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Stage 4 Bariatric Diet Recipes

Turkey Tacos With Refried Beans Puree

Braised Pork Recipe for Phase 4 of Post Bariatric Surgery

PostOp, you are required to take a lot of proteins and fewer carbs. That is why the recipe owner created this Turkey Tacos with refined Beans Puree. It is perfect for phase 2 when you are allowed to take pureed foods.

This easy-to-follow recipe will only require a few ingredients that are readily available in local grocery stores. You can add mild chili powder to the recipe, but skip this process you are not ready.

Enjoy this high protein puree with only 68.1 calories per serving while still warm.

Here is the recipe.

Golden Red & Orange Bell Pepper Soup

Wondering if it possible to make a creamy soup, without using any dairy? With these bariatric diet recipes, you can!

The secret is using sweet potatoes in place of the dairy. Simply cook onions, carrots, and celery until tender, add in some bell peppers, sweet potatoes, and broth, and let simmer until everything is tender.

Once the soup has cooled a bit, use an immersion blender to blend the soup to your desired consistency.

The final result is a vibrant colored creamy soup, that packs a powerful nutritional punch.

Vegan Lentil Haricot Bean & Chickpea Soup

Searching for high protein recipes bariatric patients that are vegetarians can enjoy?

This simple dish is just what you are looking for! Lentils, chickpeas, and beans are the star of this soup that is full of protein and will keep you feeling full for hours.

Tip: If you like your soup on the spicier side, try adding some chili powder for a hit of heat.

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Buy The Paperback Version And Get The Kindle Ebook Version For Free

Letâs face it, undertaking a gastric sleeve surgery is a huge decision to make as the healing process will take some time as your stomach will not be able to function the same way immediately. Having a guide handy as your stomach goes through these changes will be vital as it will be important to understand what your body can handle. As we mentioned in the Bariatric Stage 1 Cookbook and the Bariatric Stage 2 Cookbook, there are mainly four stages when it comes to introducing new foods post operation that patients are generally recommended to follow. Beginning from the day of your surgery, the dietary stages would be:

  • Surgery Day Pre â Op.: No food or Drink
  • Post Op. Stage 1: Introducing only clear liquids
  • Post Op. Stage 2: Consuming Thicker Liquids & Smooth Foods
  • Post Op. Stage 3 â Consuming Soft Pureed Foods
  • Post Op. Stage 4 â Consuming Regular Foods

Instant Pot Parsnip Soup

Pin on Bariatric food

Parsnip soup is a delicious way to start your journey after gastric bypass surgery. You can enjoy parsnip soup during the liquid and puree phases.

All you need for this soup are a handful of ingredients that you can find in your local grocery store.

The result is a creamy, delicious soup. You can make it according to your consistency preference.

Serve while warm.

Here is the recipe.

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Suggested Menu Recipes For Soft Food Diet

Bariatric recipes curated for your soft food diet meal prep by our bariatric dietitian.

Avocado Deviled Eggs

Ingredients: 6 eggs, ¼ avocado, 1 tbsp plain Greek yogurt, 2 tbsp low-fat mayonnaise, 1 tsp mustard, 1 tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp paprika

Nutrition facts : 105 calories, 8g fat, 1.5g carbohydrates, 0.5g fiber, 0.5g sugar, 7g protein

Single ServingRicotta Bake

Ingredients: cup part-skim ricotta cheese, 1 tbsp shredded parmesan cheese, 1 tbsp reduced fat shredded mild cheddar, ¼ egg, tsp ground thyme, tsp garlic powder, tsp dried basil

Optional: 1 tbsp marinara sauce on top

Nutrition facts: 134 calories, 8g fat, 1g fiber, 4g carbohydrates, 1.5g sugar, 10g protein

Dietary Guidelines Post Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery doesnt eliminate dieting altogether. It means that if patients adhere to the prescribed diet for the rest of their lives, theyll lose the excess weight and keep it off. On the contrary, if you ever go off the diet, you will gradually regain the weight lost.

