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What Diet Is Good For Kidney Disease

Eat The Right Amount Of Calories

Kidney Disease Diet: How To Eat Right With CKD!

Calories are like fuel and give your body energy. Calories come from the protein, fat and carbs in your diet. How many calories you need depends on your age, gender, body size and activity level.

You may need to adjust how many calories you eat to stay at a healthy weight. Some people will need to limit the calories they eat. Others may need to have more calories. Your doctor or dietitian can help you figure out how many calories you should have each day.

How Is A Kidney Disease Diet Different

People following a kidney disease diet might need to change the amount of fluids and/or the following nutrients in their diet:

  • Phosphorus

Eating the right amount of these nutrients may help control the buildup of fluid and waste in your body. This helps your kidneys to not work as hard to filter out the extra waste and fluids from your blood.

You will most likely still be able to include small amounts of foods with these nutrients. If your kidney function worsens, however, you might need to be more strict or make additional dietary changes. Based on your blood test results, your healthcare team will let you know if you need to change anything in your diet.

Reduce Your Protein Intake

As kidney disease gets worse, you may need to swap out your breakfast omelets for oatmeal. A lower-protein diet may be advised for some people who have chronic kidney disease once they reach stage 4 or 5 but before they start dialysis, says Michelle Routhenstein. Shes a registered dietitian in New York City. This will depend on many factors that need to be individually assessed.To understand how protein becomes a problem, it helps to note that your kidneys play a key role in breaking it down. If they arent operating efficiently, then eating protein can lead to a buildup of ammonia in your blood. That makes kidney failure even worse.Dialysis can help here. This treatment uses a machine to filter your blood. Your doctor will likely recommend it once your kidneys have lost 85% of their filtration power, according to the NKF.Once youre on dialysis, your protein needs will likely go back up, says Routhenstein. That means adding foods such as fish, beans and lean meat. Work with your doctor and nutritionist to figure out how much protein you should consume every day.

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How To Rewire Your Brain To Lose Weight Fast

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What Can I Drink On The Keto Diet Besides Water

Foods That Are Good For The Kidneys

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Nutritional Management Of Kidney Disease

When it comes to managing kidney disease through dietary modification, there are three primary factors to focus on:

  • Restricted high-quality protein
  • Low phosphorus content
  • Relatively low sodium content
  • Increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins may help as well. Its also important to ensure that your cat gets plenty of moisture in his diet. Cats with kidney disease often experience an increase in urination which may lead to dehydration if the cat doesnt drink more water or have enough moisture content in their diets to compensate.

    Learn More About Nutrition For People With Ckd

    Proper nutrition for people with CKD is extremely important. For people in the early stages, a lower sodium diet may be prescribed if blood pressure is high. Major changes in food intake may not be the primary focus of treatment, but this doesnt mean you cant take steps to be as healthy as possible. A balanced diet helps our bodies function efficiently and gives us enough energy to sustain our activity level. Too much food leads to a calorie surplus, which is stored as fat and leads to weight gain. Too few calories lead to weight and muscle loss.

    If youre in the later stages of CKD, your doctor will refer you to a kidney dietitian. Your dietitian will create an eating plan designed to help keep you healthy and lengthen the life of your kidneys.

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    How To Extract Potassium From Fruits

    If possible, substitute fresh or frozen fruits with canned fruits. The potassium in canned products leaches into the water or juice, thus reducing potassium levels in the fruits. If a person includes this juice in their meal or consumes it, their potassium levels may rise.

    The juice often has a high salt content, which causes the body to retain water. This can result in kidney issues. So, before consuming the canned fruits, they must drain the juice and rinse the fruits thoroughly to reduce the salt and potassium content.

    Soaking in water and rinsing the fresh fruits thoroughly before consuming helps eliminate unwanted compounds.

    Making The Mediterranean Diet Work For Kidney Health

    Nutrition and Kidney Disease

    Before diving right into the Mediterranean lifestyle, there are some important things to consider if you have CKD. First, because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to a kidney-friendly diet, you may need to adjust the MedDiet for your individual needs, particularly on protein.

    Well walk through some of the specific nutrients to keep in mind, but the #1 strategy is to have an expert renal dietitian in your corner! A renal dietitian can help you develop a personalized plan to incorporate the Mediterranean diet effectively.

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    The Best Homemade Cat Food For Cats With Kidney Disease

    This recipe was developed by Dr. Meredith Wall, BA, BVSc. Wall completed a Bachelor of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney in 2012 and a combined clinical nutrition residency and PhD at Massey University in 2022.

    In an in-depth article published in January 2020, Wall answers the question: Should I feed my cat with chronic kidney disease a raw diet. The article discusses the potential problems with protein restriction and explores the subject of supplementation as part of a raw diet for cats with kidney disease. After testing and evaluating the nutritional content of several recipes, she settled on the following recipe as her primary recommendation.

    NOTE: Wall recommends using a digital kitchen scale to ensure accurate measurements. Measure all quantities precisely do not estimate.

    • 470 grams raw chicken thigh
    • 30 grams canned pink salmon
    • 90 grams salted butter, softened
    • 220 grams cooked short-grain white rice
    • 100 grams raw pumpkin, chopped
    • 60 grams raw spinach
    • 1 gram iodized table salt

    Foods To Avoid For Kidney Health

    If you have kidney disease, youll need to control the amount of sodium, potassium and phosphorus you have in your diet. Everyones bodies handle food differently, so youll want to discuss your specific and individual diet needs with your healthcare provider or the registered dietitian at your dialysis center. In the meantime, here are some general tips to follow for a renal diet.

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    Can I Get Help To Create A Kidney

    Ask your doctor to refer you to a dietitian . The dietitian will help you create a kidney-friendly eating plan that includes the foods you enjoy.

