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The 17 Day Kickstart Diet

Foods To Eat Less Of During 10

5 Tips to Increase Iron Absorption in the Diet

In his book, Dr. Moreno makes it a point to take the word never off the table when it comes to describing foods hed like you to eat less of during the 10-Day Stabilize Phase.

Some of the foods hed like you to eat less of include the following:

  • Fast food youd get at a drive thru
  • Foods containing white flour such as breads and pastas
  • Excessive caffeine

My Overall Thoughts And Review Of The 17 Day Kickstart Diet Book

I honestly did not know what to expect from Dr. Morenos new book.

I was secretly hoping hed revamp the original 17 Day Diet .

However, after reading his new book, I am really excited about this BRAND NEW diet!

Im equally excited that he left the original 17 Day Diet in tact as its been more of a lifestyle than a diet to many people for well over a decade now and has, for the most part, stood the test of time and helped transform thousands of lives.

Rule Of 2s Further Explored

You might have read about this rule during the 3-Day Scrub phase up above. Lets explain it a bit more.

Directly from Dr. Moreno in his new book, he explains this rule of thumb as follows:

Its called the Rule of 2s, and it means eating no more than two servings of fruit or starchy carbohydrates each day, and only eating them before 2 p.m.

Naturally, youd think to include legumes into the starchy list to consume before 2pm because if youre a long-time fan of the 17 Day Diet, then thats what weve been conditioned to do.

In the brand new 17 Day Kickstart Diet, Dr. Moreno specifically mentions sweet potatoes as an example of a starchy carbohydrate.

In the sample meal plan in the book, dinner features legumes throughout. Now, you might be thinking, But I thought we had to eat legumes before 2pm!

Eating legumes before 2pm is a part of the original 17 Day Diet.

Is there inconsistency in this new book or is this more of a plant forward way of thinking when it comes to plant-based protein sources?

Ill take a guess and say the latter.

Legumes are one of the best sources of resistance starch and they contain a high amount of fiber and provide protein for those who are cutting down on meat intake.

At the end of the day, making a diet work for you is always best.

If you find youre eating a lot of legumes for dinner and youre having difficulty losing weight on this diet, consider eating more legumes for lunch instead.

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What Can You Eat

The eating plan on the 17-Day Diet reduces the intake of carbohydrates by eliminating all refined carbohydrates and sugars. The diet does allow for some whole grains and prioritizes low-carb vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats. The 17-Day Diet works in cycles, with different foods allowed during different cycles.

The program includes three meals per day plus snacks. The goal is to keep people who are following the diet from getting hungry. From the first cycle, you can eat as much as you want of specific proteins and the so-called “cleansing” vegetables.

The diet blueprint includes suggested meal plans for all days, although you can mix and match those plans to suit your own tastes. You also can elect to do fast days in between the cycles to supposedly jump-start your weight loss.

To follow the 17-Day Diet, it’s helpful to purchase Dr. Moreno’s book, which includes meal plans and recipes along with the diet blueprint. Still, most meal templates are simple. For example, a typical breakfast in Cycle 2 includes 1 cup of lean granola with 6 ounces of no-sugar-added fruit-flavored yogurt, while a typical dinner would feature garlic shrimp, steamed green beans, and a large tossed salad dressed with 1 tablespoon olive oil.

Many well-loved foods are off the table for the duration of the 17-Day Diet. Though proponents say this is what accelerates weight loss, you may find it makes the diet tricky to follow when eating or socializing with friends and family.

Foods To Eat During The Arrive Cycle

The 17 Day Kickstart Diet: A Doctor

The Arrive cycle allows all of the food options mentioned above with the option of eating three of your favorite meals from Friday dinner to Sunday dinner.

Youre also allowed the following:

  • One to two alcoholic drinks on weekends.
  • The option to swap main meals for broth-based soups.
  • The option to substitute one fruit serving for a 3/4 cup of unsweetened fruit juice or 1 cup of vegetable juice.


The 17 Day Diet becomes progressively less restrictive through its four cycles and reintroduces many staple foods, such as legumes, grains, pastas, breads and others.

Here is a one-day sample menu for each cycle of the 17 Day Diet.

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What You Can Eat And What You Can’t

The 17 Day Kick-Start Diet is all about focusing on more of the good and less of the bad.

Thats why for each Phase of the diet youll receive a list of foods that you should eat MORE of and a list of foods to eat LESS of .

In each Phase youll focus on eating clean, plant-forward meals. And, as you move through each Phase, youll have more food choices. If you love your beef or chicken dont worry youll still be able to enjoy meat-friendly meals too.

The main goal is to eat naturally and avoid foods that are pre-packaged, processed, and high in sugar, salt and/or fat.

Health Conditions & Dietary Restrictions

The old methods of weight lossthe deprivation diets, the hard-core workouts, the high-fat, no carb, 20-hour fasting, or unrealistic plans served with a side dish of guiltnone of that is going to help you reach optimal health for your body.

The 17 Day Kick Start Diet is different its a healthy way to live your life. The combination of a plant-forward diet combined with a focus on improved mental health, increased movement, better sleep and reduced stress will not only help you lose weight but also be able to reverse the signs of certain diseases.