Its important to start implementing this diet even before the surgery because pre-surgery weight-loss helps the surgeon by making the laparoscopic approach easier and safer and increases the likelihood that the surgery can be completed less invasively.

Other dietary requirements are basic common-sense eating. With sensible eating and exercise habits , the weight-loss can be easily maintained after surgery.

The long-term goal of weight-loss surgery is to lose approximately 55 to 75 percent of your excess weight. The end result of weight-loss surgery is that patients will continue to require only small portions of food and eventually be able to tolerate all types of foods. Patients bodies will be satisfied with smaller amounts of food and they wont have continued cravings for larger quantities of food at mealtimes.

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Why Do I Need To Follow A Soft Food Diet After Bariatric Surgery

After bariatric surgery, your stomach and digestive system need to heal and adjust to the new alterations that have been introduced. For some, this means their stomach has been reduced to the size of a small pouch through surgery and a section of their digestive system has been rerouted to skip a large portion of the small intestine and normal digestion process.

As the digestive system heals and the body grows accustomed to working with just the pouch , nourishment is introduced slowly beginning with liquids, then purees, and now the next phase of soft foods. This phase is necessary to ease your stomach back into digesting whole foods.

Chicken & Black Bean Mole Puree

Tuna Mousse Recipe – Phase 3 of the Post Bariatric Surgery Diet

Chicken and black bean mole puree are one of the most delicious I have ever taken. Take this dish during the puree phase.

The recipe is straightforward. The ingredients are ordinary ingredients that are safe to take after the surgery.

Remember to blend until it is completely smooth. Solid food particles can be harmful because you are still recovering.

Almonds might take a while to soak up therefore, you can simmer them in a pan until soft and use them as the recipe dictates.

Enjoy while still warm.

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Bacon Cheeseburger Cauliflower Casserole

Need a sure-fire dish to impress any crowd? With this recipe, ground beef, cheese, and bacon are layered over a cauliflower crust and topped with sauce to create a delicious casserole that would rival any hamburger.

This is one of those bariatric diet recipes that will become a family favorite and might even replace a traditional hamburger.

Looking for gastric by-pass recipes that can be prepped ahead of time and are pre-portioned?? Stop searching, these easy mini meatloaves are a perfect idea.

They have a shortlist of ingredients, come together quickly, and are keto-friendly.

Do yourself a favor and make a double batch of these, serve some immediate and keep the rest in the freezer.

Bacon Ranch Keto Chicken Crust

This is a delicious chicken crust pizza that has zero carbs, is keto, and is gluten-free. It is perfect when you are craving your favorite pizza after a gastric bypass.

This chicken pizza crust tastes better than other low-carb pizza crusts like cauliflower pizza crust.

Bacon Ranch keto chicken crust has a lot of protein that will help you with muscle building.

Add a lot of different vegetables to the toppings. The difference in textures will be heavenly.

Here is the recipe.

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Physical Activity And Exercise

Its time to start exercising. Actually, you should have started on stage 2. Walking, running, biking, weight lifting, aerobics, canoeing, badminton, hiking, and dancing in your bedroom like a crazy person can all be added to your weekly routine. Ensure that you are getting at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 to 7 days a week. It doesnt matter how you do it, just do it.

Note: Do not lift more than 10 pounds for at least 6 weeks after surgery. This can put undue pressure on your internal stitches and result in a hernia.

Stage 4 Bariatric Diet: Regular Foods

Phase 4 gastric bypass sample menu.

Its ok to startadding regular solid food on the Stage 4 bariatric diet. However, thisdoes NOT mean you go back to eating the way you ate before surgery!

The goal after surgery isnt to simply eat smaller portions of the foods that got you TO surgery in the first place.

The goal is to do a total diet and lifestyle overhaul.

The foods and habits you develop as you start to add regular foods back should be the foods/habits you adopt for the rest of your life! So if you STILL havent started to practice basic guidelines for good nutrition, NOW is the time. Dont wait any longer!!