    You can talk to a dietitian about the foods you enjoy or any special requirements you have and they will help you create a kidney-friendly eating plan that is right for you. Remember, even diets that may offer health benefits to some people are not always safe for people with kidney disease. Always talk to a dietitian before increasing or decreasing your daily intake of certain foods or nutrients. A dietitian is the best person to help you create a meal plan that protects your kidneys and keeps you as healthy as possible.

    Medicare and many private insurance plans pay for a certain number of visits with a dietitian each year. Call your insurance company to ask if your plan covers medical nutrition therapy with a dietitian. MNT is an approach to treat kidney disease through a tailored nutrition plan. As part of MNT, a dietitian will review your current eating habits, create a healthy eating plan that includes your preferences and help you overcome eating challenges.

    Plan Out Meals And Snacks

    8 Foods That Heal Kidneys

    One of the biggest challenges in sticking with a ketogenic diet absolutely requires a plan. Therefore, meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking are essential in sticking to a keto diet .

    Be sure to have healthy snacks planned out and easily available. This can be incredibly helpful when it comes to preparation and satisfying hunger when you dont have the time or energy to make a meal.

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    Foods Featured In The Mediterrannean Diet

    What is it about this eating pattern that makes it so synergistic for health? A few different features of the MedDiet make it one of the healthiest diets on earth first, it is full of heart-healthy fats second, high in fiber, and lastly, rich in polyphenols.

    The list below outlines the different foods included in the Mediterranean dietary pattern and how often they are eaten.

    High amounts:

    • Processed convenience foods

    Its not just how these foods in isolation make an impact it is how they work together synergistically to provide significant benefits to heart health!

    If the foods listed above have you feeling conflicted, you are not alone! If you have CKD, youve probably heard that you should avoid whole grains, nuts, and beans because of the phosphorus and potassium.

    The truth is that many people with CKD dont need to restrict all of these foods in fact, newer research supports thatthe Mediterranean diet can positively impact kidney health!

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    Watch Your Alcohol Intake

    Alcohol harms your kidneys in several ways, explains Maruschak. Its a waste product that your kidneys have to filter out of your blood and it makes your kidneys less efficient. Its dehydrating, which can affect the kidneys ability to regulate your bodys water levels. It can affect your liver function, which in turn can impact blood flow to the kidneys and lead to CKD over time. And a high alcohol intake has been liked to an increased risk of high blood pressure, which can lead to kidney disease.

    Maruschak says both men and women should drink no more than one alcoholic beverage per day. Thats 12 ounces of regular beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Its always best to speak with your physician about your alcohol intake, as some people should not be consuming any alcohol at all, she says.

    Choose Complex Carbs Over Simple Carbs

    Kidney Diet Tips: Is watermelon safe for kidney disease patients on a renal diet

    Carbohydrates are your bodys main source of energy, and those that occur naturally in fresh foods are filled with fiber to support heart and gut health and keep your blood sugar levels steady. However, simple carbs such as added sugars in desserts, sweetened beverages, and many packaged foods can spike blood sugar and increase the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

    As part of an overall healthy diet, you should limit sweets and foods with added sugars , says Maruschak. Healthier carbohydrate choices include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, and lentils.

    If you have diabetes and are on insulin, you may need to be even more careful about your carbohydrate intake. It is likely that people will need to count carbohydrates at meal times so they can dose their insulin correctly, says Maruschak.

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    How Can I Slow The Damage To My Kidneys

    Damage to your kidneys cannot be reversed, but you can keep it from getting worse. By following your treatment plan and making healthy life changes, you can help keep your kidneys working for as long as possible.

    Take these steps to slow the damage to your kidneys:

    • Work with your doctor to manage diabetes and high blood pressure.
    • Take all of your prescription medicines as your doctor tells you.
    • Have visits with a kidney doctor to check your blood levels and overall health.
    • Follow a kidney-friendly eating plan. A dietitian can help you make a plan that works for you.
    • Be active for 30 minutes most days of the week.
    • Drink less alcohol. The healthy guidelines for drinking alcohol are:
    • For men: No more than two drinks per day
    • For women: No more than one drink per day
  • Quit smoking or using tobacco.
  • A Quick Overview Of Kidney Disease In Cats

    Before talking about nutritional management of kidney disease in cats, there are a few details you need to know about this condition.

    There are several different forms of kidney disease in cats, but chronic kidney disease is the most common.

    The kidneys filter waste products out of the bloodstream but when they stop working properly, those waste products begin to accumulate. Common symptoms of CKD include lethargy, poor coat quality, weight loss, and loss of appetite.

    Another form of kidney disease in cats is polycystic kidney disease . This is an inherited condition that causes fluid-filled sacs called cysts to grow in the kidneys. At birth, these cysts are small enough that they dont cause issues, but they will eventually grow in size and number, doing more and more damage to the cats kidneys. Eventually, as kidney function declines, the cat can go into kidney failure.

    For more in-depth information about PKD, check out our in-depth article.

    According to the Cornell Feline Health Center, the diagnosis of kidney disease typically involves blood tests and urinalysis to evaluate kidney function. These tests measure the concentration of waste products in your cats blood as well as other factors that indicate abnormal kidney function.

    Unfortunately, there is no definitive cure for the various forms of kidney disease.

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    Managing Potassium In Fruit

    Fruits sometimes get a bad rap because of their potassium content, which some people living with CKD have to limit. While some fruits do have high potassium, you can still enjoy many of them in small portions so you can benefit from their nutrients while keeping your potassium level under control. Your own potassium level will determine if you need to be more careful when selecting the best fruits for you.

    Foods With Magnesium Keto

    What Foods Are Good For Kidney?

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