes. Its about finding recipes that can become staples in your household and creating eating habits that actually last.

    Weve got plenty of recipes online already. Just use the search function on our home page if youre looking for a specific ingredient or check out our recipe page.


    We would like to take a moment to note that this post is for information purposes only. It does not claim to provide medical advice or to be able to treat any medical condition. It makes no claims in respect to weight loss, either in terms of the amount or rate at which weight loss could be achieved. If you have any concerns regarding your health please contact your medical practitioner before making changes.

    South Beach Diet Food To Avoid Phase :

    South Beach Diet
    • grain products: all starchy food bread, all types, croutons,cereal, oatmeal, rice, pasta, pastry and baked goods, all types
    • meat: all fatty cuts beef brisket, liver, rib steaks, fatty cuts, poultry chicken, wings and legs, duck, goose, poultry products, processed, pork honey-baked ham, veal breast
    • dairy products: Brie, Edam, regular, nonreduced fat, yoghurt cup-style and frozen, ice cream, milk, soy milk
    • vegetables: beets, carrots, corn, potatoes white, tomato , potatoes sweet, yams
    • fruit: to be avoided
    • no alcohol of any kind allowed, including beer and wine
    • no regular ketchup or cocktail sauce
    • caffeine-containing beverages limited to 1 serving per day

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