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Can You Eat Tortillas After Bariatric Surgery

Yes, you can eat tortillas after bariatric surgery. In fact, tortillas can be a good option for post-surgery meals and snacks because theyre low in calories and high in fiber. Just be sure to choose whole wheat or corn tortillas rather than white flour tortillas, which are higher in calories and sugar. When selecting store-bought tortillas, also check the label to make sure they dont contain too much sodium.

Whole30 Blt Chicken Salad

In search of a healthy alternative to a traditional BLT? This is one of those gastric bypass recipes that puts a healthy twist on an old favorite.

All you have to do is cook your bacon and chicken and then mix them together with mayonnaise, green onions, pepper, and cherry tomatoes. Serve this keto-friendly salad in lettuce cups or just on its own.

Tip: To save time and make this recipe even easier, use a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store.

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Sample Soft Foods Diet For Three Weeks After Surgery

Eat First Proteins 1 1/2 2 oz
  • Flaky fish and shellfish
  • Turkey breast or chicken breast chopped, white meat
  • Low-fat deli lunch meats
  • Sliced or grated low-fat cheese 5 grams of fat or less
  • Cottage cheese
Eat Next Veggies/Fruits 3 Bites
  • Well-cooked, non-starchy vegetables like carrots, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, green beans
  • Canned fruits in juice or water, applesauce. Soft, fresh fruit without skins apples, pears, peaches.
Eat Last Healthy Carbs* Fruits or grains or starchy vegetables, such as:

  • Small portions: apples, avocados, berries, kiwi, melons, banana, grapes, cherries, oranges, tomatoes
  • Quinoa/polenta/oats/buckwheat
  • Raw stringy, fibrous vegetables such as celery, asparagus, or corn
  • Skins, seeds, nuts
  • A sparse dusting of black pepper

Preheat oven to 400. Lightly grease a large piece of foil with olive oil, place the salmon fillet on top. If you have more than one fillet lay them next to each other, not on top of each other.

Drizzle filet with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Sprinkle evenly with chopped garlic and basil, thyme, parsley, dill, salt, and pepper. Cut up a pat of butter and set randomly and spaced apart on the filet. Seal the salmon inside the foil and set it in an oven-proof casserole dish or baking sheet.

Left-over salmon is great on a salad!

Stage 5 Bariatric Diet Recipes

Garden Omelet Recipe for Phase 4 of Post Bariatric Surgery

If you are looking for some delicious and nutritious recipes to help you stick to your Stage 5 bariatric diet, look no further! Here are 10 recipes that are sure to please your taste buds and give you the energy you need to power through your day.

1. Breakfast Burrito Start your day with this hearty breakfast burrito filled with eggs, cheese, sausage, and vegetables. 2. Quinoa Breakfast Bowl This healthy breakfast bowl is packed with protein-rich quinoa, eggs, avocado, and salsa.

3. Sausage and Egg Scramble A simple yet satisfying scramble made with sausage, eggs, and veggies.

4. Turkey Bacon Avocado Wrap A low-carb wrap filled with turkey bacon, avocado, lettuce, and tomato. Perfect for a quick snack or light meal.

5. Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps These wraps are a great way to get your fix of chicken salad without all the calories of traditional mayo-based versions.

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How Much Weight Should I Have Lost 4 Weeks After Gastric Sleeve

If you have recently undergone gastric sleeve surgery, you may be wondering how much weight you should expect to lose in the first four weeks. The amount of weight loss will vary from person to person, and there are a number of factors that can affect your rate of weight loss. Here is a look at what you can expect, on average, in the first four weeks after gastric sleeve surgery. In the first week or two after surgery, you will likely lose a significant amount of weight. This is because your stomach is healing and adjusting to its new size, and you will be eating less than usual. Once your stomach has healed and you are able to eat more normally, your weight loss may slow down somewhat. However, most people still continue to lose weight steadily for several months after surgery. On average, people who have gastric sleeve surgery lose about 60% of their excess body weight within the first year.

So, if you were 100 pounds overweight before surgery, you could expect to lose about 60 pounds in the first year after surgery. This means that 4 weeks after surgery, you could reasonably expect to have lost around 10-15 pounds .

