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Zero Coke Vs Diet Coke

Definition Of Coke Diet

Coke Zero vs Diet Coke – Which is Better?

Also known as coca-cola Light in some countries, Coke Diet aimed to be a sugar-free soft drink. It was sweetened with aspartame with the blend saccharin. The product was marketed for those consumers who need low sugar in their drink. It was also aimed to be a drink for diabetes patients who have reservations with calorie intake. It has a minimum quantity of calorie. The version has a number of other names and varieties known as Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla, Coca-Cola Light Sango, Diet Coke with Citrus Zest, Diet Coke Plus, etc.

Here’s The Difference Between Diet Coke Coke Zero And Coke Zero Sugar

The Coca-Cola Company announced in 2017 that it was going to discontinue Coke Zero and replace it with Coke Zero Sugar to give it an even better unique blend of flavors than what gave Coke Zero its real Coca-Cola taste.

Even though the whole release seemed more like a marketing move than an actual new product release, people were not too pleased with the news. We cant claim to know the motivation behind the release, but one things for sure: Coca-Cola got in on the anti-sugar train right on time.

This upset got us thinking: what is the actual difference between Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coke Zero Sugar? If you look at the ingredients between the three, they arent actually all that different. And, in fact, Coke Zero and Coke Zero Sugar have exactly the same ingredient list.

Heres the list of ingredients in Diet Coke:

Carbonated water, caramel color, aspartame, phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate, natural flavors, citric acid, caffeine.

Heres the list of ingredients in Coke Zero:

Carbonated water, caramel color, phosphoric acid, aspartame, potassium benzoate, natural flavors, potassium citrate, acesulfame potassium, caffeine.

And heres the list of ingredients in Coke Zero Sugar:

Carbonated water, caramel color, phosphoric acid, aspartame, potassium benzoate, natural flavors, potassium citrate, acesulfame potassium, caffeine,

How do these ingredients differentiate them nutritionally? Not at all, actually.

But what about the difference in flavor between the drinks?

Are Diet Coke And Coke Zero Different

Diet Coke and Coke Zero both have zero sugar and calories, and the ingredient lists are similar, too. Both consist of carbonated water, caramel color, phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate, aspartame, natural flavors and caffeine .

Coke Zero has two ingredients Diet Coke lacks: potassium citrate and acesulfame potassium.

And Diet Coke has one ingredient thats not in Coke Zero: citric acid.

In this interview, Anna Wheeler, health and nutrition manager for Coca-Cola Great Britain, says that Coca-Cola Zero Sugar looks and tastes more like Coca-Cola Classic, while Diet Coke has a lighter taste because its made with a different blend of flavors.

OK, so thats what the execs say. But are they right?

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Pepsi Zero Vs Coke Zero Caffeine Content

When it comes to caffeine content, there are also a few key differences between Pepsi Zero and Coke Zero.

Pepsi Zero contains 69mg of caffeine per 12oz can, while Coke Zero contains 34mg of caffeine per 12oz can.

Pepsi Zero has significantly more caffeine than Coke Zero and the difference is quite big so if you are looking for a caffeinated beverage, Pepsi Zero is a better option. But if youre sensitive to caffeine or trying to avoid it altogether, then Coke Zero may be the better choice.

Diet Coke And Coke Zero Ingredients


Diet Coke, like Coke, offers very less nutrition but a great taste sans the sugar and calories. As per company website information, a 310 ml can of diet coke contains carbonated water, caramel color, phosphoric and citric acid, aspartame , flavor, sodium benzoate, caffeine, acesulfame potassium.310 ml of diet coke comprises total fat 0g, sodium 25 mg, total sugars 0g, total carbs 0g, Protein 0.1 g, no vitamins

One can of Coca-Cola Zero contains carbonated water, caramel color, phosphoric acid, aspartame, potassium benzoate , natural flavors, potassium citrate, acesulfame potassium, phenylalanine. One can Coca Cola Zero comprises total fats 0g, sodium 40 mg, total carbohydrates 0g, total sugars 0 g, Protein 0 g, calories 0

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What Is Diet Coke

Diet Coke is a sugar-free and calorie-free soft drink produced by the Coca-Cola company. It was first introduced in the United States in 1982 under the name Diet Coke. As of 2019, Diet Coke is available in over 110 countries. The drink is marketed as a healthier alternative to regular Coca-Cola. Diet Coke contains no calories, fat, or sodium.

Which One Contains The Healthiest Artificial Sweetener

There don’t seem to be major differences between aspartame and acesulfame potassium when it comes to nutrition and potential health risks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean either is particularly good for you.

“Both are generally recognized as safe, per FDA standards, however, safety concerns remain,” Chong said. Some health and wellness experts, like those at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, recommend you avoid both aspartame and acesulfame potassium altogether, but studies conducted have been too small and inconclusive.

You might have noticed a warning regarding phenylalanine right below the ingredient list on both sodas. The Mayo Clinic says the amino acid is not a health concern for most people, but it can be a serious health concern for those who have the genetic disorder phenylketonuria . Phenylalanine is found in aspartame, so that’s why you can spot that warning on both Diet Coke and Coke Zero Sugar.

