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What Foods Are On The Keto Diet

Low Carb Vegetables List

Keto Friendly Foods Keto Snacks & Desserts by Dr.Berg

Vegetables are some of the most nutritious foods on the planet, and should make up a large portion of your keto meals.

Because of their low calorie count, vegetables also tend to be an easy way to eat a larger portion of food without going over your calorie or carb limits! Additionally, their high fiber and nutrient content provide numerous health and nutrition benefits.

However, like many plant based options, certain veggies can contain high amounts of carbohydrates. The key is to choose more non-starchy vegetables that are low in calories and high in water content and nutrition. Luckily, this is almost all vegetables.

Here is your list of the most popular low carb veggies for keto:

Green Keto Blueberry Avocado Shake

This is a big, satisfying, clean green power keto shake that’ll stifle your hunger pangs without impacting your blood sugar. Avocado and coconut milk produce longer-lasting levels of energy because they are both loaded with healthy fats. This is the basic principle behind diets like keto and paleo, which advocate consuming high levels of these types of fats so that you don’t need to rely on refined carbs or sugars to power you through the day.

Get our recipe for Green Keto Blueberry Avocado Shake.

Phase : The Attack Phase

The attack phase is intended to jump-start weight loss. During this first phase, participants will eat only lean protein from the allowable protein list the diet provides, along with 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran and a minimum of six cups of water per day. During this time, your body is supposed to enter ketosis, similar to other low-carb plans, the idea being that you will use your fat stores as fuel. It is also recommended to include moderate exercise into a participant’s day. Typically, that attack phase lasts 3-7 days, depending on how much weight a person wants to lose.

Protein foods allowed in this phase include lean meats, fish, eggs, nonfat dairy products, and seitan. Small amounts of oil, lemon juice, and pickles are permitted. Artificial sweeteners, dietary gelatin and shirataki noodles, low-carb noodles made from glucomannon, can be eaten in unlimited quantities.

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Keto Food List For Beginners

What foods can you eat on the keto diet? Transitioning to this fat-fueled lifestyle might feel overwhelming or even a little mystifying, but weve done the work to help you get started. We compiled a comprehensive list of keto-approved foods so you dont have to worry about whether something is macro-friendly.

Heres how to read this list: Within each category, well list which foods to eat freely, which to eat moderately and which foods to avoid on keto. Treat this list as a starting point for your next grocery store trip. Prioritize whole foods, stay away from ultra-processed ones and pay attention to how you feel along the way. When possible, go with grass-fed, pasture-raised and/or organic products as you embark on your keto journey.

Ham Mushroom & Spinach Frittata

The Best Ketogenic Diet Recipes

Try a filling frittata that’s low in calories and guaranteed to keep you going until lunch. Save half in the fridge overnight if you’re cooking for one

  • A star rating of 3.7 out of 5.16 ratings

    Forget toast and serve your scrambled eggs with fresh tomatoes and spinach for a speedy supercharged breakfast

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    Creamy Ham And Broccoli Soup

    This mouth-watering dish is made up of hunks of ham and broccoli florets, which are swimming in a rich, creamy broth that features full-fat cheddar cheese. Checks every keto-friendly box, doesn’t it? And who doesn’t love a warm bowl of soup? Whether it’s getting colder outside and you’re in the mood for something warm, or you find yourself just in the mood for some tasty comfort food, this is a healthy soup you’ll turn to again and again.

    Get our recipe for Creamy Ham and Broccoli Soup.

    We already know and love strawberries with whipped cream, but try adding mascarpone to the mix for a delicious Italian twist. Classic whipped cream benefits from the creaminess, lightness, and the subtle tangy finish of mascarpone Not to mention, this is a keto-friendly dessert!

    Get our recipe for Keto Strawberries Mascarpone.

    Legumes Nuts And Seeds

    Although excellent sources of fat, nuts add up quickly in protein and carbs. Snack on fattier nuts such as walnuts, macadamia nuts and pecans, but limit those high in inflammatory omega-6s, like peanuts and sunflower seeds. Foods to avoid on keto include high-carb nuts like pistachios and chestnuts, and pass on most beans, too.

    Use nut milks and nut flours in moderation, and check your labelsmacronutrients can vary widely between brands. Youll want a product with fewer carb counts per serving and no extra additives, sugar, starches or binders.

    Need inspiration? Whip up a batch of Fluffy Almond Flour Pancakes or Low-Carb Almond Flour Pie Crust.

    More Diet Tips From Bulletproof

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    Calorie Depletion And Nutrient Deficiency

    Because the keto diet is so restricted, youre not receiving the nutrients vitamins, minerals, fibers that you get from fresh fruits, legumes, vegetables and whole grains, says Dr. Ring.

    Due to these deficiencies, people also report feeling foggy and tired. These symptoms have been dubbed the keto flu. Constipation is also common on the keto diet due to the lack of fiber.

    On paper, burning fats by eating more of them is enticing.