As with any program, if you have any existing health conditions, its best to speak with your physician before starting The 17 Day Kick-Start Diet.

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The Original 17 Day Diet As A Foundation For The 17 Day Kickstart Diet

I like the concept of using the original 17 Day Diet as a foundation and building upon it.

Making the diet last only 17 days , somehow makes this new 17 Day Kickstart Diet seem less intimidating and achievable, especially if youre starting this new diet for the first time!

If youve been around the original 17 Day Diet for any length of time, you might remember when Dr. Moreno wrote you can do anything for 17 days!

Well, this famous line from his original book has a renewed meaning with his new 17 Day Kickstart Diet.

Its literally only 17 days .

I love that the new diet is broken into three separate phases , but within the 17 day allotment.

This makes the 17 Day Kickstart Diet that much more do-able!

Final Thoughts On The 17 Day Kickstart Diet

Trying 5 day Intermittent Fasting for weight loss(Day-5)/FAT TO FAB diet @Madhu beautiful life

Overall, I feel this book is a bit more organized than his previous 17 Day Diet and 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition books and fairly easy to grasp this new diet .

I will point out that the food lists are a bit unorganized, so I may organize them for readers so its easier to navigate!

Do you want to know what I thought the best part of the book is?

For me, it was 100% the introduction. I know, right?

Dr. Mike , opened up and was extremely vulnerable.

His story kept me reading, it showed me that even though he is an MD, he struggles just like us!

From the challenges from his marriage ending to losing both his sister and mother in the same year to his own weight gain and health struggles, I saw him in a new light.

A decade ago when I was first introduced to the original 17 Day Diet, Dr. Moreno was sort of this authority figure with MD behind his name teaching us about the 17 Day Diet.

After reading the introduction in his new book, I connected with him as a human being rather than a doctor probably for the first time ever.

And that left an impact on me.

If he can overcome his weight and health struggles, I know I can, too!

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Is A Simple 17 Day Kickstart Diet Meal Plan 100% Vegetarian

This meal plan follows the Kickstart Diet 100%. Even though the Kickstart Diet is a plat forward way of eating, animal based proteins are still allowed during different phases of the diet.

My A Simple 17 Day Kickstart Diet Meal Plan follows this same concept.

If youre looking for more vegetarian options, make sure you check out my new recipe book, Greens & Things Vegetarian Recipe Book.

The 17 Day Diet: Food For Thought

Despite the plan’s title, you will not lose weight quickly and keep it off after being on this plan for only 17 days.

Alternating between cycle 1 and cycle 2 might prevent boredom, but it really is just a strategy to cut calories and give you staying power to stick with the plan.

Although the evidence is lacking to substantiate Moreno’s weight loss theory of metabolic adjustment to burn fat, the principles of the diet are the foundation of all good diet plans: Cut calories eat healthy foods limit sugars, alcohol, and refined starches and get regular exercise. That’s solid advice that will lead to successful weight control.

Eat fruit whenever you want and add a once-daily multivitamin mineral to fill in nutritional gaps and the 17 Day Diet could be your answer to long-term weight control.

Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, is director of nutrition for WebMD. Her opinions and conclusions are her own.

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The 17 Day Diet: How It Works

Dieters clean up their diets, getting rid of fast foods, sweets, refined grains, and more in cycle one. This phase is designed to “improve digestive health, help clear sugar from blood to boost fat-burning and discourage fat storage,” Moreno says.

Cycle 2 “causes calorie confusion, resets your metabolism by increasing and decreasing calorie intake to stimulate fat burning and prevent plateaus,” Moreno writes in The 17 Day Diet.

Cycle 3 has a liberalized meal plan that reintroduces healthy foods in proper portions along with one alcoholic drink per day. Expect weight loss to slow down unless you forgo alcohol and/or increase aerobic exercise.

Assuming you achieve your weight loss goal by the end of cycle 3, you can progress to cycle 4 or maintenance. If not, return to cycle two and three until you arrive at your goal weight.

Strategic cheating is the bonus in the final phase, where you can enjoy your favorite foods, within reason, on weekends. Dieters are allowed up to three favorite meals during the weekends.

Throughout the plan, dieters are encouraged to use portion control, eat breakfast, lots of salads, make healthy substitutes , get in touch with their hunger cues, drink at least 64 ounces of water daily, and eat slowly.

How Each Phase Works

The 17 Day Kickstart Diet Book Review By Dr. Moreno (in

The Kick-Start Philosophy is: more of the good, less of the bad. Its a lifestyle you can adopt and follow for the long haul.

Its not all or nothing, instead its making daily choices and setting yourself up for long-term success. No more guilt, no more failure.

Youll learn to celebrate every victory and live life with a positive mindset.

  • Lose weight safely and keep it off.
  • Reduce bloating and chronic inflammation.
  • Boost your immune system and get sick less often.
  • Reduce stress and improve your sleep.
  • Improve your mood, concentration and increase your mental acuity.
  • Feel better and have more energy.

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Quick Overview: What Is The 17 Day Kickstart Diet

As I briefly mentioned above, the 17 Day Kickstart Diet by Dr. Moreno is a plant forward way of eating.