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Sodas And Soft Drinks Other Than Coke Zero Anddiet Coke

It seems like a logical next step to wonder,then, if the problem is sodas and soft drinks in general, or Coke Zero and DietCoke specifically. Some brief research shows us quickly why Coca Cola took theroute they did: removing sugar and calories. The reason they chose to do thiscomes out quickly in that critiques of soft drinks often discuss them withanother name sugary drinks.

The critiques in these articles at many pointszoom in on the root cause of soft drinks health risks as being their very highsugar content. The fact that these sodas remove calories also helps to dodgethe common critique of pop as empty calories, namely calories that have nonutritional or positive health value. Coke Zero and Diet Coke avoid the sugarand calorie issues, but end up falling into new traps of their own as seenabove. For the sake of knowing, then, what is the problem with other sodaoptions?

The problems with sodas are numerous:

Taken as a whole, it is clear that sodas are notgood for us, and that the only way to consume them safely is to do so only veryrarely. A safe guideline is to avoid drinking any more than 450 calories worth,which is roughly three cans of soda or sugary drinks, in any given week.

Overall, it would seem that if a personsintention with a low-carb diet is to become healthier and / or lose weight thatone will be a lot more successful if they either eliminate sodas of all kindsfrom their diets, or at least keeps the number that they drink to a minimum.

What Are The Different Ingredients In The Two Sodas

Coca Cola Line Up Review – Coke Classic vs Diet Coke vs Coke Zero

Diet Coke and Coke Zero Sugar share very similar ingredients, according to nutrition facts listed on Coca-Cola’s website. Both options contain sodium, phenylalanine , carbonated water, caramel color, phosphoric acid , aspartame , potassium benzoate , natural flavors, and caffeine. The two sodas also include ingredients sourced from genetically engineered crops, which are commonly referred to as genetically modified organisms .

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Coke Zero Is Being Replaced With A New Recipe

Coca-Cola replaced Coke Zero with a new recipe and Coke Zero fans had something to say about the change.

While Coke claims that the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar drink will be even better” than the original option and will optimiz the unique blend of flavors that gave Coke Zero its real Coca-Cola taste,” some fans are just flat-out confused by this move

And they’re certainly not afraid to call Coke out

Others are seeing a familiar mistake being made once again

But most are just freaking out

Guys, I know I joke a lot, but I could actually really use some prayer. They’re getting rid of Coke Zero, and I don’t know what to do.

Diet Coke Vs Coke Zero Sugar: Which Sugar

We all have our vices, right? Being from the Midwest, I grew up on pop . For a long time, I was a regular, classic Coca-Cola girl. I just couldn’t get into the taste of Diet Coke even though I knew I was consuming a lot of sugar. Then, Coke Zero came along, and I found a new favorite. I felt like I could indulge my craving for a sweet, carbonated beverage with less risk to my health.

Today, the Coke Zero I fell in love with doesn’t technically exist. Both Diet Coke and Coke Zero Sugar have new formulations and, in the first case, even a few new flavors. Looking at the two “new” sugar-free options got us wondering if there was any real difference, from a health and nutritional standpoint, between the two. We asked Lori Chong, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator working at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, OH, to break it down for us.

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How Much Caffeine In Diet Coke

Diet Coke has Coke Zero beat in the overall caffeine amount by 12 milligrams. Diet Coke contains 46 milligrams of caffeine per 12 fluid ounce can. This translates to 65 milligrams of caffeine per 16.9 fluid ounce bottle. Caffeine gives a distinct flavor profile and adds a slightly bitter taste, which explains why Diet Coke and Coke Zero have different tastes despite all of their similarities.

Coke Zero Vs Diet Coke

Coke Zero Vs Diet Mountain Dew

Main Difference

Diet Coke and Coke Zero are the products of the modern era. The big brand had introduced these two varieties as alternatives for those who need to stay away from sugar. However, sometimes users of these products get confused about the difference between them. In order to cope with between Coke Zero and Coke Diet, we will consider a couple of points here. First of all, both are low-calorie soft drinks as compared to regular coke and have many similarities. Both comprise of carbonated purified water, flavor, artificial sweeteners aspartame, acesulphame potassium, preservatives, and caffeine. But the distinction comes when Citric Acid is found in Diet Coke with more quantity of Caffeine as compared to Zero Coke. Coke Zero has a mixture of low-calorie sweeteners, while Coke Diet gets sweetened with aspartame. Diet Coke was brought in with its own taste and was not claimed to be a sugar-free drink, while the Coke Zero was aimed to give a palate similar to that of the real soft drink of the company. Both the drinks contain Zero calories. In light of the above-mentioned points, the two drinks contain almost the same proportions of the ingredients, offering a great taste to those who want Zero Calorie in their drinks.

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Ingredients Of Coke Zero Vs Diet Coke

For a closer look, here are the ingredients of each. Coke Zero contains water, caramel color E150d, phosphoric acid, artificial sweeteners , natural flavorings including caffeine and acidity regulator . Diet Coke has carbonated water, caramel color E150d, artificial sweeteners , natural flavorings including caffeine, phosphoric acid, and citric acid. It also contains the amino acid phenylalanine, so people with phenylketonuria , a rare genetic disorder, should avoid it.