    Keto Fats And Oils List

    Keto Food List for Beginners, the ultimate eating guide! – Dr. Boz

    The best keto-friendly fats and oils include:

    Eat moderately: Chicken fat, duck and goose fat grain-fed butter and ghee nut oils

    Avoid: Canola, cottonseed, corn, flaxseed, peanut and soy oils linoleic safflower and sunflower oils commercial lard low-carb commercial dressings margarine

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    Zucchini Streusel Keto Muffins

    These zucchini streusel muffins take about 15 minutes to prep, and then an additional half-hour to bake in the oven, so it doesn’t take you much time at all to create a breakfast muffin that is great to kickstart your day. They’re made with almond and coconut flour and milk and zucchini, which is truly a versatile vegetable.

    Get our recipe for Zucchini Streusel Keto Muffins.

    How Does The Ketogenic Diet Work

    The aim of ketogenic diets is to send the body into a state of ketosis by using a very strict low-carb diet. This umbrella term can include diets such as the Atkins diet, Dukan diet and LCHF diets such as the banting diet, although the ratios of fat, protein and carbs and other specific features of each diet can vary.

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    What Does Fiber Do In Your Body

    Fiber is the key that keeps your digestive system running smoothly. It soothes irritable bowel syndrome and cleans out toxins from our bodies by pushing them through our intestines rather than holding on to them for too long.

    Dietary fiber is the key that helps you have a better stool. It absorbs water and adds bulk to your stools, making them easier for passage as well as helping maintain good bowl hygiene.

    Keto Diet: What To Eat

    Complete Keto Diet Food List: What to Eat and Avoid on a Low

    For a diet to be truly ‘keto’ only 5-10% of daily energy should come from carbohydrates, which amounts to less than 50g of carbs a day. The rest should be coming 10-20% from protein and 70-80% from fats. Although the fat content is higher, for success on a keto diet, it is encouraged that you build your meals around high protein foods, as protein has been shown to help with feelings of satiety, according to a study in the British Journal of Nutrition .

    Sophie Medlin, leading consultant dietitian and founder of City Dietitians, explains further: The keto diet is based on the idea that you will use fat from your diet or fat stored in your body as your main sources of energy as opposed to carbohydrates and your body fat as your main sources of energy. That means that on the keto diet, people generally eat high protein foods such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy and low carbohydrate vegetables such as kale, broccoli and spinach.

    Many people on the keto diet buy keto products which are generally highly processed foods packed with preservatives, sweeteners and emulsifiers which are not recommended as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

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    What Is The Keto Diet

    The ketogenic diet is super high in fat , super low in carbohydrates , and moderate in protein . This is a pretty drastic departure from the generally recommended macronutrient distribution of 20% to 35% protein, 45% to 65% carbohydrates, and 10% to 35% fat.

    The most important component of the keto diet is a natural and normal process called ketosis. Normally, bodies run very well on glucose. Glucose is produced when the body breaks down carbohydrates. It’s a very simple process, which is why it’s the body’s preferred way to produce energy.

    When you cut back on carbs or just haven’t eaten in a while, your body looks for other sources of energy to fill the void. Fat is typically that source. When your blood sugar drops because you’re not feeding your body carbs, fat is released from your cells and floods the liver. The liver turns the fat into ketone bodies, which your body uses as its second choice for energy.

    What Is Keto Flu

    The keto flu is a group of symptoms that occurs when the body runs out of glucose and begins using fats as the main source of energy. This is known as ketosis.

    Individuals may feel nausea, brain fog, headaches, dizziness and restlessness for the first few weeks. This is a natural process that occurs during fasting and caloric deficits. And while the effects of the keto flu are short-term, they can be startling if not expected.

    Reducing carbohydrate consumption and regulating food could be overwhelming both physically and mentally at first. But if you follow the diet to the letter, exercise and get adequate sleep, you could start seeing results within a few weeks.

    To get you started, here is a breakdown of foods that you can eat while on the keto diet. The list includes carbohydrate amounts in keto-friendly cooking oils , lean meats , veggies and flours for baking. This will help you make good food choices that will keep your body fueled throughout the day.

    We also have a printable keto foods list for your next grocery trip!

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    This Can Be A Very Low

    Keeping your carb count near 20 reduces your calorie consumption too. Carb-heavy foods are some of the most calorie-dense foods we eat, mainly because we eat a lot of them. If you cut carbs, you dramatically reduce your possible calorie intake.

    Some days, I struggled to get over 1,200 calories. For my goal of 1,800 calories, I fell short almost every day. That’s enough of a calorie deficit to produce weight loss, even without the low-carb count.

    Are There Any Ketogenic Diet Side Effects

    Ketogenic Diet Plan for Beginners – Dr. Berg

    Short term effects of keto are often linked to keto fluImmediately after starting the diet during the first week, some dieters may experience what is referred to as the keto flu. The keto flu is a term colloquially used to describe the general feelings of malaise some dieters feel at the beginning of the low-carb high-fat diet.