A decade since his original release of the 17 Day Diet, many studies have shown that eating more plants and less animal protein is better for both your health and for the environment.

He brings up important points in his book that it takes a lot of energy and water to raise animals so eating less meat is better for the future ecosystem.

Plus, animals are fed grains , antibiotics and experience other environmental factors that make its meat less healthy for humans.

The 17 Day Kickstart Diet is NOT a full plant powered weight loss diet.

Its simply eating less animal proteins, more vegetables, fruits and fish and sprinkling in chicken and the occasional beef when you feel like you want it.

I personally agree with this philosophy and happy to hear Dr. Moreno has come to this same conclusion, too.

Chapter 1: The Cbd Revolution

I do want to specifically point out that he dedicates an entire chapter on the health benefits of CBD .

If youre not sure what CBD is, you can read about it my step-by-step post over on my Busy Bees Wellness Blog titled, What is CBD? A Beginners Guide to Cannabidiol written a few years ago.

CBD is often misunderstood and carries a stigma as Dr. Moreno points out in his new book.

Im very happy to hear that he included this in his book because its such a wonderful plant-based, natural routine you can include into your lifestyle to help with joint pain, help calm your mind, help you sleep better, and even lose weight!

Ive been taking CBD for a number of years now .

If you want to check out the details while you wait for your Kickstart book to arrive, make sure you check out my What is CBD blog post as it goes into detail, just like Dr. Mikes book, and then some, including links to science-backed research!

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What You Need To Know

If you have food allergies or intolerances, following the 17-Day Diet should be relatively simpleyou’ll just need to eliminate the foods you can’t have. For those with nut or dairy allergies, it’s easy, since those foods are mostly not included in the diet blueprint. It’s also easy to follow the diet if you follow a gluten-free diet since it mentions when you can have foods such as gluten-free bread and gluten-free pasta.

The program also includes “transitional day fasts,” which are supposed to “coax your body into additional fat-burning between cycles.” These fasts are optional, according to Dr. Moreno. If you choose to do the transitional day fasts, you’ll consume smoothies in three liquid meals on your fasting days. The smoothies contain almond milk, yogurt, whey powder, powdered fiber, plus fruit.

There are four phases, or “cycles,” on the 17-Day Diet, the first three of which are 17 days long. Here’s a breakdown of each cycle, according to Dr. Moreno’s book:

The 17-Day Diet may be more difficult to follow if you’re a vegetarian or vegan since it relies heavily on poultry- and fish-based protein, especially in the first two cycles.

  • Fish and low-fat poultry

  • Shellfish and higher-fat poultry

  • Poultry, bacon, and sausage

  • Red meat and pork

  • Starchy vegetables

  • Low-sugar fruit

  • High-sugar fruit

  • Milk, ice cream, and most other dairy products

  • Foods with added sugar

  • Flavored coffee drinks







Whats Next After The First 17 Days

After Thanksgiving Day Salad! BEST Detox Salad to Kickstart your Health the Holidays | #shorts

In his new book, Dr. Mike explains there are three options to choose from when you complete your 17 Day Kickstart Diet.

Directly from his book, the doctor writes:

If you still have twenty-plus pounds to lose, you can return to Scrub and begin the seventeen-day program again.

If you have ten to twenty pounds more to lose, you can toggle between Soak Up and Stabilize until youve reached your desired weight loss.

If you have ten or fewer pounds to lose, you can repeat the Stabilize phase until youve reached your goal weight.

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Quick Overview Of The 17 Day Kickstart Diet

The 17 Day Kickstart Diet is 17 days long with three distinct phases.

The first three days of the 17 Day Kickstart Diet is called the 3-Day Scrub Phase where youll eat more plant forward foods to help release toxins.

The next four days of the 17 Day Kickstart Diet is called the 4-Day Soak Up Phase where youll continue to eat the same foods, but add in new additions of food.

The main idea behind the 4-Day Soak Up phase is to feel full and satisfied.

Finally, the last 10 days of the 17 Day Kickstart Diet is called the 10-Day Stabilize Phase.

Its during this last phase where youll add in different animal based proteins, more starchy vegetables and whole grains such as oats, breads and pastas.

The main idea behind the 10-Day Stabilize phase is to stabilize your health, lifestyle and eating habits.

Here are the approved foods by phase taken directly from his book, but organized by food type in an easier-to-understand format.

Foods To Avoid During 3

In the 17 Day Kickstart Diet book, Dr. Moreno has a long list of foods to avoid during the first 3 days of the diet. Here they are directly from the book:

Beef, pork, lamb, and any other land-animal meat other than chickenShellfishProcessed meats: deli meats, hot dogs, bacon, sausageProcessed fake meats: Beyond Burger, Impossible Foods, tofurkey, etc.Fast food Fried foodsAll dairy and all grainsHigh-starch veggies: potatoes , corn, carrots, beetsNutsAll artificial sweetenersAll added sugars The 3 Cs: canola oil, corn oil, and cottonseed oil The 3 Ss: soybean oil, sunflower oil, and safflower oil

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