Diet Coke and Coke Zero are similar in composition, so you should choose based on which flavor you prefer! Although these low-calorie sodas are preferable to classic Coca-Cola when it comes to health, they are still not considered “healthy” by nutritionists. With lots of artificial sweeteners and no nutritional value, Diet Coke and Coke Zero shouldn’t be considered weight loss tools. However, these calorie-free soft drinks are the perfect refreshing choice for a pick-me-up, especially since they both contain caffeine.

Coke Zero Vs Diet Coke: Flavor Nutrition Benefits And Downsides

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  • Coke is one of the most popular beverages around the globe. However, studies have shown that regular consumption of sodas and other sugary drinks can lead to negative health effects.

    That is why sugar-free versions such as Coke Zero and Diet Coke have grown in popularity since they promise less sugar with the same amount of sweetness.

    Learn about the differences between Coke Zero and Diet Coke and which is healthier.

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    Bottom Line Diet Coke Vs Coke Zero

    Both these carbonated drinks have a similar ingredients list, with the only important difference being the proportions of the ingredients that actually give them different flavor profiles. Another important difference is that Coke Zero Sugar contains two extra sweeteners not found in Diet Coke.

    Both drinks are calorie-free and sugar-free and are both artificially sweetened. Hence, they have the same level of sweetness. Also, there is no nutrition in them as both are nothing but empty calories.

    Even though these soft drinks contain no calories, they still might lead to weight gain. For example, individuals who drank any type of diet soda were just as likely to gain weight as individuals who consumed regular soda, according to a 2010 article published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine.

    Moreover, artificial sweeteners are linked to a higher incidence of cardiovascular problems, according to a 2017 study conducted by the Canadian Medical Association Journal. More importantly, research establishes a strong association between the consumption of carbonated drinks and mental health issues.

    Lastly, according to a University of Minnesota study, intake of one diet soda every day was associated with more than 35 percent increase in the risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

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    Why Did Coke Choose To Go Zero

    Diet Coke VS Coca-Cola Zero Sugar | Blind Taste Test

    One question that comes to mind is why Coca Cola Company should bring out another diet version of its drink by the name of Coke zero? These can be the reasons:

    Remaining new

    Coca-cola has been able to remain new and not only retain but gain more market share by introducing new concepts in soda drinks in new packaging and new designs.

    Many soft drink products have come and faded, but Coca-Cola has a long history and going strong for years to come. Coca-Cola introduced its diet version for a rising market showing a preference for low sugar.

    Diet coke was introduced in the 80s, but soon, other players introduced their versions of diet sodas, and there was a loss in market share.

    Around 2000 coke started working on the zero concepts and introduced several versions of the product. The newest in zero product is Coca-Cola Zero.


    The name Diet Coke appeals more to people who are following weight loss programs. Diet coke was also targeted for diabetics and those who needed to control sugar. Not so with Coke Zero.

    Coke Zero appeals to a larger market, even those who are yet to start a weight loss program or yet not diabetic.

    It is for people who are calorie conscious and sugar conscious but have no health complications. It is for the people who want to maintain their normal health status as well as for those who drink diet coke.

    Enlarge consumer base

    The credit mainly goes to the taste and Coca-Cola taste is one of the most guarded secrets in the world.

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    Which One Is Healthier

    There are very few dissimilarities between Diet Coke and Coke Zero, and there is no concrete, measurable grounds to suggest that one is exemplary to the other.

    Nutritionally, there are no marked differences, and their ingredient and caffeine ranges are similar, so neither is healthier than the other.

    Ask The Experts: Diet Coke Vs Coke Zero

    Q: Id like to know if Coke Zero or Diet Coke is better to drink. I realise that Coke in general is not the healthiest choice, but Id like to know if I do choose to drink Coke, which one is best?

    A: We asked nutritionist Amanda Johnson to respond.

    Coke Zero and Diet Coke are actually very similar. Both are low calorie drinks and have exactly the same ingredients carbonated purified water, colour , food acids , flavour, artificial sweeteners aspartame and acesulphame potassium , preservative and caffeine. The key difference between the two drinks is in the proportions of these ingredients, giving each has a slightly different flavour profile.

    There is a little difference in nutrient content: both provide less than 4kJ energy and have less than 40mg sodium per 250ml . So, between these two choices, its really a matter of which one you prefer! If you are watching your sugar and energy intake, either of these will be better than the standard Coca Cola, which contains 450kJ and 26g of sugar in 250ml.

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    It Pushes You To Feel Entitled To Devour More

    Calculating calories is yet the most typical strategy people use to lose weight, and it is the code behind both weight watchers and those who want to lose weight!

    If you count calories, there is an easy equation: Sipping regular soda points, you have to eat 140 calories narrower than something else that day.

    Consuming a diet soda suggests you have devoured zero calories, so you get free access to feast more. But since sipping the diet soda has tricked your body into desiring sugar, it has altered the way you metabolize those additional calories.

    You may accumulate more of them as fat and utilize fewer of them as energy, which could make you hungry and desire even more food.

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