    While not all dieters experience keto flu, some symptoms can include:

    • flu-like symptoms like weakness or muscle soreness
    • intense sugar cravings and withdrawal
    • changes to bowel movements like constipation or diarrhea
    • muscle cramps or charley horses
    • poor concentration

    Keto flu can be prevented or helped by focusing on getting plenty of sleep, increasing electrolyte intake, and reducing consumption of dehydrating drinks like caffeine and alcohol.

    But fear not! Starting out with keto has some positive benefits, too.During the initial adjustment phase most dieters report rapid weight loss losing up to 10 lbs of body weight in 2 weeks or less. After the adjustment period weight loss will be slower and normalize.

    Long term effects of ketoWhile extensive studies of keto dont exist, avid fans of keto and other low-carb diets effuse ketos praise for improving not only their waistlines, but their overall health and well-being too. Some positive benefits of keto include:

    • improved energy levels

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    This article was published on 19 March 2021.

    Nicola Shubrook is a nutritional therapist and works with both private clients and the corporate sector. She is an accredited member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council . Find out more at

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    What Is The Dukan Diet And How Does It Work

    French general practitioner Pierre Dukan created the Dukan diet back in the 1970s. At its core, the Dukan diet is a low carbohydrate and low-fat meal plan built around eating primarily lean protein, drinking water, and taking a daily walk for about 20 minutes. As with most low carbohydrate diets, the theory is that the body transitions to burning fat by limiting carb intake.

    The Dukan diet has four phasesattack, cruise, consolidation, and stabilization. How long you stay in each phase is based on how much weight you want to lose. Before any phase is started, your “true” weight is calculated by using your age, weight loss history, and other factors. The calculation is made by inputting information on the Dukan diet website.

    Once a person is ready to start the diet, they would begin by following the attack phase.

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    Keto Diet Foods: What To Eat And What To Avoid

    Low in carbs and high in protein, these are the keto diet foods to fill your plate with

    For some individuals, the ketogenic diet can be an effective way to lose weight or manage certain conditions but it’s important that it’s undertaken with the supervision of a medical professional. So what are some keto diet foods that you can eat, and which foods are off limits? Weve spoken to the experts to find out what you should and shouldnt be eating if you’re following a keto diet.

    The keto diet works by swapping our bodys energy source from carbohydrates to ketones, which are produced when the body goes into an alternative metabolic state called ketosis. By removing carbohydrates, your body is forced to metabolize fat, which is what produces the ketones that it then uses to run itself. This can initially lead to uncomfortable symptoms, known as the keto flu, which can make it hard to stick to, but these symptoms generally pass with time as your body adjusts.

    Keto Bacon Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

    Keto Diet Foods

    Cloud bread, the lighter-than-air bread used in this keto sandwich, is the perfect low-carb bread substitute for when you need a delicious, comforting slice. Layer it with melty Jack cheese, crispy bacon, pico de gallo, and guacamole for an indulgent keto breakfast or a light but satisfying keto lunch idea. The best part? Cloud bread is foolproof and comes together in an instant.

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    Foods To Avoid On The Keto Diet

    The keto diet is an extremely low carb, high fat diet.

    The goal is to achieve a metabolic state of ketosis, in which your body burns mostly fat instead of carbs for energy .

    While controversial and not for everyone, the keto diet has been linked to weight loss and potential short-term health benefits like improved blood pressure .

    If youre looking to begin or maintain ketosis, there are some foods to avoid specifically, foods that are too high in carbs.

    The structure of carb molecules is simple, making them easy for your body to break down. Thus, theyre an efficient source of energy. If your body is provided a lot of carbs, especially at once, it will do whats most efficient: use carbs instead of fat for energy .

    On the keto diet, carbs are typically restricted to 2050 grams per day. Generally, this total doesnt tally the portion of carbs made up of dietary fiber, as these arent digested by your body .

    On a 2,000-calorie diet, a keto diet will typically be composed of 5560% fat, 3035% protein, and 510% carbs .

    Here are 16 foods to avoid or limit on the keto diet, some of which might surprise you.

    Eating refined high carb foods like white bread, pasta, rice, and pastries could prevent a ketogenic state if you end up getting more than your daily carb allowance.

    Heres the carb count per portion of these starchy foods (

    36 grams 2.5 grams
    1 drink 36 grams

    Healthy Keto Fats List

    Fat comes from both animal and plant based sources, and can be found in a whole food or as an extraction, such as oil and butter.

    Animal fat is a source of saturated fat that is less desirable due to its association with increased blood cholesterol.

    Thus the best keto fats are unsaturated fats that provide benefits to heart health, brain health, and improved mood. Plant based foods, along with some high fat fish, seafood, and whole eggs tend to be the best source of healthy fats to eat.

    However, plants are also commonly a source of carbohydrates, so it can be a challenge to find choices high in healthy fat while also low in carb count. This is where net carb counts come into play.

    Many quality fats, like nuts, seeds, and avocado, may seem high carb at first glance but once you subtract fiber, their total net carbs is well within reason.

    Here’s your list for the best plant based sources of fat for keto:

    • Cacao and unsweetened dark chocolate

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