Bariatric Stage 2 Pured Diet After Surgery 10 Best Tips

What are the ways to control weight after bariatric surgery? After bariatric surgery, you need to control your weight by following a dietary routine.

  • Consume balanced meals in moderate amounts and try to chew foods slowly.
  • Stop eating calories if you want to maintain your weight.
  • Always stay hydrated. To prevent dehydration, consume more water and calorie-free or low-calorie liquids.
  • Caffeine should be avoided in all liquids. A minimum of 2 liters, 64 ounces, or 8 cups of fluids should be taken each day.
  • Keep in mind that drinking will cause your stomach to get hydrated before and during your meal.
  • Keep a daily track of your dietary amounts, protein, and calories.
  • Sugar is considered a white poison, so avoid taking it.
  • To keep your muscles in shape, eat extra protein, take supplements, or drink smoothies. You can use dietary supplements like multivitamins, calcium, vitamin D, or vitamin B12.
  • Make sure you remove alcohol from your diet.
  • Exercise is beneficial for maintaining weight.
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    Curry Chicken Lentil Soup

    This aromatic recipe combines the flavors of cumin, curry, onions, and carrots with the chicken and lentils to make a hearty, protein-rich meal. Make sure you puree it thoroughly for the pureed phase of your diet. This recipe is also highly adaptable, so you can modify it to enjoy in every phase of your diet.

    Pureed Chimichurri With Chicken

    Pureed Foods

    The chicken recipe with pureed chimichurri is the last but certainly not the least recipe were presenting. Pick up grounded chicken, along with chimichurri, garlic, paprika, oregano, parsley, cilantro, and vinegar .

    How to make it? Get a sauté pan, and add the chicken, oregano, and paprika. It takes 6 to 8 minutes to cook. Then add parsley, garlic, cilantro, apple cider vinegar, or 3 Tablespoon of water to a blender or food processor. Add the chimichurri and cook until smooth.

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    Roasted Acorn Squash With Cranberries Goat Cheese And Balsamic Glaze

    If you have guests and want food to excite them, this roasted acorn squash with goat cheese, cranberries, and balsamic glaze will do it for you. Acorn squash is delicious. They are also easy to make.

    Cutting through the hard squash skin can be challenging, and if you are not careful, you might cut yourself.

    The easiest way to cut through it is to microwave for some minutes. This will tenderize the skin.

    The added flavors will make the roasted acorn squash taste even better. But for the sake of people who like theirs plain, leave a few pieces unflavoured.

    Enjoy while hot.

    Cauliflower mash is a nutritious dish perfect for the puree phase after gastric bypass surgery.

    It only has 43 calories per serving, making it one of the best meals to kickstart the journey towards a healthier you.

    It will take quite an hour to make this dish the perfect meal for a long day at work. Then, serve it with your favorite, low-carb side.

    Here is the recipe.

    Week Two And Three Pureed Foods And Protein Shakes

    After 1 to 7 days of drinking clear liquids, you will be given permission to consume liquefied sources of protein. This stage of the post-op diet will usually last for one week .

    Because of the patients smaller stomach size, the individual should have several smaller meals throughout the day. Your daily intake should be about 60-70 grams of protein and approximately 64 ounces of clear liquids not counting the fluid in the pureed foods.

    Caffeinated and carbonated beverages should not be consumed. Refined sugars and simple carbohydrates should be avoided as well.

    Below is a list of the pureed protein sources that are typically allowed by your dietitian or surgeon:

    • Non-fat cottage cheese
    • High protein, low sugar yogurt

    Clear liquids should be sipped very slowly, and straws should not be used because they might bring unwanted air into the stomach, which could lead to discomfort.

    It is necessary to take one or two multivitamins every day in order to prevent nutrient deficiencies. The multivitamins should be in chewable or liquid form during this time.

    It is also important to supplement your diet with calcium citrate the recommended amount will usually be two or three doses with each dose ranging from 400 mg to 600 mg. Calcium citrate supplementation should be separated from the multivitamin dosages by at least two hours. This is because iron and calcium can interfere with each others absorption, leading you to not get the amount that your body needs.

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